Sample Code - Plugin Beta Bugs / RFE Document

Version 11



    We rolling out our Sample Code Beta and wanted to collect feedback,  input from the greater community. If you find a bug or would like to get  improvements, please list them below. Thanks to William L. for helping  us find some critical bugs.



    Sample Code - Plug In Beta:



    PriorityBugDescriptionLink, Browser Type, steps to reproduceReporterStatus
    11Problems Handling tags "[" this will change the actual code, causing major problems and even destroying code. lamwopen
    22Edit an existing sample code, you have to re-select one
    of the 3 options of how you’re updating the code: paste, upload, paste
    & upload. It should automatically know and keep the defaults, once
    you select the original option, then your code is located. The other
    issues is the “SDK” defaults to PowerCLI versus what the script was
    initially selected for.
    23Under the “Usage” section, it does not like words in “<” and “>” and also removes.

    Will turn into

    24256 Charater Limit in Text Box, making it hard to provide full details / usage description lamwopen
    25Code is mangled when introducing html tags within sample code source lamwopen
    26Code input field can not support 4,492 lines of code - What is the limit? lamwopen
    27Please improve icons for Print, Tweet, View code heyitspabloopen
    28Please add "embedd" feature and also create new icon heyitspabloopen
    29RSS Feed / Reporting for each sample codeNew Feature Requestheyitspabloopen