Health monitoring - PSTop, performance monitor

Version 3

    One of the tools that you don't have anymore on ESXi is the esxtop tool.

    Which makes it rather difficult to monitor your ESXi server when you don't have a vCenter Agent license for each of them.


    The PSTop script, written in PowerShell, is my first step in an attempt to offer some of the esxtop functionality to ESXi administrators.

    You could also call it the "poor man's vSphere Client Performance tab" .


    The script shows performance graphs for your ESXi servers (without the need to use vCenter Agent licenses !).


    The script uses the Realtime statistics to produce the graphs.

    Since they are measured over 20 second intervals, the script also uses a 20 second interval to refresh the graphs.

    This was done through a timer-driven event that fires every 20 seocnds.

    The script displays graphs over the last 30 minutes, but this can easily be adapted through a constant in the script.

    Note that it doesn't make much sense to go over 60 minutes because the Realtime data is only kept for 1 hour.


    In the current version the cpu.usage.average and the mem.usage.average metric are available for the host and for all the powered on guests.

    But it is also quite easy to plug in other metrics for other entities thanks to very flexible function I used to create the actual graphs.


    The script requires PowerShell v2 RTM !

    The script requires MS Chart to be installed.

    If not, it will ask you to install MS Chart and it will even bring you automatically to the download page.


    With the Save button you can save a screenshot of the currently displayed graph in the PNG format for further use in documentation, problem reports, capacity planning reports....


    These are some samples of such screenshots.

    Since there seems to be a problem posting pictures, I published the pics on an external site.


    Host graph


    Guests graph


    You can watch an introduction of some of the script's features in this video.