Integrating EMC Clarriion ISCSI with ESX 3.5

Version 1



    This proven practice has been created in response to Error code: 192 on VMWare SVGA II install on a Win98 VM


    This proven practice has been implemented and tested in production ESX environments.



    Intended Audience


    VMware Administrators / VMware Certified Professionals, EMC Storage Professionals.




    1. Diagram of ISCSI network.

    2. EMC Clariion ISCSI configuration.

    3. Creation of ISCSI vSwitches and port groups.

    4. EMC Navispere Agent installation.

    5. ESX Software ISCS Initiator configuration.

    6. EMC Navispere configuration.

    7. ESX Software ISCSI Initiator configuration.

    8. LUN load balancing across Storage Processors.





    Written by Jeremy Waldrop, Senior Systems Engineer for Varrow, Inc.