Offene Frage aus der VMUG vom 16.07.2009 - Log redirection

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    Von VMware habe ich folgende Infos zum veröffentlichen erhalten:




    Redirecting VMware ESX/ESXi Logs to vMA



    vMA (vSphere Management Assistant) is a Virtual Appliance for managing multiple VMware ESX hosts from a single Service Console

    To enable log forwarding to vMA use:

    vifp addserver <server-name or ipAddr>

    sudo vilogger enable --server <VMware ESX name>




    Für den ESXi gibt es auch noch einen advanced Parameter.


    Redirecting VMware ESXi 4.0 Logs to a syslog server

    Log on to VMware ESXi directly using vSphere Client

    Configuration à Advanced Options à Syslog à Remote

    Enter the syslog server's host name




    Für den ESX 4:


    You cannot use the vSphere Client or vicfg-syslog to configure syslog behavior for an ESX host. To configure

    syslog for an ESx host, you must edit the /etc/syslog.conf file.






    Move to the bottom of the file and add the line in the next step if you want ALL the logs to be sent over to your syslog server.



    . @syslogsrv.mydomain


    The first line in the above line is commented out by the # sign, the second line tells all the log files to be sent to "syslogsrv.mydomain". Use an ip address for the syslog server if you want this to work when your DNS server goes down.


    service syslog restart (restarts the syslog service)

    esxcfg-firewall -o 514,udp,out,syslog (opens the local firewall to allow remote syslogging)

    esxcfg-firewall -l (reloads the new firewall configuration)