Lab Manager 4.0 Internal APIs

Version 1
    Lab Manager's SOAP interface is split into internal and external APIs. Only the external APIs are officially supported-- they are the ones documented in the SOAP API guide found at .

    The documentation for the internal API is attached here with the following conditions:

    • This is an unsupported interface: VMware engineering and tech support will not take SRs regarding methods not in the SOAP API guide
    • Methods that are not in the SOAP API Guide will change or be deleted without deprecation.
    • There is no guarantee of completeness of internal API functions or functionality. Use these methods at your own risk.
    • This documentation is provided AS IS. There may be differences between what is shipped and what is in this documentation.


    Because of these conditions, you are heavily encouraged to use only external API functions in your code. We find that oftentimes when users are trying to use internal APIs they are using techniques that make things more difficult than they need to be. This forum can be a good place to vet techniques of using the SOAP API.




    Eddie Dinel