Create a VM clone with IP guest customization

Version 1

    I extended the example delivered in the SDK for Perl to include the specification of IP settings for Windows.  I tested this example in my small lab environment with a Windows XP guest and it performed fine when using a fixed IP.  When I specified DHCP for the IP0 field in the vmclone.xml, the guest did not join the specified domain.  I will need to investigate further. This may not be the script's fault.


    I had a little trouble with the CustomizationIPSettings call in until I escaped the array references passed into the constructor for gateway and dnsServers.  This is required since some VMware package is using the "use strict refs" directive:  It was an easy fix but a little outside my familarity since I am more of a casual Perl user.


    I included the $Data::Dumper calls since I found this approach to be an effective way of examining the customization specification during development.


    This code is presented "as is".  I hope it is useful and instructful.