Version 1

    This scripts allows you to configure advanced HA Cluster options such as some of the ones described on Duncan's HA Deep Dive page


    The script accepts the name of a HA Cluster and a file that contains the advanced keys and values that you would like to update/overwrite. Make sure the format of each line is the following:







    vCenter 2.5 or 4.0

    vSphere SDK for Perl or vMA 4.0


    Sample Execution:


    Here is a sample file containing 2 advanced options to configure:


    [vi-admin@scofield ]$ cat ha_configs
    das.allownetwork0="Service Console"


    Here is the actual execution:


    [vi-admin@scofield ]$ ./ --server --cluster PRIMP-PROD --file ha_configs
    Reconfiguring cluster: "PRIMP-PROD" with the following HA advanced configurations ...
            das.failuredetectiontime => 20000
            das.allownetwork0 => Service Console
    Successfully added advanced HA configurations to cluster: "PRIMP-PROD"