Operational Test Requirements

Version 1


    A operational test plan requirements document.

    Intended Audience

    Network Infrastructure Team, Storage Team, VMware Support Team, Recovery Team, Department Managment and IT Team Leads



    Operational Test Cases for Stand Alone and Clustered ESX environments


    Stand Alone ESX Host Test Cases


    1. Test Nic Failure/over

    2. Test Storage

    Clustered ESX Test Cases


    1. Test HA

    2. Test DRS

    3. Test Nic Failure/over

    4. Test Storage Backend

    5. Test Vmotion


    David M. Antkowiak, dma0211@gmail.com

    With over 4 years of virtualization experience, I am currently part of a global vmware team that includes both server and desktop virtualization environments.




    You use this proven practice at your discretion. VMware and the author do not guarantee any results from the use of this proven practice. This proven practice is provided on an as-is basis and is for demonstration purposes only.


    Operational Testing Requirements Document