• Wi-Fi profile push stuckin Workspace ONE

    WE are trying to push the Wi-Fi profile (Has the credentials payload obviously) via M.S.FT CA to our iOS. Since 13 hours the profile is simply stuck: What we can do to resolve this and speed up push? WE are over-siz...
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  • i'm stuck by customizing  in horizon 7in VMware Horizon®

    I am going to test the vm(autoinfo) with linked clones in Horizon 7.12. and I have taken several steps, including reviewing the dns and all the settings and installing a new upper vm. However, in a linked clone desk...
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  • Import VM from vCenter to VDC with multiple storage policies | vCloud directorin VMware vCloud Director

    Hi Team,   For example,  Test01 My vm is located on two datastores. It has 10 TB of used storage and located on 2 data stores.I have created two different storage policies and integrated the policies with ...
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  • Deleted snapshots didn't consolidate?  Can I still do it?in VMDK Doctors

    So I'm in over my head...   I have a home server setup with ESXI 6.7.  The VMX's are in one datastore and I have another large datastore attached to one of the VM's for file storage.  I intended to do ...
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  • Create a VMFS-Header-dump using an ESXi-Host in productionin VMware vSphere™

    How to create a VMFS-Header-dump using an ESXi-Host in production Why should I do this ? - you accidentaly deleted a VM or a VMDK from a VMFS-datastore and want to ask an expert wether the VM or VMDK can be recovered...
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  • VM Ware Fusion potentially causes macOS 10.15.6 to crashin VMware Fusion® (for Mac)

    I recently upgraded to macOS 10.15.6. Now if I leave VM Ware Fusion running while leaving my mac for some time, e.g. - for a night, the system crashes. This did not happen with the older macOS 10.15.5 version.   ...
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  • Version 11.5.3 Metal support?in VMware Fusion® (for Mac)

    I try and run an application on macOS 10.14.4 and also on macOS 10.15.5.   I get an error from the app that my macOS needs to support Metal. My Mac does support Metal (outside of the machine) so something is wro...
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  • VMWare Fusion Could not open /dev/vmmon: Broken pipe OSX 10.15.5in VMware Fusion® (for Mac)

    On a new macbook pro, i have installed osx 10.15.5. After this i have download the newest version of vmware fusion 11.5.5 and install it without problem   I have create a new virtual machine and by starting it,...
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  • Error cleaning up virtual machines in Fusionin VMware Fusion® (for Mac)

    Hi, I have a problem with several Virtual Machines in Fusion 11 when trying to do a 'clean up virtual machine' as suggested by Fusion. The error message is: "An error occurred while consolidating disks: Directory n...
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  • Slow Template deployment - Cross Clusters slowin VMware vSphere™

    If i provision a vm via a template within the same cluster where the template is the deployment is very fast. If I provision the VM to another cluster does that trigger a network based copy for the VM to be built. ...
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  • VCSA 7.0 - Update Planner "Unexpected error occurred while fetching the updates"in Update Manager

    I am getting this error message for VCSA 7.0 - Update Planner "Unexpected error occurred while fetching the updates"   Also getting errors under "Interoperability" - Unexpected error occurred while fetching the ...
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  • VMware Spectre and Meltdown patches.in ESXi

    Hello, What is the release date of VMware patches for Spectre and Meltdown vulnerability? These vulnerabilities discovered in January 2018.   Thank you.
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  • dead I/O on igb-nic (ESXi 6.7)in ESXi

    Hi,   I'm running a homelab with ESXi 6.7 (13006603). I got three nics in my host, two are onboard and one is an Intel ET 82576 dual-port pci-e card. All nics are assigned to the same vSwitch; actually only one ...
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  • No puedo iniciar service-controlin Spanish

    Hola no puedo iniciar service control, de la nada dejó de funcionar, alguien tiene alguna idea?    
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  • Upgrading ADMX templatesin Dynamic Environment Manager

    Customer is planning to upgrade UEM to DEM following procedure: 1) FlexEngine on Windows Desktops, 2) Manager Console, 3) ADMX Templates. As per procedure from VMware official documentation: 1) Remove previous ADMX te...
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  • vMotion compatibility checksin VMware PowerCLI

    Hello Guru's   I have a script to check vMotion compatibility which I would like to do before automated patching of ESXi host When i run the  below first script i get the correct out put as displayed below...
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  • Ways for my helpdesk team to share the console of a vm with an nvidia gpuin VMware Horizon®

    Hi, I posted this in the Nvidia community forum but I don't know if there are enough eyes there. So here I am in this forum. [link to duplicate thread removed]   It's pretty straight forward.  Other than in...
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  • VSAN + NVME Namespacesin VMware vSAN

    Hello,     I have recently read a very good article about NVME Namespaces and VSAN https://www.micron.com/about/blog/2019/september/vmware-vsan-nvme-namespace-magic-split-1-ssd-into-24-devices-for-great-pe...
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  • Switch from VPP to Public iOS Apps?in Workspace ONE

    We have been doing everything thru VPP and have been dealing with the fact that our users are seeing about a 3 minute delay when they go in the legacy browser based app store and click to install an app, until the pop...
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  • Issues installing VMCI driverin Workstation Pro

    Regardless of the version of Workstation I try installing, I get the same result.  Here is what pops up during the installation:     I tried uninstalling/reinstalling/restarting multiple times, clean...
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  • Intel Optane P4801X driver issue in ESXi 7.0in ESXi

    It's 200GB M.2 Optane device. It is in ESXi 7.0 HCL. Installed the latest Intel driver from here. The weird thing is that the controller device does show up in storage adapter but no storage device can be used. The De...
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  • 7x ESXi Hosts CPU 100% , slot size and HA question...in VMware vSphere™

    Hi All,   I'm currently working on a horizon deployment in an environment that appears to be hugely over committed. The CPU utilization sits at 99.99% throughout the working day, across all 7 hosts, there's very...
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  • vvol testing - provisioned space almost double total capacity, without any VMs in itin VMware vSphere™

    Hello, we're testing out vvols in 6.7 with the idea of eventually replacing our RDM-based windows failover cluster with vvol-based WFCS. My first time dealing with vvols, and I've had about a year of experience workin...
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  • Static port binding on NSX T distrubuted port groupin VMware NSX

    Hello everyone,   Does anyone know how to change ephemeral port binding to static port binding on NSX distributed port group (SEGMENT)?   We have NSXT 3.0 installed in the environment. Horizon 7.12 is also...
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  • Update Tools to version 11.1.0in Russian

    Здравствуйте! На хостах обновленный ESXi до 6.7 u2, но много виртуалок было создано когда исп 5.1, 5.5. В итоге на виртуалках разные версии Hardware, которые щас обновить ну никак. Хочу обновить хотя бы версии Tools. ...
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  • Cisco SD WAN Solutionsin Melbourne Australia

    Introduction Using the Cisco SD-WAN dashboard, you can quickly connect all company data centers, core and campus locations, WAN branches, colocation facilities, cloud infrastructure, and remote workers. To enable thi...
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  • View Desktop Pool Stuck in Deleting Statein VMware Horizon®

    I am new to VMware and learning from my mistakes     I just deleted a Desktop Pool from Horizon View Admin, and now its stuck in deleting state..     What is the correct procedure to delete a po...
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  • AppStacks/AppVols Limits?in VMware Horizon®

    I am trying to find the limits of AppVolumes and AppStacks -   1) What is the maximum number of Applications per AppStack? (Or is it just dependent on storage?) 2) What is the maximum number of AppStacks per A...
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  • Error 500 when attaching package.in VMware App Volumes™

    I have setup my first app to try and install Notepad++ on a test machine.  I am not 100% sure I have done this correctly, but everything looks to be right to me.   I setup the application, installed the pac...
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  • NFS mount failed: Unable to connect to NFS server.in ESXi

    Dear, I'm having trouble connecting vSphere to an NFS storage. Environment: NFS Server: Centos Linux Client: VMware ESXi 6.0.0, vSphere Client 6.0.0   When I try to create a storage connection with the NFS s...
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