Version 1

    Script to upgrade either a list of VMs to Virtual HW 7 OR all VMs on either ESX(i) or vCenter system. Prior to upgrading, the script will validate that the VM is poweredOff and the version of Virtual HW is not already configured on the VM. Also ensure that your VMs have the latest version of VMware Tools installed as there are changes to the vNIC when going from HW4 to HW7 which you'll get a question prompted if you don't have tools installed.



    ESX(i) 4.0 or vCenter 4.0

    vSphere SDK for Perl or vMA 4.0

    VM(s) running Virtual HW Ver 4 and VMware Tools installed & are poweredOff prior to upgrade


    Sample Execution:


    [vi-admin@scofield ~][http://reflex.primp-industries.com|http://reflex.primp-industries.com]$ ./upgradeVMVirtualHardware.pl --server reflex.primp-industries.com --upgrade_type list --vmfile upgrade_list --hwversion 7
    Upgrading VM: "hw-version-4-vm" Virtual HW from: 4 to 7
            Successfully upgraded Virtual HW for hw-version-4-vm
    VM: "hw-version-7-vm" is already running Virtual HW version: 7

    To upgrade all VMs, use --upgrade_type all and you don't --vmfile param