Best practice in LUN design

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    The LUN design "question"

    How many LUN, how bigger (or smaller), on how many physical disks?

    You can find different post about this "problem"...


    There isn't a simple answer, cause it depends on:

    • Storage best practice

    • Storage type and disks type

    • RAID level and number of physical disks

    • VM number, size and type of I/O

    • Max VM and I/O per LUN

    • Max LUN size (less than 2 TB - 512B)


    Generally it's not a good idea to have very large LUNs: when you have a large number of VMs on a single VMFS based block device you will see a higher level of SCSI Reservation Conflicts which always results in performance degregation.

    This occurs because the clustered VMFS LUN uses a file lock control function from the hosts and the higher the VM count the more often they have to wait on each others update housekeeping I/O activity.


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    LUN size

    Usually a value between 400-800GB could be reasonable.

    There is also a way to calculate the size, see on this site:

    Storage: How to size your LUNs? -


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    LUN number

    Usually more that one, but not too much...

    It is also related by LUN size and how storage works (it works with RAID group or with a "global" RAID splitted on all disks)


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    RAID level

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