Directions for performing a successfull install of VMWare Server on a Vista x64 Host

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    Goal: Get VMWare Server 1.0.4 installed and working on Vista x64 Ultimate Edition


    Assuming you have updated Windows Vista x64 with the latest security updates, patches, etc from Windows Updates, don't waste your time trying the BCDEdit or Group Policy Editor options mentioned in many discussions - they seem to have no effect if your machine is up to date patchwise.


    The directions below are the only ones that have worked at all for me:


    Prior to installing VMWare Server, reboot your machine and hit "F8" on startup, then select "disable driver signing requirements".


    Install VMWare Server - ignoring messages about "Windows requires a digitally signed driver" for vmx86.sys etc.


    Reboot machine, again pressing "F8" and selecting "disable driver signing requirements"


    Fire up VMware console - you should be able to select "Local Host" as the machine to connect to.


    Don't ever restart Windows again - if you do, hit "F8" and choose "disable driver signing requirements". A much better option would be to "Suspend" or "Sleep".


    Assuming you are running Vista with User Account Control enabled, and you didn't enter the VMware serial number during installation, you MUST start VMWare Console "As Administrator" by right-clicking the icon, and selecting "Run As Administrator" otherwise you won't be able to install the VMware Serial Number into the system registry, and you won't be able to power on any VMs.


    I suggest you allow Windows Vista x64 Edition to automatically install Windows Updates, since this provides the most secure mechanism for running a Windows internet-connected workstation.  This configuration does mean, however, that you will likely need to manually restart your workstation after the automatic updates on Microsoft's Patch Tuesday in order to institute the F8 keypress at startup.  (Thanks to awyork for that!)







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