• Question on VSAN backup/replicationin VMware vSAN

    Wishes everyone,   For traditional storage, we have option called SAN copy is there anything in VSAN which will cover this SAN copy needs?   Regards, Volga.
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  • Solved:- VSAN health service controller firmware HCL issuein VMware vSAN

       VSAN Health Check Bug   Recently , while working on one of the VSAN issue , discovered a bug with VSAN health service .   Scenario:- All the ESXi hosts in the VSAN cluster were updated and p...
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  • With 2-node vSAN clusters, why not always choose "Full Data Migration" for maintenance mode?in VMware vSAN

    Hey guys,   We have a 6.5u2 cluster(disk format 5) that needs to be upgraded to 6.7u2(vsan on disk format 7).  There are only 2 nodes in the cluster and I need to upgrade them to 6.7u2, which also involves ...
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  • Moving to LACP on vSAN without downtimein VMware vSAN

    Hi All I recently took over a vSAN environment with 2x Dell S4128 10Gb switches and 6 hosts running ESX 6.7u2 with 8 NICs each. Originally the vSAN hosts were just connecting to 1x Dell S4128 (sw1) with a single upl...
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  • vSAN Witness Appliance high CPU Usagein VMware vSAN

    Hi.  I have a question about Witness Appliance CPU usage...   I have a 6.7 witness appliance running on an esxi 6.7U1 (free) host and it is consuming roughly half of the host's CPU steadily even while ther...
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  • High CPU utilization on witness ESXi appliance caused connectivity errorin VMware vSAN

    Our vSAN 6.6.1 stretched cluster (12+1) had an error that it lost connectivity to the witness ESXi host.   We're using the virtual appliance for witness at third site.  Confirmed I could ping between hosts...
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  • vsan lsom.blplogcachelines Values are inconsistent.in VMware vSAN

        Vsan 4 nodes, 3 of which are esxi6.0, now add another node esxi6.0u2, vsan health check "synchronous advanced virtual SAN configuration" lsom.blplogcachelines value is inconsistent.What can be done to...
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  • WTS configurationin VMware vSAN

    Hi, according this example / poc the witness host's vmk0 is reachable over l3.   https://storagehub.vmware.com/t/vmware-vsan/vsan-6-7-proof-of-concept-guide/stretched-cluster-with-wts-configuration/   Do...
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  • ESXI 6.5 VM Recovery (missing vSAN vmdk)in VMware vSAN

    hello i'm having a similar issue i have VM which got corrupted while migrating in vsan from one host to another, vmdk number 10 chain got broken. when i'm trying to recreate it using the vmkfstools, i'm facing an iss...
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  • 2-node 6.6.1 Cluster, vSAN dead because one host lost it's NICin VMware vSAN

    Hello,   A customer had quite a scare the other day. One of their 2-Node back-2-back ROBO's lost all access to the vSAN Datastore because one of the two Nodes lost it's "back-2-back NIC". Both nodes have a dedi...
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  • vSAN Network Recommendationsin VMware vSAN

    Looking for recommendations around networking best practices for our vSAN network.   A 5 host all flash NVMe cluster with 2 x Mellanox SN2010 (Onyx) dedicated to vSAN traffic, each host has 2 x 25GbE uplinks. H...
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  • vsan cluster creation and migration of vms to vsanin VMware vSAN

    Hi All,   can someone check the following requirement and suggest something   there are 4 esxi  cluster and 80 TB storage(from storwitz) is mounted to these esxi nodes in form of datastores. we need ...
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  • vSAN health alarms are suppressedin VMware vSAN

    I have this warning for several of my vSAN clusters, but can't figure out what have been suppressed.   I've tried to use RVC to check why we have this alarm. No matter which of the 5 vSAN clusters I check RVC...
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  • question of all flash configin VMware vSAN

    good! I am thinking of setting up a stretched cluster of 4 nodes all flash and I have doubts about the maximum size of the cache disk. The idea is to mount a disk group per node with 960 GB of cache and 5 disks of 1.9...
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  • test-vsan cluster health _powercliin VMware vSAN

    Hi Luc ,   there is one command to check health of vsan cluster   Test-VsanClusterHealth -Cluster $c   is there a way to check what needs to be checked from powercli .   i got following result .
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  • Different size Disk Groupsin VMware vSAN

    Hi, in our environment we have 1 diskgroup per host. All same capacity (Hybrid configuration). As we are running out of disk space, we want to increase our vSAN datastore capacity by adding a Diskgroup with bigger dis...
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  • vSAN stretched cluster - Witness network considerationsin VMware vSAN

    Hi   When designing af stectched cluster vSAN, with the witness placed at a third site, I have some considerations regarding the network design for this.   Data sites are L2 adjacent, and witness site are ...
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  • Query Disk Mappings APIin VMware vSAN

    Getting ServerSOAPFaultException when I tried to Query Disk Mappings using  VSAN API. Please find the error message and the code snippet below for your reference .   Error Message: com.sun.xml.internal.ws....
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  • Help, vsan 6.2 not coming back after power outage...in VMware vSAN

    Hello there, I need some help.  I have a 3 node vsan cluster with vCenter running on top of it.  I had a power outage and now one of my hosts is experiencing vsan difficulties. All of my VMs are now "invalid...
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  • Very little I/O, no congestion,but high latencyin VMware vSAN

    My environment is vsan6.7, all flash. Recently, the write latency of a virtual machine is very large, and it will affect the delay of the entire cluster, but the strange thing is that I / Ø is very small whether ...
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  • While configuring vSAN Disks are not showing Cache as well as Capacityin VMware vSAN

    Hi,   While configuring vSAN below screen is coming. I am re-configuring vSAN.  
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  • Write latency and network errorsin VMware vSAN

    I'm trying to troubleshoot a write performance issue and noticed that there is VSCSI write latency.  We have a 4 node cluster with dual 10GB links on brocade vdx switches.  The only thing I noticed is that t...
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  • Disable vsan traffic from 1 vmk kernal adaptorin VMware vSAN

    Hi, Currently i am seeing 2 kernal adaptor is enabled for vSAN-witness traffic i only want 1 for witness traffic. Please help to share the command to disable vSAN witness traffic from that vmk0 kernal adaptor.  ...
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  • VSAN  trim/unmap capabilities in vSphere 6.7 U1in VMware vSAN

    Hi everybody,   I'm interested to have some feedback regarding this new functionality. I'm aware on how to enable it: enable it at the cluster level poweroff/poweron all the VM Configure the VM OS for passive...
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  • Dual VSAN cache tier failure + dead vCenterin VMware vSAN

    Hello all,   looking for your expert advice on the best way to proceed with a really ugly failure scenario.  We recently physically moved our lab to a new facility and as we were bringing things back on...
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  • vSAN Health check - Disk balancein VMware vSAN

    Hi There   When you run the vSAN Health check and a proactive Disk balance is recommended then how do you troubleshoot the Disk balance task because I've run this on several occassions but it never progresses fu...
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  • Can you mix vSAN and SAN assigned disks on the same VMin VMware vSAN

    Hi There   I'm constantly being asked interesting questions by our architects so I thought I would ask the advice of the community.   Can you install an HBA in only one node of a 2-node vSAN cluster and t...
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  • vSAN Cluster and MacOS Hostin VMware vSAN

    We have a 4-node vSAN cluster. I have created a Windows VM for our design team. Unfortunately given the age of the iMacs (10.1) and the version of Windows (2016) there appears to be some SMB compatibility issues. I am...
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  • VSAN SDK : Flash drive health summaryin VMware vSAN

    Unable to fetch flash drive metrics using VSN SDK, am getting null values. Kindly let me know which service call I have to use to get the flash dish health summary and what we have to pass in managed object.   &#...
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  • Vsan host failurein VMware vSAN

    Hi all! When host 1 in vsan down , vm in host 1 migrate via host 2 but ha must restart vm . I want vm live not must restart . Vsan can do it
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