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    TopicDayRegistration InformationPresentation, WebinarLinks
    What is new with vSphere Web Services SDK Deep Dive with Balaji Parimi\ Part 1Wed May 6th, 2009CompletedvSphereSDK_NewFeatures-5-6-09.pdf

    Webinar recording Link\
    What is new with vSphere Web Services SDK Best Practices with Balaji Parimi\ Part 2Friday May 8th, 2009CompletedvSphereSDK_BestPractices.pdf

    Webinar recording Link\
    PowerCLI - What is new in PowerCLI by Carter ShanklinWed June 3rd, 2009CompletedPDF, Slides, Sample Code Link\

    Webinar recording link\
    Special Event - VMware Studio 2.0 - Matthew Ford\Wed June 24th, 2009CompletedStudio-CoffeeTalk-final.pdf

    Webinar recording link\
    VMware Virtual Disk Development Kit - VDDK 1.1 - Sudarsan Piduri\Wed July 1st, 2009Completedvddk-coffee-talk.pdf

    Webinar recording\
    Extending PowerCLI to Enterprise Applications with Virtualization EcoShell - Scott HeroldWed August 5th, 2009CompletedVirtualization EcoShell.pdf

    Webinar recording Link\
    vCloud API Overview - Ticho TenevWed Sept 16th 2009CompletedWebinar and PDF\
    vSphere APIs for Performance Monitoring - Ravi S. and Balaji P.Wed Oct 7th 2009CompletedWebinar and PDF\
    VMware vCenter ChargeBack APIs Overview by Hemanth Kumar PannemWed November 4th 2009CompletedWebinar and PDF\
    VMware vSphere Client Plug Ins - Nimish Sheth VMware R&DWed December 2nd 2009CompletedVideo, MP3, PDF\
    VMware vSphere Events, Alarms and TasksWed April 28, 2010CompletedVideo, Sample Code, MP3, and PPT\
    VMware vCloud API - Architecture by Prasad P.  VMware Ecosystem EngineeringWeb May 26th, 2010CompletedPDF, MP3, Recording\
    VIX - API Managing your Guest OSWed June 30th, 2010CompletedPDF, MP3 Recording\