vMA Compatible Agent/Scripts(Third Party) Community List

Version 5



    The intention of this document is to list third party agents / scripts that work with vSphere Management Assistant.



    If you are a third party software vendor, or anyone with an interesting  script that you have tested on vSphere Management Assitant, please add  to the list below. The benefit is that the community will be able to  determine and quickly see if your agent runs on vMA. This is very much a  community effort and look for your help in maintaining this list.




    Product NameOwnerLinkvMA Compatible Version
    VMware Health Check Report v0.9.4William LamVMware Health Check Report v0.9.5VIMA 1.0
    VMware vSphere Health Check Report v1.2William LamVMware vSphere Health Check Report v4.1.4vMA 4.0
    ghettoShutdown.pl/upsVIShutdown.plWilliam LamESX/ESXi APC/APCUPSD Host Shutdown VI Perl Toolkit Script (ghettoShutdown.pl/upsVIShutdown.pl) -- [ DEPRECATED ]VIMA 1.0
    ghettoVCBg2William LamghettoVCBg2 - Free alternative for backing up VMs in ESX(i) 3.5 and 4.x (no SSH console required!)vMA 4.0
    HP Operations Agent 8.60Jonathan CyrHP Operations Center\vMA 4.0
    HP Performance Agent 5.00Jonathan CyrHP Operations Center\vMA 4.0
    HP Virtual Infrastructure Smart Plug-in 1.50Jonathan CyrHP Operations Center\ Component of System Infrastructure Smart Plug-in Series 1.0vMA 4.0