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    William Lam



    After reading VMkernel’s Change Block Tracking Means Faster Backups and Recovery Performance and realized that there was no easy way of enabling Change Block Tracking in the vSphere Client, only through supported application or repetitive manual .vmx modification, this sounded like opportunity to automate if you needed to enable CBT for your VMs.


    This scripts allows you to query,enable and disable Change Block Tracking for given set of VMs. VMs must be powered off for CBT to be enable/disabled and only VMs running on vSphere 4.0 with Hardware 7 supports CBT.



    • Miscellaneous



    • Supports vCenter and ESX and ESXi (licensed version only)

    • Supports running on both Windows and Linux



    • vCenter 4.0

    • ESX(i) 4.0

    • vSphere SDK for Perl/vCLI 4.0 Windows or Linux OR vMA 4.0


    Version Support

    • Supports ESX(i) hosts being managed by vCenter

    • Supports both ESX and ESXi (licensed version only)


    Sample Execution


    The query operation can be executed against vCenter or individual ESX(i) host without additional params. The enable and disable operation will accept an input file specifying the names of the VMs to perform the operation on. In the example below, I'll query for the avaialble VMs and try to enable and disable CBT.


    Here is sample input file:

    [vi-admin@scofield skunkworks][|]$ cat cbt_vm_list


    Sample Output


    Query CBT


    Enable CBT for specific VMs


    Disable CBT for specific VMs