vCO 3rd party tool - XML post with pre authenticating

Version 4

    If you want to post XML data to webservices wich need pre-authentication you need a workaround, because vCO does not support this feature.


    In my case, I had to post XML data to CA unicenter without activated SOAP interface, only authenticated post was available. So I wrote this little app XMLpost and call it from vCO.


    Parameters, case sensitive, free order:

    • User: user for webservice

    • PWD: user's password

    • URL: URL to post data

    • POST: the post

    • Log: (optional) filename for logging the webservice response


    Example call:

    XMLpost.exe User=<user> PWD=<pwd> URL=http://webservice/samplepost POST=XMLDATA=<tag>only a example</tag> Log=C:\\MCS\\XMLpost.txt

    Example workflow:



    Exit codes:

    • 0 all fine (for XMLpost, webservice not recognized)

    • 1 user not found or empty

    • 2 PWD not found or empty

    • 3 URL not found or empty

    • 4 POST not found or empty

    • 5 error on HTTP request

    • 6 error on stream writing


    Planned development:

    • optional adding of HTTP result on ExitCode (exit codes above 100 = HTTP result  + 100)

    • event logging



    • enable local execution


    Optional execution

    • use VIX-Plugin to run it on a seperate host if you don't want to modify your vCO configuration


    Feel free to use this app. Please just inform me, if you want to use it in production or for commercial use.

    Comments are welcome.