VCB Backup solution

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    Complete Backup solution using VCBExport and Browse-Start over SAN


    Author Thomas Hierl SCA Packaging Containerboard Deutschland GmbH


    3 ESX-Server 3.5 connected to SAN with 3 VMFS-Volumes (Data1, Data2, Data3) and 2 RDM´s (DB-Server and Fileserver)

    VCB Backup Proxy with c: d: e: k: (drive K is San 3,6TByte)


    k:\Backup -> Target for other Backups

    k:\mnt -> Where VCB creates the Backups

    k:\Save_NT01 -> Target of File Backup if the Fileserver

    k:\Save_VM -> Target of the vmdk, vmx and vmfx Files Image Backup of VM-Ware Boxes

    What does it

    these Scrips are backing up all nessesary Data using vcbExport and browse-start over the SAN (not Network)

    Start Points over scheduled Tasks

    K:\Backup\backup_vmdk.bat -> Backing up all nessesary images to k:\Save_VM

    K:\Backup\Start_BKUP.bat -> Backing up the Fileserver Data to k:\Save_NT01 and all other Backups to k:\Backup

    K:\Backup\Clean_Log.bat -> Moving and cleaning the logfiles

    Veritas Backup exec is saving every day the Target Directory to Tape



    k:\Save_VM (only Weekly)

    Needet software




    Usefull software

    Eraser (cleans the unused space with '0000' perfect to compress the vmdk-files (180GB -> 62GB)

    Please install on all Servers witch Drives contain much deleted Files

    This current version of Eraser is maintained by Garrett Trant. (

    Sami Tolvanen, the original author of Eraser was a student in the university of technology in Finland.

    You can learn more by visiting his home page at


    Installation and Operation

    S0000625 = vcb Proxy and Backup Server (real HW with connection to SAN See VCB-Installation)

    S0001176 = Fileserver (c: d: = vmdk, e: = RAW (Virtual used for the Backup Files script))

    EC084479 = Virtual Center (c: d: = vmdk)

    C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts add: VMware #VMware VirtualCenter

    this is needet for the SSL because the certificat name is VMWARE and not the real name of the Virtual Venter. Shit bug.

    BackupDisk.vbs (thi is the script which is backing up the VMDK´s and starting the get_vmx.bat)

    fill these Constants


    Const HOST = "VMware" '// Name of the Virtual Center (see Host-File)

    Const USERNAME = "*********" '// Username of the Virtual Venter

    Const PASSWORD = "*******" '// Password of the VC-User

    Const ESX_PASSWORD = "*******" '// Password for the Rootaccount for the ESX-Server

    Const BACKUPROOT = "K:

    get_VMX.bat (is creating the script and starting the script to copy the .VMX files to the Backup destination)

    this line:

    echo open >> d:\vcb\PuTTY\script.tmp

    You have to type in the DNS-Name of the ESX-Server which has a connection to all VMFD-Volumes (Data1-3 etc...)

    User for the Copy is root and the Password is defined in BackupDisk.vbs



    please insert username and password


    Justin shows me an alternative to erasor it´s also freeware and you can be used too.

    Thanks Justin



    May 24, 2009 3:12 PM Reply Justin Turver in response to: Dracul

    fyi "sdelete" from Sysinternals (aka Microsoft) will zero-out deleted data too if anyone needs another option:


    Thomas -

    Thanks for re-posting this to VI:OPS! Since this has turned into a  guide for a working VCB script, where better than posting it here.


    For those of you just reading this post, it is a contiuation of a blog post on the VMTN site ->





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