Version 2

    I have a client I am supporting. She runs Red Hat Linux as her host Operating System while running Windows XP clone on VMWARE.

    When she opens MS Outlook on her Windows she get then application open  multiple times without her input. If a mail should arrive, the mail will  open several instances of itself without anybody prompting it. It will  insert blank lines in the mails As if someone is pressing Enter key on the keyboard.  Also the behaviour is so weird that when she tries closing the opened  windows, the system will prompt her to save the files and when she  clicks 'No' it will go on and safe the mails. This however doesn't  happen all the time, but the frequency of occurence is very disturbing  and unacceptable for a production environment. The error that pops up  after this happens is 'Failed to start the grab state: stale data'.

    Once thing I can say here is that there is some corruption somewhere. I  don't know which side it could be. Could it on Linux or Vmware and how  do I resolve it?

    Can soemone be of help?