• esxi 6.5 build 7526125in ESXi

    I upgrade vcenter to u1e and also hosts to u1e (build 7526125)   Most of my VMs are already tools upgraded but not VM hardware   how critical is it to upgrade the VM hardware right after u1e update?
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  • 2nd NFS Share only (16mb)in VMware vSphere™

    I have a vSphere 6.5 lab environment setup (all physical hardware).   I successfully added my 1st NFS Share to my datastore and created a couple VM's just fine.   I wanted to add a 2nd NFS Share to the da...
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  • VMware Vsphere Client "You do not have permission to login to the server"in VMware vSphere™

    I recently had to rebuild my vSphere environment and re-add my hosts. Prior to this I could access all three hosts via the VMware vSphere client software and through the Web interface for the vSphere environment. I'm ...
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  • Disable management of ESXi from multiple VMKernel NICs - standalone ESXi 6.5 hostin ESXi

    Hello,   I recently configured a second VMKernel NIC to be used for iSCSI traffic, which is on a separate VLAN and subnet from the Management Network (vmk0) of the ESXi host. The host can connect successfully to...
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  • Absolutely Novice, Embarrassing Questionin ESXi

    Embarrased to ask this, but what do you update a driver in ESXi versus update in the guest OS. For instance, when Dell releases an update for applicable storage, NIC, and video drivers to support OS do I upgrade ESXi ...
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  • vNUMA and hot plug CPU - ESXi 6.0.xin VMware vSphere™

    Good ol' vNUMA topic. As we create larger and larger VM's to virtualize larger workloads this topic comes into play. I've been watching this thread one and off for a while but still have the following question. Virtua...
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  • migrating boot lunin ESXi

    I need to migrate boot lun from one storage to another.   So my plan is   1. backup esxi config   2. reinstall esxi on new boot lun 3. add esxi server back into cluster 4. restore esxi config ...
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  • configure vmotionin VMware vSphere™

    Hi,   We are testing vmware, and have a question regarding vmotion. We have 2 esxi hosts, is it ok to take a regular network cable and connect directly between these servers, and configure a vmkernel - vmotion ...
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  • Can we use a USB vSphere license from IBM server & install it on a DEll server?in VMware vSphere™

    We currently have our VMware vCenter Server 5 STD license with vSphere Enterprise 5 updated to 5.5 that came with our IBM  HS23 (type7875) servers. If we switch to Dell server can we just use the USBs to install...
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  • Expanding HDD when server is on errorin VMware vSphere™

    I updated my clients ESX hosts from 6.0U2 to 6.5U1 build 7526125, they have VMWare 6 Essentials. I guess in 6.0U2 there was a bug when trying to change any setting on a VM you would receive a error that there was no r...
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  • Extremely High Latency after switch brought up (FCOE)in VMware vSphere™

    We recently had planned maintenance at a site where everything was gracefully shut down and then powered on two days later.  Our Cisco Nexus switches were brought up, and then our EMC VNX2 was brought online....
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  • VM cloning to different datastorein vSphere Hypervisor

    Hi all,   I copied a VM from NetApp based datastore to local datastore (via Datastore browser in the vSphere web client). Source & destination ESXi Hosts have the same version 6.5.0. ESX source system-> ve...
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  • hard drives not showing up in ESXi Hostin ESXi

    We have two HP Proliant servers that we installed ESXi 6.5 on a regular 2.5" hard drive. After that was all done, we added an additional 3 hard drives to each server for internal storage however when we log into ESXi ...
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  • vmware esxi portal shows me degrated on statusin ESXi

    ive installed esxi 6.0 on hp dl360 server and didnt raid then after installation i logged on to the vmware esxi portal and find that i dont see all my drivers and also one of the drivers it written degrated on the sta...
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  • Unexpeted, repeated shutdowns of EXSi serverin ESXi

    From about two weeks my Esxi server on HP Proliant DL 380 G5 shutdown unexpetedly  every two days. After that I must manually restart it. If I see on the vSphere dashboard the only alert message is this: Any...
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  • Disks degraded in ESXiin ESXi

    I have a ESXI v6 u3 installed on a DL380 G9. I have done Raid from the HP provisioning itself. After installing the ESXI and presenting the disks to it. The disks show me as degraded:   naa.600508b1001ce2641dcf3...
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  • Expand RAID in ESXi hostin VMware vSphere™

    Hi folks,   i am gathering few information here to expand an ESXi host that is standalone server. It is a HP proliant server with RAID 5 and i have ordered additional disk to expand the existing RAID. I am won...
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  • Eigenes Netzwerkin ESXi

    Hallo,   gibt es in vmWare ESXi 6.5 eine Möglichkeit die VMs in ein eigenes Netzwerk zu verfrachten?   Das heißt, die VMs bekommen einen eigenen IP-Adress Bereich (der Host selber bleibt aber i...
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  • ESXi 6.5 vCPU bug, sockets: 1.33333333in VMware vSphere™

    While attempting to change a VM from 6 cores, 1 socket, to 8 cores, 2 sockets, I get this bizarre error, After saving the config, the VM wouldn't start, and when I looked, it had defaulted to 8 cores, 1 cores per soc...
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  • Install Esxi 6.5 On Proliant DL120G6 with RAIDin VMware vSphere™

    Hi everybody I have server Proliant DL120G6 with RAID (hp smart array b110i) HDD 2x2TB 2x1TB   How to install esxi to this server with support RAID Now esxi installed without RAID   Please help me or ...
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  • VIB installation questionin VMware vSphere™

    I show the patch for ESXi6.0 for spectre contains 3 VIBs.   My hosts do not contain update manager. I manually download  ESXi600-201711101-SG from vmware and it contains 3 vibs to address the issue shown h...
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  • vCPU assigmenmentin vSphere Hypervisor

    I have a  Server with 2 processor with 12 Cores, and one Virtual Installed with Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition, Total available physical cores are 24, I want to aasign at lest 16 cores to this machine ...
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  • VMware and HP ProLiant DL380 G5in vSphere Hypervisor

    Running  6.5.0 (Build 4887370)   Hey guys quite new to the server world, I wanted to turn it into a VM machine so I went to install VMware.  Seemed to installed fine, but it's not picking up the RAIDed...
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  • Getting provisioning error as View Composer Fault: Unexpected VC fault from View Composer (Unknown) - Unknown - <fault xsi:type=DeltaDiskFormatNotSupported" xmlns="urn:internalvim25" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <deltaDiskFormat>in VMware vSphere™

    I am getting error as View Composer Fault: Unexpected VC fault from View Composer (Unknown) - Unknown - <fault xsi:type=DeltaDiskFormatNotSupported" xmlns="*********" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-ins...
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  • DRS overloads Host memory when activating maintenance modein VMware vSphere™

    Hi everyone,   as described above I have an issue with the placement of VMs during an automatic DRS evacuation action when putting a host in maintenance mode.   I have a cluster constisting of 8 ESXi 6.0 h...
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  • is ESXi 6.5.0 update 1 build 7526125 a bad release?in ESXi

    I have my ESXi hypervisors upgraded to 6.5.0 update 1 build 7526125 and it seems this has been redacted?   Is this a bad patch?   -Thanks
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  • Vmotion causes random network-loss for vm after upgrading to 6.5 (bcm57711)in VMware vSphere™

    Hi,   After upgrading to ESXi 6.5 we have been having random loss of network on our vms after vmotion. It seems to happen when being vmotioned to hosts having Qlogic NetXtreme II bcm57711. Vmotion again solves t...
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  • Open a VM console automatically when logging into ESXi 6.5 host clientin VMware vSphere™

    I would like to make access to one of the VMs on my host as simple as possible for our end users.  I would like for them to be presented with the VM console when they log into the host client rather than them hav...
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  • Privilege are not working correctly in vSphere web client SDK 6.5. (html)in VMware vSphere™

    Hi,   I am using vSphere web client SDK 6.5 for vCenter plugin development and working on HTML client.   I want restrict few vCenetr users to access my plugin through web client, so I have used privilege f...
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  • Unable to Add a Datastore using the Vsphere Api CreateVmfsDatastore : Error returned by expat parser: not well-formed (invalid token)in VMware vSphere™

    I am trying to call the Vsphere Api (6.5.0) CreateVmfsDatastore method in javascript  in order to Add a Datastoreand am getting an Invalid request with the following error:   <?xml version="1.0" encoding...
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