Be among the first to get training on the industry's first cloud operating system. If you're upgrading from VMware Infrastructure 3, VMware vSphere: What's New covers new features and how to perform the upgrade. If VMware vSphere is your first virtualization experience, VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage covers all the skills you need to get started.

Feedback from students who've attended our instructor-led courses:


"The best training course I've ever taken from an instructor led standpoint. The most focused, and well formatted training. Instructor was best I've ever had in any course (about 40 courses to date) stayed on track, while answering misc. questions asked from the Class. I will be recommending this course to all co-workers, and because of this course, have to decided that there is a place for this product in our environment."



"This was my first online technical class, and I found the format and content far better than any other technical training class I've taken. The lab setup, course materials, and instructors are all top notch."

"After several VMware seminars, webinars and discussions with colleagues that have worked with VMware, this course finally revealed the magic behind the curtains. My mind is overflowing with creative designs and uses of VMware in our current environment. I look forward to implementing VMware in our environment and promoting this technology across other sister companies within our corporation. The course gave me enough information to help design our VMware infrastructure, plan for implementation and coordinate post implementation tasks and clean-up. Keep up the great work!"