Integrating Cisco UCS with vSphere Distributed Power Management

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    In the current economic and environmental climate there is a focus on increasing the efficiency of IT infrastructure by increasing the utilization of hardware through techniques like virtualization, and actively reducing the power consumption when workload levels are low.


    vSphere’s Distributed Power Management (DPM) is a technique to actively manage down power consumption of a vSphere cluster by shrinking the amount of powered up servers when workload levels are low.  vSphere can turn Cisco UCS blades on and off via the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI).


    This article explains how to configure both vSphere and UCS to create the IPMI connections and enable vCenter to manage down the power consumption of Cisco UCS during low workloads.


    There are four steps to integrating UCS with vSphere DPM via IPMI:


    1.       Define the IPMI Policy in Cisco UCS


    2.       Connect the IPMI Policy to the ESX host Service Profile


    3.       Discover the Service Profile server’s BMC IP and MAC address


    4.       Configure IPMI in vCenter


    Additional useful resources are provided at the end.



    Sascha   Merg is a leading Cisco Consulting Systems Engineer specializing in Unified   Computing System in Europe.