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Reply to 'ESXi 6 OS X Guest Entering Recovery mode fails'

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ESXi 6 OS X Guest Entering Recovery mode fails



i'm pretty deep into a running ESXi 6-OSX 10.10.3 Server project and now learned the hard way that one of my essential backup options (TimeMachine based system restore) does not work, simply because i can't enter the recovery mode for the VM/guest.


Restoring the system drive from within the guest is no option as we all know...


The typical issue when attempting to enter "Recovery Mode" of a virtualized OSX: the machine is too fast for the respective short cut CMD&R to be picked up.


The solution is described here:

Using the Recovery Environment (Recovery HD) in an OS X Virtual Machine


and works fine, but only if you want to use the recovery disk of your guest installation.

For all situations where this disk is not accessible anymore or corrupt, i'd like to boot off a datastore-based ISO of an OSX installer, into the recovery mode and run a TimeMachine restore from there.


And this simply always fails:

I can't manage to make CMD&R heard by the installer boot process in time enough, how ever fast i press the buttons.


Is there any option known to enter the Recovery Mode from the commandline (of the installer), or

Is there any option, to apply the measures as described above also for a ISO-based installer?, or

Is there any option known to speed down the boot procedure?

Maybe from with in the EFI-boot menue?


-bash-3.2# nvram boot-args=-r"


... dId not survive the reboot...


Anybody an idea?