• vsanin VMware vSAN

    The host cannot communicate with one or more nodes of the cluster that has enabled vSAN,How to slove this problem?
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  • Converting vsan standard cluster to stretched, what happens about the IO activity?in VMware vSAN

    Hy everybody,   I have a VSAN cluster with 4 hosts and some VMs in production. After adding 4 new hosts in the VSAN standard cluster and converting it to a stretched cluster (creating both sites, host groups an...
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  • rebuilding a failed host in vSAN 4 node clusterin VMware vSAN

    Looking for some guidance on the best method to remove a problematic host from a 4-node vSAN cluster so that I can reinstall ESXi and rebuild the the host config, before rejoining to the vSAN cluster.   The host...
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  • vSAN Encryption Queriesin VMware vSAN

    I have couple of queries on vSAN. I made good efforts to locate any relevant information however was not satisfied with the results. Below are my questions   What is the backup support for vSAN encryption ? Whe...
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    Hot Shot
  • VSAN - reclaim disks with data on themin VMware vSAN

    The servers are HP DL380 Gen 8s with P420i and all drives are in raid 0 per drive. VMWARE 6.5   We have a situation that is fairly complex, but it started out with 3 drives failing in 2 vsan hosts at the same t...
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  • storage DRS vs vSANin VMware vSAN

    hello, guys,       I'm confusing Storage DRS with vSAN, from docs, it seems that Storage DRS is the similiar as VM DRS, which load-balances all your datastore IO/capacity.     So c...
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  • Latency when copy data between the VMs on vSAN datastorein VMware vSAN

    Hi All,   When we copy the 7-8 GB of data between the VMs on same vSAN datastore, below is the latency we are getting. it take 4-5 min to complete the 8 GB data copy with lots of small files.     We...
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  • Removing disk groupsin VMware vSAN

    I have a 4-node hybrid VSAN 6.2 cluster with two disk groups on each host. One DG is with 7.2k capacity drives and the other is with faster, 10k capacity drives (was added recently). I need to remove slower DGs from ...
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  • How to confirm the vSAN default storage policyin VMware vSAN

    Hi,   We have configured the below default vSAN policy. How do we confirm that VMs are actually get protected through this policy.  
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  • vSAN 6.6.1 - Storage Device Serviceability Issue (Turning locator LED)in VMware vSAN

    Hello,   When trying to turn on the locator LED of "SSD" disk in vSphere UI as a screenshot below, the LED of "HDD" disk in a real chassis is turned on. In the same way, if you click to turn on the locator LED b...
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  • Write Latency on vSAN Datastore when migrating VM to vSAN.in VMware vSAN

    Hello,   vSAN Configuration : 4 Nodes HY. 3 DiskGroups per Node (1 SSD / 4 HDD)   When we migrate VM (Storage vMotion) from traditionnal Storage (iSCSI Strorage Array) to vSAN, some VMs (already on vSAN...
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  • failure test scenariosin VMware vSAN

    Hello Team,   I am trying to perform failure test for esxi clusters, we have vsan/nsx combination. Can someone provide me test scenarios ?
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  • vSAN 6.6 Cluster Network Partitionin VMware vSAN

    Hi All,   I have been racking my brain trying to figure this one out, but I have deployed vSAN 6.6 in a home lab and I am getting the network partition error for all hosts.   Background: - 3 Desktop hosts...
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  • Disk Groupsin VMware vSAN

    Hello Is it acceptable to have a differing disk group configuration in a VSAN cluster? Some of the hosts have 2 disk groups and the remainder are only capable of a single disk group. VSAN 6.6 - Hybrid mode Mode
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  • vSSAN - no naa id present for ssdin VMware vSAN

    We had a 3 node Vsan cluster and every thing was working fine. We had to add another node to the cluster recently. The newly added host has been configured similar to the old 3 hosts,but I am unable to migrate vms int...
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  • vSAN errorin VMware vSAN

    Good afternoon, tell me please setup in the Sun I use vmvare esxi 6 version. Turned in the Center. Created in the datacenter created a cluster. In the cluster I added the necessary hosts, I have a physical. car ESXI s...
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  • vSAN - Datastore capacity shows 0 after last patchin VMware vSAN

    Hello,   Recently patched to VMware ESXi, 6.5.0, 7388607, the capacity view no longer works! I have to refresh the Summary View to pull the numbers but after another vCenter refresh info disappear...   Als...
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  • Missing VSAN Config in VCenter Web Clientin VMware vSAN

    Hello,   i configured a cluster as a VSAN Cluster by PowerCLI. In the vCenter WebClient I see this Cluster as VSAN Cluster with 0 Byte capacit. I would like to add some host capacity to Cluster. but in Clus...
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  • Minimal VSAN setupin VMware vSAN

    Looking for non prod specs of a minimal VSAN setup for demo purposes. Just looking to demonstrate basic functionality, nothing performance related
    Rob Steele
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  • Two Default VSAN Policies - Possible?in VMware vSAN

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone might be able to help with this query. If I have a single VC Server running two different VSAN clusters, how might I create a completely different default policy for each of the two cl...
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  • 2-node stretched cluster - unable to add witness hostin VMware vSAN

    I had a 2-node vSAN cluster configured with the witness, everything was fine.   Then, the witness host got deleted by mistake... so I rebuilt a new one and am trying to reconfigure the stretched cluster but I'm ...
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  • VSan Storage Policies Exchange DAGsin VMware vSAN

    Looking to change the from the default storage policy over to another storage policy that has compression and dedup enabled on both exchange servers configured in DAGs. doing this one at a time during production hours...
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  • vSAN option is missing.in VMware vSAN

    In my vSAN environment,one day the vsan option disappeared from vcenter.Before this,the ESXI server was shutdown because of power failure. My server version is VMware ESXi, 6.5.0, 5310538.It's a bug or the other reas...
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  • vSAN Network Mode no change to unicastin VMware vSAN

    Hi! Upgrade VC and all ESXi. vSAN Network Mode no change to unicast. New clusters are also created in multicast mode. Please tell me how to fix it?
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  • All Flash vSAN - Multiple Failures, VMs inaccessiblein VMware vSAN

    Hello Everyone,   I have spent 12+ hours with VMware Support on P1 SR#17666784912 and finally this SR has been sent to VMware Engineering Team. Just want to share my experience with community. May be some vSAN ...
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  • All Flash VSAN Physical Disk re-balance issue - There is no more space for virtual Disk 'vm-name.vmdk'in VMware vSAN

    Hi,   Need expert advice on all flash VSAN; so I came back to VMware community after long time. This is 6 Node All Flash VSAN cluster with deduplication and compression enabled.  Please let me know if a...
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  • Disks are not added to data store Capacity in VSanin VMware vSAN

    I have 3 hosts which are in one cluster, each host has an SSD and 4 magntic drives, during VSan I can see the disk groups for each host but when creating the Vsan it adds the capacity of one host only, it also indicat...
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  • storage controller driver for ESXi 6.5 is not listed for vSAN 6.6in VMware vSAN

    Hi,   We have recently installed fresh vCenter cluster. We see below warning for vSAN hardware compatibility for controller driver version.     Below are the ID VID: 1000 SVID: 1137 DID: 005d SSID...
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  • vSAN 6.2 Cluster - Multicastin VMware vSAN

    Hello Everyone,     I want to understand, What will happen if I have multiple vSAN Cluster on the same multicast group with different VLAN for every cluster. Ex:- Cluster 1 with VLAN 1O    ...
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  • Streched Cluster with Witness networkin VMware vSAN

    Hie I would want to set up a strech cluster with 8 hosts distributed on 2 sites and 1 host witness on the third site. What is that even for a strech cluster, we can separate the vSAN network and Witness network, or ...
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