• esxi license expiredin ESXi

    Hello,   I just started my host and got connected via vSphere client on Windows. I immdiately got the prompt that the licence become invalid.       But as far as I understood the license can...
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  • VMWare 6.5 - Dropped Packets at vSwitchin VMware vSphere™

    I configured a vSwitch (VSS) and applied the following on my RX adapters which are vmxnet3:   ifconfig eth1 mtu 9000 ethtool -K eth1 lro off ethtool -G eth1 rx 4096 ethtool -X eth1 equal 1   However, wh...
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  • Deleting snapshots on thin provisioned disks results in fully allocated vmdk (ESXi 6.5)in ESXi

    This was an interesting development today.  In my lab, all of the VMDKs are thinly provisioned.  iSCSI connects the backend Synology to the ESXi host (6.5.0 Update 1 - build 7526125).  The NAS is VAAI c...
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  • A little confused about the free VSphere 6.5 and updatesin VMware vSphere™

    I've been running the free 5.5 version for a while and had applied for the license and downloaded 6.5 (build 4887370) quite a while ago. I finally updated my server about a month ago and have been very happy with how ...
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  • Can't assign vmnic0 to vSwitch0 uplink.in VMware vSphere™

    I assigned vmnic0 as an uplink to a Distributed VIrtual Switch. Now VMNetwork has no uplinks.  I try to assign vmnic0 as an uplink to it, but it's not available. Does the DVS consume the uplink?    ...
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  • ESXi 6.5 - USB HID Devices into Guest VMin ESXi

    Hello Everyone,   I'll start by saying I've spent the last few days consistently trying to find a solution to my problem.  If the answer is obviously out there, I'm sorry, cause I missed it.   My host...
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  • Connecting USB Xbox controller to Linux VM on ESXi host?in VMware vSphere™

    I need to connect a USB Xbox controller to an Ubuntu VM running on my ESXi host.  Running ESXi 6.5.   If it were a Windows VM, I'd use a Digi USB Anywhere product.  Unfortunately, Digi doesn't offer Li...
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  • vmxnet3 rxcompletion descriptor is returning len field as 0 for both Standard and JUMBO Rx buffer ring. Is this expected?in ESXi

    Hello experts,   We are running the below ESX version and running FreeBSD 11 as guest with vmxnet3 interface. [root@localhost:~] uname -a VMkernel localhost 6.0.0 #1 SMP Release build-3620759 Mar  3 2016 ...
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  • what is VMware Administrator daily tasks?in VMware vSphere™

    Hi so I'm fresh graduate with  VCP-DCV certification , and I got a job as system engineer. the company that I will be working for is a contractor company that provides VMware solutions to other companies, banks ...
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  • Consolidating Snapshots and a virtual machine 2003R2in VMware vSphere™

    Issue with a virtual machine, esx4.0 and VMware tools not updated   Its a resource intensive 2003R2 SQL server and environment is in health sector so patching and updates is a constant problem as can be seen fro...
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  • why windows 2008 R2 network adapter needs to be reconfigured after patch update?in ESXi

    ESXI 6.0   After auto update of windows 2008 R2, VM detects new card and got APIPA network. Old NIC detected as disabled.   Any KB on this?
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  • Right ISO for upgrading ESXi from 5.5 to 6.5in ESXi

    Hi,   I have a Dell PowerEdge R430 running Dell customized 5.5 image. My question is does it matter if I use VMware's own 6.5 ISO or Dell customized 6.5 ISO to perform the upgrade? VMware upgrade doc seems to su...
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  • Hyper-v 2016 vs vSphere 6.5in vSphere Hypervisor

    Hi,   understand im on a VMware forum but would like your honest opinion on hyper-v & vsphere. Have people migrated from vsphere over to hyper-v and found issues between the hypervisors? What could they do b...
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  • How to set up watchdog  in ESXI?in ESXi

    How do I set up watchdog performing specified action (eg. hard reset) of host when it becomes unresponsive (eg. kernel freezes)? Is there any form of virtualized /dev/watchdog?
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  • VMware Tools install failurein VMware vSphere™

    Hey all,   Firstly, thanks in advance for any help and if I have posted this query in the wrong place, please do let me know.   I am building a couple of VM images using Packer (by HashiCorp) which calls a...
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  • very slow to loging to vsphere web client 6.5in VMware vSphere™

    Dear All   I have problem to access to the  Vmware vsphere web client , the login take very long time , it takes about half hour just to login. NOTE. our environment is UCS bald , and the browser that i use...
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  • License for replication 5 virtuals serversin VMware vSphere™

    Hello all   i am new here, and hello to all from honduras.   We are try to get number to replace old 5 server Linux and windows to virtual server but we are try to make replication too.   so we are l...
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  • VOMA failed to check device: Severe corruption detectedin ESXi

    I had a disk fail yesterday, and after the rebuild I noticed one of my datastores was missing.  I see the device but not the associated datastore.   /vmfs/devices/disks/eui.30f9584100d00000:1  ...
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  • Cannot see virtual machine using nslookupin VMware vSphere™

    I have a Unitrends backup virtual machine running as a virtual machine. I also have a Windows Server running as a virtual machine. I can ping anything on the network from the Windows virtual machine. I can ping the wi...
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  • Migration of virtual distributed switches for upgrade to version 6.5in VMware vSphere™

    I contacted support and they informed me that I cannot migrate my virtual distributed switches to version 6.5 but that i would have to change them to standard switches, migrate to 6.5 and then change them back to virt...
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  • Delete orpahned VM from Vsphere 6.5 web clientin ESXi

    I'm trying to delete our older vCenter 5.5 VM (orphaned) via the web client but it's not letting me. We're using 6.5 now so 5.5 is not needed anymore and I can use the disk space. If I right click onto it it gives me ...
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  • Can't install Ubuntu 17.10.1 or Debian 9.4 on ESXi 6.5in VMware vSphere™

    I am trying to install a Ubuntu or Debian server. I have created the VM and tried Linux with both Debian and Ubuntu and also the "Other 3.x Linux" setting with the following hardware,   Mounted the ISO, but wh...
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  • VMs intermittent loses network connectivity.in ESXi

    Hi,   We have a strange problem/bug in our new VMware cluster.   Environment BL460 gen10 with HP FlexFabric 20Gb 2-port 650FLB Adapter HPE C7000 chassis   vSphere 6.0 (build 6775062) ESX01,ESX03...
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  • Unexpected Shut Downin ESXi

    Hi, I have a hosted solution (they look after the hardware, I look after the VM's and Windows). Three servers DC, Exchnage 2010 and a Remote Desktop. I have very little experience with ESXi   The remote desktop...
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  • What are we missing if the VASA provider is not available for vSphere 6.5?in VMware vSphere™

    Hi All,   I am just wondering how it is critical to have the VASA provider available for the storage connected to vSphere 6.5.   Let's say if the storage vendor doesn't have plans to implement this support...
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  • How to pull Host connection Missing information in Datastore Cluster using Powershellin VMware vSphere™

    I am trying to pull Host connection Missing information which we see in Datastore Cluster using web client through powershell script. I tried Get-datastoreCluster & Get-Datastore but I am not able to get that part...
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  • Driver for: IBM-31P1641in VMware vSphere™

    Hi     anyone using HBA's with this chipset?   http://www.vibrant.com/IBM-31P1641.html                  |----Vendor Name.......
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  • ESXi Error Panic: Unable to allocate memoryin VMware vSphere™

    We have seen the following error; Panic: Unable to allocate memory Followed by what appears to be a host reboot. However I did not see any VM's actually get restarted via HA. All the VM's appeared to stay running on...
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  • SNMP community string for esxi 5.5in VMware vSphere™

    I have already setup community string on my esxi server. However, when i typed "esxcli system snmp get" to view/check configuration i just made, what appears in Community is different from what i setup. I used 5 chara...
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  • snmpwalk not found on ESX 5.5in ESXi

    Hi,   After configuring the snmp on ESX 5.5 # esxcli system snmp test    Comments: There is 1 target configured, send warmStart requested, test completed normally.   I cant get snmpwalk comman...
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