• One host loses connectivity in a small (production) VMware 5 Essentials Plus Cluster - Help?in ESXi

    I am reaching out to the community to see if anyone can help me resolve a problem in a small production VMware vSphere 5 Essentials Plus HA Cluster.  Apparently our support has waned (news to me) and this version...
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  • Do we need the SLP Service on Port 427in ESXi

    Hi,   our penetration test team criticizes a running SLP Service on Port 427 tcp/udp on all our ESXi hosts 5.0 (HP380G6-G8). Does someone know if this Service is needed on a standard ESXi host connectet to a vC...
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  • Sudden VM console keyboard input failure of the 6.7.0 Update 3 hypervisor.in ESXi

    Not sure what went wrong, but all of a sudden, I can't use my keyboard to control any VMs via their web console. Using the latest chrome normal keys (a-z,0-9) do not generate any response from the vm, whereas up and...
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  • Create a backup from the whole server.in ESXi

    Hello, How can I create a backup from ESXi host with its VMs?   Thank you.
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  • ESXi 5.5 Host Abruptly Restaringin ESXi

    I've got an ESXi 5.5 Host that is abruptly restarting.  It seems to run find for about 6 months but then without notice it restarts.  Has anyone else seen this issue?
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  • E105: PANIC: PhysMem: creating too many Global lookupsin ESXi

    Hi all,     After running for a long time without any problems. Some vms started to hang.   They're not reacting on anyting. The CPU usage is 0 Hz and if you try to take over the vmware console of the...
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  • ESXi6.7- PCIe passThrough device not working  with MSI interrupt mode.in ESXi

    hi all      I have a PCIe device on ESXi6.7, and config it passThrough to guest operation system(ubuntu 16.04TLS).I refer to the following knowledge base pages: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/21...
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  • Records with problems with lost datastore connectionin ESXi

    Hi guys, I have the following problem with the vmware esxi 6.0 version, in the event viewer I have the messages   Volume access lost 5bd84f9e-323a5e60-00b0-000af7e87034 (datastore1) due to connectivity issues. ...
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  • ESXi 6.0 - Some VMs have black screen under "Console"in ESXi

    Just as the title says. This happens to some, but not all of my servers.   I tried increasing video memory to 32mb on one of the affected servers and now none of them will console. I have to reboot the host dur...
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  • ESXi 6.0 host - Some VMs go offline intermittentlyin ESXi

    Recently, like some of you, I've been going through the process of upgrading/migrating my services from Server 2008 to Server 2012-->2016. I also recently upgraded our ESX host to version 6.0, and will upgrade agai...
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  • ESXi network firmware STORM vs MFWin ESXi

    Just logged into a newly built 6.7 host to verify the firmware versions after running HPE SPP to update all the device firmware... why server management keep getting more complicated when it should be as easy as takin...
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  • How to share a SCSI device from one host to anotherin ESXi

    Hello, I have 2 hosts ESXi01 & 02 running on VMware 5.5.0. There is a tape drive IBM TS2250 connected to ESXi02 and a virtual machine on ESXi01 which needs access to this tape drive. When I try to add it in VM se...
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  • ESXi 6.7 U3 Receive Length errorsin ESXi

    While monitoring one of our hosts we noticed network interface errors. Checked cabling but no problems found. Checked NIC stats and the errors are 'receive length errors' only. Tried updating the BIOS and NIC driver, ...
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  • Does ESXi support VROCin ESXi

    I have an Intel server with 4 NVMe in a RAID 10 using VROC. When I load into VMWare ESXi and try to create a datastore, the drives are all listed separately, without my VMD. Are there drivers I need to load, or is thi...
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  • VMware ESXi 6.0.0 errorin ESXi

    Hello I have tried to install VMware ESXi 6.0.0 on HPE proliant DL120 Gen9 and it give me with this error " error : file:///Ks.cfg:line 3: install --firstdisk specified, but no suitable disk was found" and what wen...
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  • ESXi - esxtop shows high %RDY value fo service "system"in ESXi

    We have one ESXi on vCenter (ver. 6.7) host with cca. 35 Virtual Machines (Windows 10 / VDI / Horizon View / PCoIP). On this host, we have 5 additional VMs (WinSrv2016, vCenter Virtual Appliance, vSAN VM...). For all ...
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  • VMDK / API Snapshot woesin ESXi

    Where do I begin.   I feel like I am always a newbie with VMware, despite working in it for a few years. We are running a VSAN environment on 6.5, performing backups with Veeam. About 2 weeks ago, some of our vm...
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  • Monitor Hardware, system sensors missing ESXI 6.7in ESXi

    Hello,   We have 3 Dell R440 servers running ESXI 6.7, two servers display normal system sensors values. On one though it only show CPU temp, and the value displayed is -128c. I have tried many things I found ...
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  • My esxi servers try to connect by ONC-RPC to old files server (alredy removed)in ESXi

    Hi I can see on my firewall ONC-RPC session end with timeout. I didn't find any place that the old server is use. Any ideas?
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  • dead I/O on igb-nic (ESXi 6.7)in ESXi

    Hi,   I'm running a homelab with ESXi 6.7 (13006603). I got three nics in my host, two are onboard and one is an Intel ET 82576 dual-port pci-e card. All nics are assigned to the same vSwitch; actually only one ...
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  • ESXi installations with one keyin ESXi

    Hello. I've been using ESXi 6.5.0 for about a year and a half and recently I've installed the same license on a new server, but running ESXi 6.7.0, which is working perfectly. When I check the licensing information ...
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  • [msg.hbacommon.corruptredo] The redo log of 000001.vmdk is corrupted. If the problem persists, discard the redo log.in ESXi

    Error message when I try to start an old guest machine on ESXI 5.1 host [msg.hbacommon.corruptredo] The redo log of xxx-000001.vmdk is corrupted. If the problem persists, discard the redo log Below is the file list, I...
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  • ESXi 6.7 Qfle3 driver and firmwarein ESXi

    Hey Guys,   We have upgrade from esxi 6.5 to 6.7u1 and experienced a PSOD a few days later on one host. VMware support suggested to update the qfle3 driver to and the adapter firmware to 7.15.x   ...
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  • ESXi 6.7.0 - Space Reclaimation HELP!in ESXi

    Hello,   We have been searching for hours and following steps on how to reclaim space on a thin provisioned VM with no luck.   Nothing seems to be working.   We have tried - https://community.webcore...
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  • Upgrade Esxi 6.7 U1 to Esxi 6.7 U2 Failed due to No space left on devicein ESXi

    Update command: # esxcli software profile update -p ESXi-6.7.0-20190402001-standard -d https://hostupdate.vmware.com/software/VUM/PRODUCTION/main/vmw-depot-index.xml [OSError] [Errno 28] No space left on device Please...
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  • Network Adapters and VLAN (optional) greyed out in DCUIin ESXi

    I am studying for my VCP exam and I am using a nested setup in Workstation. Suddenly I don't have access to the network adapters in the DCUI. I have migrated both NICs used for management to a vmkernel management port...
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  • AutoStart: cannot get to work!in ESXi

    Right clicking on my VM but when the HV starts...the VM will not...I only have a single machine on this instance of 6.5.   Where to being?   Thx. Shawn
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  • Upgrade from 6.5U3 to 6.7U3 does not offer preserve datastore optionin ESXi

    I am attempting to migrate an ESXi server from 6.5U3 to 6.7U3 and I provided with an upgrade option, but not the preserve datastore option.  I see two options: Upgrade Install   I am uncertain if the upgr...
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  • Multiple errors in ESXi 5.5in ESXi

    Hello All,   We have an ESXi 5.5 build 3247226 server, that is throwing the following errors:   Attempting to start a VM fails with "Heap globalCartel-1 already at its maximum size of 7869288. Cannot expan...
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  • ESX 6.7 - "Cannot Synchronize Host"in ESXi

    One of our ESXi hosts running version 6.7 keeps having a weekly issue where it will randomly lose contact to vSphere. The guest VMs are a basic domain controller, SQL server, and a couple of Citrix VDA servers as well...
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