Tell us your upgrade story for a chance to win a MacBook Air or an iPod Touch.

Has upgrading to VMware vSphere already delivered a noticeable impact on your IT environment?  Are you able to quantify the results and share them with us? 

Tell us your upgrade story for a chance to win an Apple MacBook Air laptop (bundled with VMware Fusion) or an Apple iPod Touch.  

Read the Contest Rules for more details.


Submit your story by 17 August, 2009 to enter.


Success Story Guidelines and Criteria

Tell us how VMware vSphere has solved specific IT issues (business continuity and disaster recovery, desktop management, IT Service Delivery etc).

In your responses, be sure to include information about:

  1. Business and technical problem(s) you solved (pain points, uniqueness of problem).

  2. VMware vSphere features/technologies you used to solve the problem(s).

  3. Size and scope of your VMware Infrastructure 3 and vSphere deployments.

  4. Benefits of using VMware to solve a problem (ROI, TCO, other quantifiable business results).


Responses will be judged based on your ability to demonstrate:

  1. An understanding about the general benefits of using virtualization, as well as the features and benefits of VMware vSphere.

  2. The specific advantages of using VMware vSphere to solve your particular business and/or technical challenge(s).

  3. Quantifiable results and/or other metrics you have gathered.

  4. Creativity! You are encouraged to include videos, diagrams and other media uploads in your response.