Version 3

    This script allows a user to add, remove and destroy existing VMDK for a given VM.



    ESX(i) 3.5 or 4.0 or vCenter 2.5 or 4.0

    vSphere SDK for Perl or vMA 4.0



    • Add

    • Remove

    • Destroy


    Sample Execution:


    Add Operation

    [vi-admin@scofield ~]$ ./vmdkManagement.pl --server reflex.primp-industries.com --operation add --vmdkname vMA-2_1.vmdk --vmname vMA-2 --datastore himalaya-local-SAS.Constellation
    Reconfiguring "vMA-2" to add VMDK: "[http://himalaya-local-SAS.Constellation|http://himalaya-local-SAS.Constellation] vMA-2/vMA-2_1.vmdk" ...
    Sucessfully added VMDK to "vMA-2"!



    Remove Operation

    [vi-admin@scofield ~]$ ./vmdkManagement.pl --server reflex.primp-industries.com --operation remove --vmdkname vMA-2_1.vmdk --vmname vMA-2
    Reconfiguring "vMA-2" to remove VMDK: "vMA-2_1.vmdk" ...
    Sucessfully removed VMDK to "vMA-2"!



    Destroy Operation

    [vi-admin@scofield ~]]$ ./vmdkManagement.pl --server reflex.primp-industries.com --operation destroy --vmdkname vMA-2_1.vmdk --vmname vMA-2
    Reconfiguring "vMA-2" to destroy VMDK: "vMA-2_1.vmdk" ...
    Sucessfully destroyed VMDK to "vMA-2"!