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Version 2



    This is not only one script but a wealth of multiple scripts which have been created and used on a daily basis whilst performing VMware consultancy.


    The scripts are organised under several different high level categories and published via a PowerGUI/VESI PowerPack, this PowerPack provides solutions to every day issues encountered in the virtual world, it allows you to export all information gathered into CSV, XML or HTML, information which can take a long time to gather using the current vCenter client.




    Each high level category contains multiple scripts known as nodes, these can each be highlighted to return the data needed, an example of the virtual machine node is below:



    Some of these nodes will also contain actions which will allow you to bulk administer the objects with a single click, the example below shows how the ESXi  firmware for multiple ESXi hosts can be backed up:






    For this script to run correctly:


    • You will need windows powershell

    • You will need PowerCLU 4.0 U1

    • You will need either PowerGUI Free edition or VESI



    The following video shows you how to download, install and use all components needed to use this PowerPack.



    Click here to see the video showing how to install and use the virtu-al PowerPack if not shown above.