Latest that now includes Linux cloning

Version 1


    I had a request to take a look at the example I had posted earlier and get it working for Linux clones.



    I extended the XML schema to include a "Cust-Type" tag which can be either "win" or "lin" with the default being "win".  If the Cust-Type is "lin" then there a couple of new tags you will need : 1)  Linux-Timezone which defaults to " America/Chicago"  and 2) UTC-Clock which defaults to 1.



    I don't do any more error checking than what was originally included which checks for some Windows-type tags.  So even if you're cloning Linux, leave the Windows tags in place in your clone.xml file and just update the Cust-Type, Linux-Timezone and UTC-Clock.



    Besides the XML work, I modified the to create a Linux "prep" customization instead of a Windows "sysprep" customization.



    The utility still handles a single vNIC only.  One of these days I will revisit and add support for multiple vNICs.



    I hope you find the utility more useful now.