• How to rename VMNIC in ESXi 7.0in ESXi

    Hi There,   I am trying to rename alias VMNIC* in ESXi 7.0 and I do not find device entry in /etc/vmware/esx.conf file. Could you please help me with the steps to rename VMNIC in ESXi 7.0 ?   Thanks
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  • Datastores not visiblein ESXi

    I have 3 Esxi 6.7 hosts on Essentials Plus licensing. Using standard switche. All connextend to shared NAS storage.     only one of the three hosts successfully connects via iSCSI own connection. The other...
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  • Esxi 6.5, PCI.IDS and PCI passthrough with pci bridgein ESXi

    Hi, i am trying to configure an ESXI 6.5 to use some National Instrument PCI cards in a virtualized environment. I had a lot of problems so far, caused by the design of my system: The computer on which ESXI is install...
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  • nic driver installin ESXi

    we use nic ixgben driver on esxi 6.7 u3 host but vmware says we must use ixgbe version 4.4.1 driver.  How do I install this new driver, do I need to delete the old driver. how should the steps be   ...
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  • How to find the package/vib that helps to recognize the sensor categoryin ESXi

    Hi All,   I looking for a way to find which package/vib to install in order to the sensor to recognize the disk's category as Storage   in ESXi-6.7.0-8169922-standard it is not detect but in ESXi-6.7.0-20...
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  • Preparing of Migration to 6.5 U2in ESXi

    Hello Experts ,   I have some questions about our Migration from 5.5 to 6.5 .we will replace  our virtuel datacenter equipements with new ones .   our Vcenter 5.5  is in our old domain x.local an...
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  • ESXi 7.0.1 'DevicePowerOn' power on failed with Nvidia Quadro P400 passthroughin ESXi

    I've updated from 6.7.0u2 to 7.0.1 (HPE-ESXi-6.7.0-Update2 to (Updated) HPE-Custom-AddOn_701. In an attempt to be able to pass through an Nvidia Quadro P400 to Linux guest. In 6.7.0u2, Linux could see...
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  • vswitch does NOT appear as a network adapterin Network

    I've currently got 2 vswitches working in my environment for connectivity to seperate LANs.  I'd like to create a 3rd/4th.  I've configured the vswitch, same as the original 2; however, when I go to edit the...
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  • Display problem while RDP in Windows server hosted on a VMware ESXi 7.0in ESXi

    Hello, Im having a weird issue on which I already lost a lots of time and I can't seems to find anything online about that. Here is my issue: I have 15 Windows (Windows 10, Windows server 2016 and Windows server 20...
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  • ESXi on rPi Temperaturein Hardware

    Hi there,   I've got the ESXi on ARM fling running on a Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB) and it runs fine but I wanted to be able to see what temperature it is running at.   Is there an easy way of doing this?
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  • 'OSError: [Errno 38] Function not implemented' for python command 'asyncio.get_event_loop ()'in ESXi

    Hi, I do not know if this is a bug or such a feature of ESXi 6.5, but I decided to write on the forum. The bottom line is that on ESXi 6.5, if you run the following commands in python, we get an exception: >>&...
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  • SSD raid1 volume - Device: No associated devicein ESXi

    Hello,   I am sucessfuly start ESXI 7.0 with Intel RMSP3AD160F hardware RAID controller. Esxi installed on RAID1 (2 Intel 2Tb NVMe SSD in mirror)   I have a problem when install additional RAID1 volume (...
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  • Updating from 6.7 GA to EP 15in ESXi

    Hi All,   Just wanted to know if we can update from 6.7 GA to EP 15
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  • Status of other host hardware objects error after upgrade to ESXi 6.7in ESXi

    Hi Guys,   I get a error message at vCenter 6.7.0U1 on ESXi host after upgrade ESXi 6.5 to 6.7 on HP DL380 Gen10.   VMware-ESXi-6.7.0-9484548-HPE-Gen9plus-670.     It suspe...
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  • VMware license changed to evaluation mode after upgrading from 6.7 to 7.0in ESXi

    Hi All,   VMware license changed to evaluation mode after upgrading from 6.7 to 7.0   I already have Essentials kit 6 license and tried to apply it but no luck   please advise
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  • ESXI 6.7 UI not allowing me to loginin ESXi

    I've run into a problem as follows:   The ESXI 6.7 UI is not allowing me to login from any pc or any browser. I've tried 4 different browsers to no avail. I am using the correct credentials but the whenever I t...
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  • ESXI 6.5 GPU Passthrough Quadro Host Rebootingin ESXi

    Hi All,   We are trying to get lab environment to test GPU Roughcast to VM's working before going live.   I have built a HP DL380 G8 server which is fully up to date with bios patches/firmware etc. I have...
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  • HA Failover if a Uplink failsin ESXi

    Dear community   The environment: - vCenter 6.7 - two ESXi 6.7 in a HA Cluster - Network connectivity: Host1 (one Uplink)<-> Switch1 <-> Destination Host2 (one Uplink)<-> Switch2 <->...
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  • 82583V driver for ESXI 7.0 not workin ESXi

    I'm install esxi 7.0 in my 8635U 24GB mini pc with 6 82583V gigabit lan ports but get the message "No network adapters" I check for VMware Compatibility Guide, 82583V 8086:150c is support. How can i get esxi ...
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  • Snapshots fail with "A general system error occurred:"in ESXi

    Just suddenly in the last couple days, we cannot take snapshots on a handful of our VMs. Trying to do so gets to about 90% and eventually fails with "A general system error occurred:".   Ive done some searching ...
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  • Mibs ESXIin ESXi

    I am using ESXI7.0 and I can't find a mib that gives me comulative usage of memory and CPU , I have downloaded official mibs and all
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  • ESXI6.0 Ask for help if you encounter a problemin ESXi

    The content of the following screen content text is extracted as follows: VMuare ESXi 6.0.0 [ Re leasebui ld-3620759 x86 64] # GP Exception 13 in world 36494 : vmm0 : NET-044 @ 0x418020812095 cr0=0x80010031 cr2=0xa...
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  • VMware power-on is delayed on some but not all hosts, same hardware (1 second vs 16 seconds)in ESXi

    I'm having a strange issue that I hope someone else has come across it, hostd.log doesn't show any information except to confirm the boot time is slower (16 seconds!).   Using this script.     for ($i=...
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  • why does windows guest reboot upon profiling with performance counters enabledin ESXi

    why does windows 7 32 bit guest reboot upon profiling with performance counters enabled on VMware ESXi, 6.7.0, 14320388   the same profiler works instead in windows 2012 server R2 guest, even with performance co...
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  • Storage Adaptersin ESXi

    There are too many vmhba 32,33,34 etc under the storage adapter. what do these mean? why do i see so much could this be a problem do i need to delete ?
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  • VM Can't Boot After Increasing Disk Sizein ESXi

    Hello All,   I ran into a bit of a problem. I had a machine with 64GB disk space available, on which Windows 10 Pro was running. 64GB However proved to be slightly too short of what I required it to be. While th...
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  • WARNING: VisorFS: 1093: Attempt to setattr non sticky dir/file from tar mountin ESXi

    I am running ESXi 6.7u3 on a HP ProLiant DL385p Gen8. ESXi loads from internal SD card.   I keep on getting this warning in the ESXi logs all the time, even though I can't seem to see any negative effect from it...
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  • what's the meaning of release editions about ESXI P0,EP,U1, U2b, U2C ?in ESXi

    hello, I knew the os release about GA, Stable, RC, Bete, Update. and from VMware Knowledge Base ,what's the meaning of P0,EP,U1, U2b, U2C ? If anybodys knew this, please let me know, thanks.
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  • How to get a free license for ESXi 7.0?in ESXi

    How to get a free license for ESXi 7.0?
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  • Can't clone the USB stick wher I've installed ESXI 7: hypervisor not found errorin ESXi

    Hello.   At the beginning I have installed esxi 7.0 on a 64 GB USB stick. Wnen I tried to upgrade esxi 7,it stopped the procedure telling that there is not enough space on the disk. Then I have cloned byte by by...
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