• ESXi 5.5 HPE - Trying to install web client, but prereq fails...in ESXi

    I have ESXi 5.5 HPE installed on my ProLiant ML350 G6 server and I want to use the web client to manage it. I have downloaded the vSphere 5.5 package and tried to install the vCenter Single Sign-On as a prerequisite t...
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  • ESXi 6.5U3 - Management Network (ethernet) not available if you change physical switchesin ESXi

    I've noticed this on multiple installations on different hardware.   I have a fresh install of Vmware Esxi 6.5 U3.   After inital testing, I move the phsyical network cable thats plugged into a single unte...
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  • Failed to start the VM - Cannot open the virtual diskin ESXi

    My building had an unexpected power interruption and my ESXi 6.0.0 host was shut down. After starting up, one of my VM won't boot up (the most important one). Here is the full error message:   ************** Fa...
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  • Unable to start VMin ESXi

    Hello   I have ran into a rather scary situation.  For some reasons my VM have become non responsive.  So I decided to restart it by issuing the "reset" command.  Unfortunately this resulted in th...
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  • Need help on a PSODin ESXi

    Looking for any suggestions on this PSOD.     Thanks in advance.
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  • Errors when taking snapshotin ESXi

    Has anyone seen these errors before when trying to take a snapshot??   An error occurred while taking a snapshot: msg.snapshot.error-NOTFOUND. An error occurred while saving the snapshot: msg.snapshot.error-NOT...
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  • Stuck during vMotion at 13% - Invoking callbacksin ESXi

    We are tried perform patching at environment at cluster level.( by VUM ) We have 4 hosts in cluster.   hosts: ESXi 6u1 Example name of Hosts: CMP1 CMP2 CMP3 CMP4   We start install patches on 1st ho...
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  • Plugin ID 51192 SSL Certificate Cannot be Trustedin ESXi

    When I got this Nessus ticket from my Cyber Security Section I said no big deal I went over to vSphere and renewed the certificate.  It renewed with the date of of 20 March 20 and was good 5 years. I thought no p...
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  • New 6.7 u3b Install- auto installed without user setup prompts, now can't login under rootin ESXi

    So I just downloaded the 60 day trial version of vSphere 6.7 u3b on an HP Gen10 dl380. Booted and installed from a usb, but during the install it skipped the entire section where I'm suppose to walk through the setup,...
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  • How to run newer versions of ESXi on an HP ML350 G6 server?in ESXi

    I have a ProLiant ML350 G6 server with two 6-core processors and 72GB or RAM, (8) 300GB SAS HDDs in RAID, (1) 1TB SATA SSD, and (1) 128GB SD card installed on the MB. I'm hoping to run several VMs off this hardware an...
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  • Reinstall EXSi and re-add host to clusterin ESXi

    Hello everybody. I had some problems with one host. I removed it from distributed switch, then from vCenter, reinstall fresh ESXi and trying to add host to the cluster. Error occurred while applying profile: And...
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  • PSOD - After AutoStartin ESXi

    I installed ESXI 6.7u3 and after configuring all my VMs I went to configure autostart and restarted ESXI for testing. To my surprise, when the ESXI went up, an error screen appeared. Exception 14 in world 2097930. I...
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  • Accessing ESXi from a Remote Networkin ESXi

    Hi all,   With the current climate and COVID-19 I just wanted to document an issue I had and a workaround as I presume more and more people are currently working from home.   We, as a small business, have ...
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  • Penn test finds 'Novell msg active'in ESXi

    on a new installation of esxi 6.0.   This has to be some kind of false positive or is there a setting during installation i left enabled and missed?  my other 8 didn't report this back.  Saddly all...
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  • E105: PANIC: PhysMem: creating too many Global lookupsin ESXi

    Hi all,     After running for a long time without any problems. Some vms started to hang.   They're not reacting on anyting. The CPU usage is 0 Hz and if you try to take over the vmware console of the...
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  • Packet capture ESXi host: one file and only one filein ESXi

    One of my team mates ran a packet capture so as to generate only 10MB files. I believe his intention was that it would create one 10MB file and stop. But it made another and another until the session became stuck. ...
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  • ESXi 6.5 no internet on VMin ESXi

    I have installed ESXi 6.5 ISO on Hetzner machine. I had to use customizer to get working network drivers otherwise installation would not proceed.   After days of fixing this I have got ESXi 6.5 working, but I c...
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  • About vswp dimension with hot addin ESXi

    Hi everyone, since the dimension of vswp equals the assigned ram (consider no reservation), what happens if I hot add virtual ram on a virtual machine? Does the vswp hot-increase its dimension or not? Thank you
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  • Black screen of vm in esxiin ESXi

    Hi! I have one problem and cannot resolve it. I have a vmware esxi 6.0 and 2 virtual machines on it. One is a VM whitch I used with workstation, only registered it on esxi and works perfect (woth windows xp 32 bit o...
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  • How to monitor LSI MegaRAID array status?in ESXi

    Hello,   VMware vCenter Server Appliance (build 8217866) VMware ESXi 6.5.0 (build 8294253) Supermicro server with LSI MegaRAID 9261-8i   SMIS Provider 00.66.V0.02 installed   but i do n...
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  • PSOD on install ESXi 6.7.0 (U3)in ESXi

    As stated in the post title I am experiencing a PSOD on install ESXi 6.7.0 (U3) the error is as follows: (turned greyscale so as not to burn out anyones eyes)   Hardware: CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 3.5 GHz 16-Co...
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  • GPU Passthrough Issuein ESXi

    Setup: - ESXi 5.5u3 on Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 motherboard (whitebox setup) - 32GB unbuffered ECC - Radeon 5450 GPU, ESXi console output - Radeon 6450 GPU, passthrough - Radeon 5450 GPU, passthrough - USB 3.0 cards,...
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  • Recover missing snapshot after moving from datastorein ESXi

    Hi everyone! It is my first post, I hope to do well.   I am really confused and need some guidance, I had a VM in esxi 6.7.0 (8169922). with a single 900Gb virtual disk in a 940Gb Datastore.   After perf...
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  • Adaptec 6805 + ESXi 6 + Maxviewin ESXi

    I've been putting together a whitebox esxi 6 host for my lab at home, and was attempting to get adaptec's maxview setup so that I can utilize the utility to grow the raid 6 array as I slot more drives into the case. I...
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  • Auto deploy host and advanced system setting changesin ESXi

    Hello, I am running esxi 6.7 enterprise plus and need to make some NFS related changes such as (Net.TcpipHeapSize = 32) but there is no host profile setting for this. And the change does not stick when made on the aut...
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  • Missing datastore, partition seems present but no extent mappingin ESXi

    After dealing with a hard drive failure on a Dell Perc H700 array (local storage), The array appears intact, ESXi 5.5 U2 boots up, however the datastore is missing.  What I can see is the block volume is there (n...
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  • Incorrect reading of drive statein ESXi

    I am attempting to share a drive between two VMs.  When I provision a drive as Eagerly Zeroed without turning sharing on, after the drive formats, ESXi displays it as Lazily Zeroed.  It took several hours to...
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  • Recover failover datain ESXi

    Hi Folks,   I have a couiple of VMs that was used as part of the Disaster Recovery Environment. I was using Veeam to do failover from my production to environment. Everything was working well until we decided t...
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  • Not able to create datastore with Areca 1883 RAID-Controller and ESXI 6.5in ESXi

    Hi guys,   I currently have a problem with one of my servers running ESXI 6.5 and using an ARECA 1883 Controller.   So, I already installed the latest update for my ESXI for 6.5 following the guide from H...
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  • ESXI 6.7 U3 problem pinging Lenovo X3650 M5 IMM shared port IP Addressin ESXi

    Hi,   I wonder if anyone can help in case I am missing something.   I have an X3650 M5 with Emulex VFA 5 10 GB MLE Adapter. The adapter is set so the IMM2 shares the 10GB port for management.   I hav...
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