a small troubleshooting guide (for Studio v2.1)

Version 7

    Common error messages and (possible) solutions in Studio v2



    To troubleshoot your build click on "Build VM" and then in the summary dialog on "Advanced Build settings" and then on "Retain transient VM on the virtualization platform and skip provisioning cleanup. "


    This avoid the deletion on the provisioning server. When the build fails connect to your VM at the provisioning server and search the logfiles etc.

    When you build a Linux based VM there is a file called "postinstall.log" which resists in /root . You can find also additional logs under /var/log/vmware* .



    Build Debian/Ubuntu VM

    tasksel installation fail

    If you receive the following error while installing the operating system:


    " tasksel error - Can not install PACKAGE/TASK"


    Possible reasons:

    • one or all repositories are unreachable by the VM - Check that all repositories can be reached, ensure you can ping your default gw and DNS is working

    • you have a good firewall or Proxy which is analyzing your traffic not only port based but also inside the protocol (application scanning) - ensure that you have full access from your VM to your repos



    Package installation fail

    If you got the following error when installing packages via "Application Package Repositories":


    E: Problem parsing dependency Conflicts
    E: Error occurred while processing MYpackageName (NewVersion1)
    E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/
    E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.
    STUDIO ABORT: Error: Unable to update package repository lists.


    the possible reason is an empty (or of course misconfigured) "Conflicts:" line in control file of your debian package "MYpackageName"



    Routing problems when using Static IP

    If you use Static IP as Network Type in your Profile and you:

    • can't reach anything else than your Studio server

    • you even can't reach the Studio server

    this seems to be an error in Studio's way of doing routing entries on the provisioning VM.



    The normal (but in my environment unusable) network config is as follows:

    Network Type     Static

    IP Address




    This results in the following routing table on the builded VM:


    route -n
    Kernel IP routing table
    Destination     Gateway         Genmask     


    Where is my Studio IP address. This setup will try to reach the Studio server over the gateway which is my firewall. Because there is no rule for internal network traffic on the firewall this traffic is blocked (correct behaviour on the firewall site because internal network traffic should never reach the firewall)


    My current workaround for this problem is to delete and set the default gateway manually in the preinstallation script:


    # fix routing
    # first delete the wrong host route (This works ONLY when gateway is = Studio in profile)
    route del gw
    # and then set the correct default gw 
    route add default gw


    Provisioning with VMware Workstation


    Error messages:

    • "SSH command timeout"
    • "Encountered a fatal build error"


    If you encounter problems when building with a Windows machine as Provisioning server please see this thread:





    General provisioning errors


    Export failures


    Possible error messages when your provisioning server is an ESX or ESXi (but can affect also others):


    • Failed to see password prompt for: </opt/vmware/share/ovftool/ovftool [.....]
    • VM transporting failed! [....]
    • Try increasing vadk:systemCmdWaitTime [....]


    I have found no reason why but in some circumstances this error occurs and the only way to solve that for me was to:

    1. restart the Studio appliance....
      --> If this does not help proceed with the next step:
    2. restart the ESX(i) management services (via console screen at the ESX(i) itself)




    Maybe this helps someone out and avoid headaches like I had regarding this errors 

    Do not hesitate to write me what you think or when you have more troubleshooting tips!