• All Flash Server/VSAN Configuration for Kubernetes on OpenStackin VMware vSAN

    Hi,   for each (internal) customer we are deploying dedicated k8s clusters in OpenStack tenants. Currently our payload cluster size is 8 DL360g9 hosts with 2 x 14 cores and 512GB + Hybrid VSAN (1x800 + 7+900). W...
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  • Queries on vSANin VMware vSAN

    We need to use 2 nodes for vSAN but connectivity is the main area of concerns as we have only 1 Gig port and following is the make model of the switch Cisco switches (WS-C3560G-24PS). Is it possible to directly conne...
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  • VSAN networking designin VMware vSAN

    Hi All,   I have a question about VSAN networking.   Our setup:-   All the 3 ESXi servers OS is running on SD card.There is only one VSAN datastore(in a 3 node cluster) ESXi management/vmotion--->...
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  • Find the right WTS net config for LOCAL 2 node cluster / confusing 2 node guidein VMware vSAN

    Hi everybody,   The customer has 2 vSAN data nodes and 1 witness all LOCAL. All in one physical datacenter, but in 3 different rooms. Connected with the 10 Gb LAN Switches.   We are a little bit confused b...
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  • Local RAID level with a 2 node clusterin VMware vSAN

    Hi,   I understand a 2 node cluster is effectively network RAID 1 across the two nodes, but what about on each of the nodes?   Do I still use a HBA for the vSAN capacity drives? What RAID level does vSAN ...
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  • vSAN Build Recommendation Engine Healthin VMware vSAN

    We're seeing an error on our VSAN cluster after upgrading from 6.5 to 6.7. Error is "Unexpected VMware Update Manager (VUM)baseline creation failure. Please check vSAN and VUM logs for details", we've reset the VUM da...
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  • Stretched cluster, all flash, write performance issues. v6.7U1in VMware vSAN

    Hello,   I'm setting up a new 2-node (+ witness appliance on a 3th, lower performance host, 1Gbit NIC) stretched cluster. All are ESXi 6.7 Update 1, same for Witness and vCenter appliance. Both hosts are identi...
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  • stretched cluster networking issuesin VMware vSAN

    Hello there,   I'm in 4+4+1 configuration, 6.7 u1, L3 everywhere for vsan replication and witness, currently in testing phase.   In my previous testing phase, I was using L2 everywhere (not supported) but ...
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  • vSAN All-Flash - Happy with performance?in VMware vSAN

    Hello, greetings and salutations.   I'm nearing 2 months into my new role, where I've inherited an 8-node VxRail all-flash vSAN cluster (ESXi 6.5, separate vCenter, 10G fiber networking to Cisco Nexus switches)....
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  • VSAN testing with 6.7.0 versionin VMware vSAN

    Hi Guys,   I have some doubts.Pls help on this case.   VSAN testing with 6.7.0 version   We are currently doing testing on VSAN 6.7.0.   Our setup is as follows:-   3 ESXi servers with 6....
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  • VSAN 6.2 & HA: How many ESXi´s can I reboot to avoid HA issues?in VMware vSAN

    Hello,   I have an issue with my platform: vCenter Server (6.0 Update 3c) vSAN 6.2 cluster with 6 ESXi´s (6.0 Update 3)   I´m doing HA tests in my vSAN cluster. I thought that wiht 3 of the 6...
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  • Dell HBA330 HCL - Health Check Driver Errorin VMware vSAN

    Hi All - I have a warning on my Health Check that references a Controller Driver compatibility error   I believe the error to be wrong as I am running the fully certified driver downloaded directly from the HCL ...
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  • Does VSAN have other configuration requirements for the raid card in passthrough mode?in VMware vSAN

    I/T - Initiator and Target mode, that is, pass-through mode, without any RAID function, SAS HBA card works in this mode, such as N2215, N2225        I found that the pass-through mode card al...
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  • VMware vsan 6.5 connect their host individually with iSCSI software adapter, not vSAN-iSCSI, problems of slownessin VMware vSAN

    Hello, I have three cluster with 2 iSCSI Host each against an EqulLogic booth and another cluster with 4 host with vSAN All flash. All of them in esxi 6.5. I recently lost an iscsi host and I have my vcenter server ap...
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  • ESXI 6.5 unmap questionin VMware vSAN

     hi, i am a software engineer。I am implementing iscsi's unmap interface.   This interface is used in vmware ESXI6.5.   When I tested the unmap function on esxi 6.5, I hang my own implemented iscsi lun t...
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  • VSAN best practices related questionin VMware vSAN

    Hi All,   I have a doubt about VSAN RAID controller queue depth & write cache.   1) We are using Dell PERC H710 RAID controller. Is there any recommended queue depth available to this H710 controller ?...
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  • vSAN stretched cluster - DRSin VMware vSAN

    Hi there,   I'm currently in the configuration stage for a 4+4+1 stretched cluster in all flash 6.7 u1   I got a few questions about DRS and couldn't find clear answers or outdated ones.   For instan...
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  • VSAN vSphere 6.5in VMware vSAN

    Estimados, buenas tardes, actualmente tengo 2 Host (PowerEdge R620) y 1 Storage MD3200i con dos LUN de 1TB cada una.   El próximo vence la garantía del Storage y sin posibilidad de renovación,...
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  • vSAN Caching Requirementin VMware vSAN

    Hi ,   In hybrid  mode its a requirement of 10% SSD for cache purpose , i want to know that does this rule same applied to All flash vSAN , or All Flash doesn't require 10 % SSD , if using then for what pur...
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  • Disable vSAN observerin VMware vSAN

    This might seem like a noob question but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere.  I attempted to upgrade one of our ESXi hosts in the test environment and it would not update.  I contacted VMware and they f...
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  • vSAN configuration issuein VMware vSAN

    Hello everyone, i have cluster consist of 4 SuperMicro servers with NVMe drives and i have vCenter 6.7. when i am trying to configure the VSAN in Create fault domains step i click next but nothing happened and does...
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  • Wmware loading vsan.v00in VMware vSAN

    Hello, i have Vmware installed after rebooting he stopped at loading /vsan.v00 it stayed like that the hole time   i will be happy if somebody have any idea how i can fix this thanks
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  • Confused on vSAN licensing.in VMware vSAN

    I've seen multiple guides on setting up vSAN and there doesn't seem to be any mention of a license being required. When do you actually need to buy a vSAN license? Does a vSphere Enterprise Plus license cover the vSAN...
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  • Essentials Plus to Foundationin VMware vSAN

    Hi All,   Currently using a 3 node vSAN cluster with vSphere essentials plus. Would like to leverage the 4 node feature of the foundation license. Is there an upgrade path that allows this ? If yes, what would b...
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  • VMName - Virtual Machine swap object : Physical disk placementin VMware vSAN

    Hi All,   Recently we have deployed one vSAN setup. All went well except one error on vSAN  virtual object tab as below. Can anyone help to fix this.     Thanks, Suhag
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  • Split and Move vSAN clusterin VMware vSAN

    Hi - looking for some guidance on the following please:   6 node vSAN cluster, Dell R740xd 2 disk groups per node NVMe cache and SSD capacity ESXi 6.7 Update 1 fully patched Dedicated redundant 10gig switche...
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  • What Happens When a Node Fails?in VMware vSAN

    hello - VMs set for FTT=1. Three nodes in the cluster (E-Nodes). What happens when one node fails? What do you lose? What wont you be able to do? Can someone paint a detailed picture of what to expect?
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  • vsan updatein VMware vSAN

    Does the physical servers supports to vsan 6.7 . want to upgrade vsan 6.0 to 6.7 . I don't understand. do you have check it . please        CPU Model Model Speed # CPU Cores per CPU Intel(R)...
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  • Database server on VSAN with thin provisioned default storage policyin VMware vSAN

    A question on deploying best practices for database servers, to memory thick provisioning is/was standard.   Today with an all flash VSAN cluster is best practice still to have it thick provisioned ?   any...
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  • VSAN Performance Service is not starting upin VMware vSAN

    Hello, After updating VCenter Server 6.0 to Update 3d (Windows based) VSAN Performance Service is turned off. If I try to enable VSAN Performance Service, there is a message “Cannot complete the operation beca...
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