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vRSLCM errors using UI - 2.1.0 Patch 2

Hi all,


Hoping you can help.. first time using vRSLCM and I'm having problems getting started.


I've followed the KB on install, upgraded to the latest 2.1.0 Patch 2 (Build 13273278) and then I've started to use it. I haven't added a vIDM at this point - was hoping to do that later. I'm using admin@localhost.


As an example of something that doesn't work - if I try to add a Source Control server (Content Management > Content Settings > Source Control Access)





If I look at the underlying request using dev tools, I can see I'm getting 403 forbidden back from the CMS API:




However, if I then take that request and use the API directly using postman / powershell with that same admin@localhost, I'm able to add the endpoint successfully, and it turns up in the UI:




The same thing is happening with other parts of the UI, examples:


  • Adding access key to Source Control endpoint
  • Enabling pipeline stubs
  • Adding vSphere template repo
  • Adding Content from e.g. vRO workflow


Has anyone seen this before / have any idea what I can try / where I can raise it?


I thought to try adding vIDM but wanted to see if I can use vRA's as I'm limited on resource - does anyone know if that's possible?