VMware on VMware: Virtualizing Oracle e-Business ERP Application Suite

Version 1


    Oracle e-Business ERP Application Suite is an Enterprise Resource Planning tool used at VMware for its core function of processing orders-into-cash: a mission critical process and the lifeblood of the company.


    VMware has been running Oracle applications and databases on virtual machines for some time in numerous test, development and other internal systems.  In 2008, a project to implement a replacement ERP system used virtual machines for the application part of the Oracle system - why virtualize this central component? Initially to speed up the delivery against strict deadlines, but there were many more project and operational benefits derived.  The back end RAC databases were left on physical... for now!


    The key finding of the VMware and Oracle consultants working on project found that they didn't have to do anything special to run Oracle on VMware: there is no secret sauce, no special tricks and the project went incredibly well for them and enabled them to meet their deadlines because of the ease and speed of deploying and testing applications on VMware; their other projects now run Oracle on VMware as the best place because it makes their life easier and customers happier!


    Despite there being no need for special expertise it is still worth walking through the process of the project team so you can see how they successfully virtualized Oracle e-Business Suit and see for yourself what a normal, no risk process it was.


    This document is one of a series that showcases "VMware on VMware" where VMware explains how it has virtualized its own mission critical applications and gained the same business and operational benefits as its thousands of customers world-wide.


    Intended Audience


    VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) and Oracle Professionals. This is a proven practice from the team that built the VMware Infrastructure and deployed the applications, and who continue to manage the system.




    The project team explain their approach in the following steps:


    1. What is this Oracle ERP system?

    2. Why was it virtualized?

    3. Who virtualized it?

    4. How was it virtualized?

    5. What is happening today?