Version 2

    This script allows you to perform the following floppy management tasks  on a particular VM by either listing all available floppy images on all  accessible datastores, mounting and umounting a specific floppy image.

    vCenter 2.5 or 4.0
    ESX(i) 3.5 or 4.0
    Floppy on valid datastore



    • query
    • mount
    • umount

    To mount/unmount a specific floppy image, you must first query for an  image you would like to use and pass that as a parameter when mounting an image, when you umount an image, you only need to specify the vmname and the umount operation.

    Query for available .flp (floppy images) on datastores:

    vi-admin@scofield ~$ ./floppyManagement.pl --server reflex.primp-industries.com --operation query --vmname VCAP

    Searching for floppy images on datastores .... this can take a few minutes

    1.41 MB \[himalaya-local-SAS.Constellation\]/vmscsi-
    1.41 MB \[himalaya-local-SAS.Constellation\]/vmscsi-
    1.41 MB \[himalaya-local-SAS.Constellation\]/vmscsi-
    1.41 MB \[himalaya-local-SAS.Constellation\]/vmscsi-
    1.41 MB \[himalaya-local-SATA.RE4-GP:Storage\] OSISO//Ghostboot.flp
    1.41 MB \[himalaya-local-SATA.RE4-GP:Storage\] OSISO//lsidrver.flp
    1.41 MB \[himalaya-local-SATA.RE4-GP:Storage\] OSISO//win95boot.flp
    1.41 MB \[himalaya-local-SATA.RE4-GP:Storage\] OSISO//vmscsi-
    1.41 MB \[himalaya-local-SATA.RE4-GP:Storage\] OSISO//ghostboot.flp
    1.41 MB \[himalaya-local-SATA.RE4-GP:Storage\] OSISO//x8dtlbios.flp

    Let's say we want to mount the following image to our VM named VCAP:


    Mounting floppy image for a VM:

    vi-admin@scofield ~$ ./floppyManagement.pl --server  reflex.primp-industries.com --vmname VCAP --operation mount --filename  "\[himalaya-local-SAS.Constellation\]/vmscsi-"

    Mounting floppy image: "\[himalaya-local-SAS.Constellation\]/vmscsi-" to VCAP ...
    Successfully mounted floppy image to VM!

    Note: Make sure you copy the floppy path verbatim and wrap them in double quotes when specifying the --filename param

    Unmount floppy image for a VM (just need to specify the operation + VM that has the mounted floppy):

    vi-admin@scofield ~$ ./floppyManagement.pl --server reflex.primp-industries.com --vmname VCAP --operation unmount

    Unmounting floppy image: "\[himalaya-local-SAS.Constellation\] vmscsi-" from VCAP ...
    Successfully unmounted floppy image from VM!

    Note: Floppy images under /vmimages is not accessible via  the API, if you for whatever reason need access to those images, please  copy them out to one of your datastores and then you can access them.