Hello All,   We have a requirment to connect ISCSI storage to few ESXi servers; the storage should be shared across all the ESXi servers. SO my query is which of the below is the best practice to create ISCSI ta...
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  • Vmware 5, One datastore become inactive (unmounted)in ESXi

    Hello! We use Vmware ESXi 5.0.0,1918656 and Hitachi AMS2100 fot datastores. On 18.06.2018  one Datastore become Inactive (unmounted). I found some problems with disk on AMS2100. After replacing failed hard dis...
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  • blade with 2 pcpus and 18cores/cpuin ESXi

    Need to setup 2 VMs with 16cores each running on hardware that has   2cpus and 18cores/proc (total 56cores)   any issues ?
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  • How can I delete the default PCI device (00:0f.0 VGA compatible controller: VMware SVGA II Adapter)?in ESXi

    How can I delete the default PCI device (00:0f.0 VGA compatible controller: VMware SVGA II Adapter)?
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  • ESXi installation, SSD drive not recognized.in ESXi

    Hello, I'm trying desperately to install ESXi 6.7 on my mini-server but apparently my SSD is not recognized.   During the installation, I do not even have the window to propose me the installation on a disk, it...
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  • Adaptec 6805 + ESXi 6 + Maxviewin ESXi

    I've been putting together a whitebox esxi 6 host for my lab at home, and was attempting to get adaptec's maxview setup so that I can utilize the utility to grow the raid 6 array as I slot more drives into the case. I...
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  • MAX NFC connection buffers for network backupin VMware vSphere™

    Hi,   VDDK documentation suggests  "sum of all NFC connection buffers to an ESXi host cannot exceed 32MB".  Every while and then we see NBD_ERR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES error coming while backup is runnin...
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  • Help scripting graceful shutdown of VMs via SSHin ESXi

    Hello,   I would like to script the graceful shutdown of my running VMs by connecting to my host using SSH and running some commands.   I have the appropriate command to shutdown a VM gracefully as: vim-c...
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  • How to shutdown VMs during host poweroff, without using autostartin ESXi

    I have a scenario whereby I have a single ESXi host, and would like VMs to gracefully shutdown when a shutdown command is issued to the host.   For reasons I won't go into, I do not wish for VMs to autostart whe...
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  • cannot connect to ESXi hostin ESXi

    Hi; First of all I'm completely newbie in Vmware. I was working on my project and suddenly the power went down and came back again. after that, I cannot connect to my ESXi 6.0 host. I can ping and even can connect re...
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  • vCenter 6.0 Issuesin VMware vSphere™

    I'll preface this with the fact that my VMWare knowledge is very limited. I know how to use vSphere and connect to a host to make simple changes. The issue is, for one of our clients we have a vCenter set up and we ha...
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  • Import / Export esxi network config for re-install or upgrade hostsin VMware vSphere™

    I am about to embark on a quite large host upgrade. We have 60-80 Vlan configurations. Typically I just run a script from the .csv file and it will import the vlans and switches. However , I still have to configure th...
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  • Raid 5 or 6 on esxi?in VMware vSphere™

    I happened to read somewhere saying Raid 5 or Raid 6 is not good for esxi6. The better choices are Raid 0, 1, or 10. Why? Can someone explain the reason? Thank you very much in advance!!!
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  • Cisco LACP VDS multiple hostsin VMware vSphere™

    The documentation and videos seem to be all over the place to me so I thought I could create a simple enough example to get it straight.   Lets say I have 2 ESXi host machines and 2 network interfaces on each ho...
    created by PenguinJeff
  • ESXi 6.5 - maxView Storage Managerin ESXi

    Has anyone had any luck getting the maxView Storage Manager to work with ESXi 6.5.0 (Build 4887370)?   I've tried installing the latest version maxView Storage Manager v2.03.22476 vibs which either caused a PSO...
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  • Connect ESX using ISCSI and Dell Array with 2 iscsi targetsin VMware vSphere™

    Hi,   We have a Dell Compellent SC2020 storage array. It has 2 fault domains with 2 targets in 2 different subnets. The host has 4 iiscsi network adapters (1Gb) and is connected through 2 dedicated iscsi switche...
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  • Host client won’t load on clean install of ESXi 6.5 U1in VMware vSphere™

    Hello everyone. I have a standalone server on which I’d like to build a virtual VMware lab. I’ve installed a fully supported, Lenovo customized image of vSphere 6.5 U1, build 7388607, on an internal USB fl...
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  • vSphere Clientin VMware vSphere™

    Author : Doreen Kasson URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/6.7/com.vmware.vcenter.install.doc/GUID-8DC3866D-5087-40A2-8067-1361A2AF95BD.html Topic Name : About vCenter Server Installation and Setup P...
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  • Problem when converting a VMin ESXi

    Hello everybody !   First thing: it's my first message here so I hope I will do it right; and for the moment I am not sure of posting in the good section. If it not the case, just let me informed.   So, m...
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  • ESXi 6.7, USB3.0 and SSDin VMware vSphere™

    Hi there,   I am running ESXi 6.7 on my Dell T130 using a Sabrent USB 3.0 to SSD cable connected to a 250gb SSD drive.  During the installation of ESXI, it found the SSD drive and installed fine.  Now ...
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  • Chelsio t520-cr 10G nic not functional in ESXi 6.7in VMware vSphere™

    Hello!   I recently purchased two Chelsio t520-cr 10G nics to connect my ESXi box to my FreeNAS box.  I installed both cards and connected them, but the card was not found in ESXi.  I downloaded the dr...
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  • What is typical network trffic between vSphere and ESXi hosts?in VMware vSphere™

    We have multiple ROBO sites with a central vCenter server. My network team is telling me that they are seeing what they would consider excessive traffic between the vCenter server and the ESXi hosts. They are seeing a...
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  • vSphere Web Client SUCKs so bad that my experience managing and supporting VMware has turn to SH**!in ESXi

    Purpose of this post is simple and obvious...  bring back development to thick client.  THANKS!
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  • esxi host serial numberin VMware vSphere™

    I know in the old fat client for vCenter 5.5 I could was able to see/input the serial number for the server, is that an option in the vCenter appliance 6.5 ?
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  • Change ESXI 6.5 Syslog level from debug to infoin VMware vSphere™

    Hi, I have configured syslog logging for my ESXI 6.5 hosts. I have configured loglevel info for all syslog/vxa related entries in advanced settings.   My syslog server is filled up with crap (approx 100k messa...
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  • How to donwload vSphere license without downloading whole ISO's?in VMware vSphere™

    Hello,   I am a bit new to vSphere, is there a way to download just the evaluation license without the ISO installations? I already have VM servers and just need to check how this works?   Thanks, Richard
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  • Host is looking for Wrong Key Encryption Keys when trying to Enable Encryption on the hostin VMware vSphere™

    Hello,   We've been testing KMS servers in our lab. The last solution that was tested before I came on board was HyTrust. We have since moved to another product. The problem I'm having is that I cannot enable en...
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  • How can i change time zone in esxi 6.7?in ESXi

    How I change time zone in vmware esxi 6.7? By the graphical interface it only allows to change the date and time When I change the time via SSH, it returns to the default when I reboot the server I saw in some forums ...
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  • Migration of ESXi from OLD vCenter to New vCenter while OLD VC is down , IS it possible ?in ESXi

    Migration of ESXi 6.0 from OLD vCenter 6.0 to New vCenter 6.5 while OLD VC is down , IS it possible ?
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  • Veeam Backup of VM in ESXi 5.5 fails due to "license"in Backup & Recovery

    Hello,   I'm using Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5 on Windows Server 2012 R2. Backup of VMs in ESXi fails due to license problems ("Processing Win7-VM Error: Current license or ESXi version prohibits execution ...
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