ESX "raw" disk

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    A "raw" disk is a storage disk (if could be a physical disk, but usual is a LUN or a storage logical disk) that will be connect "directly" to the VM.

    Usually VM disks are vmdk files that reside on a VMFS volumes on a storage disk.

    In this case the raw disk is not formatted with VMFS but is formatted with guest OS filesystem.


    With ESX there are different way to have a "raw" disk:



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    How to check if VM use RDM?

    A simple way is use RVTools.

    But also Perl or PowerShell scripts can be used:

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    RDM on local disk

    With the VIC or the vSphere client is possible create a RDM disk for SAN's LUN.

    To use local storage with RDM (for example to connect and existing NTFS volume) the vmkfstools must be used from the CLI:

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