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    William Lam



    This script allows you to customize the ESXi DCUI banner.



    • Initial Server Set Up / Miscellaneous




    Version Support

    • Supports ESXi (licensed version only)



    [vi-admin@scofield scripts]$ ./updateDCUIBanner.pl
    Required command option 'file' not specified.
    Synopsis: ./updateDCUIMsg.pl OPTIONS
    Command-specific options:
       --file (required)
          Message to display on the DCUI
    Common VI options:
       --config (variable VI_CONFIG)
          Location of the VI Perl configuration file
       --credstore (variable VI_CREDSTORE)
          Name of the credential store file defaults to <HOME>/.vmware/credstore/vicredentials.xml on Linux and <APPDATA>/VMware/credstore/vicredentials.xml on Windows
       --encoding (variable VI_ENCODING, default 'utf8')
          Encoding: utf8, cp936 (Simplified Chinese), iso-8859-1 (German), shiftjis (Japanese)
          Display usage information for the script
       --passthroughauth (variable VI_PASSTHROUGHAUTH)
          Attempt to use pass-through authentication
       --passthroughauthpackage (variable VI_PASSTHROUGHAUTHPACKAGE, default 'Negotiate')
          Pass-through authentication negotiation package
       --password (variable VI_PASSWORD)
       --portnumber (variable VI_PORTNUMBER)
          Port used to connect to server
       --protocol (variable VI_PROTOCOL, default 'https')
          Protocol used to connect to server
       --savesessionfile (variable VI_SAVESESSIONFILE)
          File to save session ID/cookie to utilize
       --server (variable VI_SERVER, default 'localhost')
          VI server to connect to. Required if url is not present
       --servicepath (variable VI_SERVICEPATH, default '/sdk/webService')
          Service path used to connect to server
       --sessionfile (variable VI_SESSIONFILE)
          File containing session ID/cookie to utilize
       --url (variable VI_URL)
          VI SDK URL to connect to. Required if server is not present
       --username (variable VI_USERNAME)
       --verbose (variable VI_VERBOSE)
          Display additional debugging information
          Display version information for the script


    Sample Execution


    1. Create a file that contains the text you would like the new splash screen to contain:


    [vi-admin@scofield scripts]$ cat banner.txt
                         THIS IS A RESTRICTED ENVIRONMENT
                                     GO AWAY


    2. Execute the script:


    [vi-admin@scofield scripts]$ ./updateDCUIBanner.pl --file banner.txt --server esxi4-1.primp-industries.com
    Updating "esxi4-1.primp-industries.com" with advanced parameter configuration: "Annotations.WelcomeMessage" with value:
                         THIS IS A RESTRICTED ENVIRONMENT
                                     GO AWAY


    Sample output


    Before update




    After update




    If you would like to restore the orignal ESXi DCUI banner, just run the script with a file that's empty and the defaults will be restored automatically.