• vSAN Calculator, Input Variables, Kick Out Available?in VMware vSAN

    Hello … the vSAN Sizer I'm aware of, what I'm looking to do is the reverse (kinda).  I want to input the number of disk groups, disks, ready nodes, FTT parameters, etc...etc... and have it kick out how muc...
    created by trevordavismsft
  • Multiple drives/vmdk's or large vmdks for Oracle Database on VSAN?in VMware vSAN

    A little background before the actual questions: We are standing up a two node VSAN cluster (version 6.7U2) that we will be hosting an Oracle Database 12cR2 instance for reporting purposes. The VSAN hosts are all NVM...
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  • Unable to edit vSAN policy because of java errorin VMware vSAN

    Hi, when i want to change vSAN policy I face the warning message "java.lang.RuntimeException" and can not edit this policy. I also see this message when I want to use vSAN for a pool in Connection server.
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  • How to restrict VM to write DATA on local disks | RAID0in VMware vSAN

    Dear All We configured RAID0 on three hosts in a single fault domain. When i restart any one host, the VMs present on other hosts becomes unavailable due to data unavailability. I want to restrict vSAN to write the d...
    created by moazanjum01
  • Host issues retrieving hardware infoin VMware vSAN

    I have a cluster of Dell FX-2 servers with a shared vSAN and I'm running vSphere 6. Everything is running fine but I have an alert indicating that 2 of the hosts had an issue retrieving the "Virtual SAN Health" and th...
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  • VSAN Product Specificationin VMware vSAN

    Does vSAN have product specifications similar to those listed below?   I need to compare with Huawei Fusioncube products
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  • vSAN disks total used capacity is not matching with the vCenter cluster used capacityin VMware vSAN

    vSAN disks total used capacity is not matching with the vCenter cluster used capacity   Cluster used capacity in vCenter is : 2.66TB and the in vSAN disks total capacity is 6.23TB. Please find the screenshot att...
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  • Legacy MBR Partition unable to be erasedin VMware vSAN

    One of my disks that is to be part of my vSAN shows a Legacy MBR partition that I am unable to delete whether through the GUI or CLI. Essentially a 4 GB partition is locking up the entire drive from being useful. ...
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  • VSAN 6.7 U3 WSFC on native vSAN VMDKs stretched clusterin VMware vSAN

    Hello,   We would like to have Windows WSFC on our VSAN stretched cluster. I know it was not supported on iSCSI, is it now supported on vSAN VMDKs ? Or this only supports cluster in a box where both nodes run ...
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  • 2-Node Cluster Networking Setup WITHOUT direct connectin VMware vSAN

    New to vSAN and want to play with it in my homelab. I am going to get two new hosts and start from scratch to make a two-node cluster. I understand how to install ESXi, setup management network, add them to vSphere (w...
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  • Only Evacuate vSAN data from Host - No MMin VMware vSAN

    Hi,   Can you start just the vSAN data evacuation from a host without placing in MM ?   The host will still remain with VM's running but this would mean that when I have migrated these, the Host will go in...
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  • planning for a DR event with vSANin VMware vSAN

    Hi everyone, we are utilizing vSAN 6.x  for our production server environment. We have 5 host. We just had a major event where 2 disk needed to be replaced. We replaced those disk and then a resync of data kicked...
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  • Metric unit for Throughput and the Latencyin VMware vSAN

    What is the unit for Latency in vSAN? I am using healthPort.vsanPerfQueryPerf() method call to get the performance metrics and the latency metric value is 1000 times more than the value in vCenter. In vCenter metric u...
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  • High Write Latency - VM vs Hostin VMware vSAN

    Hi,   Am seeing high write latency (around 80ms) for a CentOS VM using the dd (writing at around 300 IOPS) command however when I check the Host latency it is around 3ms   Nothing else is writing to disk a...
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  • vSAN Caching Tier not used in a SSD (non flash vSAN) configurationin VMware vSAN

    A customer has a vSAN (based on vSphere 6.5), their controllers are not flash capable (i.e. vSAN says no flash), but the disks are SSD... so we keep the vSAN recommendation. But, we have 800gb caching tier disks, the ...
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  • vSAN iSCSI Shares failsin VMware vSAN

    Hello, I followed steps to share iSCSI LUN via vSAN my question is can I give access to another ESXi host out of the vSAN Cluster to use it, if so which IP address can I use, because I followed steps from guide ...
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  • HDD Disk Cache Settingin VMware vSAN

    Hi,   I'm implementing an hybrid vSAN infrastructure and I have a question about the disk cache setting.   Hardware: 4x Lenovo x3650 2x disk groups per host with the folowing hard drive :   1x800GB...
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  • Memory and Processor Requirement of vSANin VMware vSAN

    Hi Friends,   What is exact Memory and Processor Requirement of vSAN 6.x ?   How much each Host's memory and cpu requirement as an eligibility criteria ?
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  • Understanding vSAN Configuration Typesin VMware vSAN

    Hi,   I read that we can have multiple vSAN scenarios, from the default with FTT1 and with other types of FTT (n) which includes RAID5 / 6.   Once the vSAN is configured the first time it is FFT1 standard,...
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  • vsan supported switchin VMware vSAN

    hi   i have new vsan cluster , as we know we need 10 Gb swicthes , i need to know if there is a requirment for throuput packet or otehr network requirment
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  • vSAN VixDiskLib_Open failedin VMware vSAN

    vddk version: vmware-vix-disklib-distrib-6.5.2-6195444 We are unable to understand the reason for failure. Please help resolve the issue.   Thanks in advance.
    created by CoolHarry
  • Patchin VMware vSAN

    Hello I have a question: On vSAN Online Health service  we have this information: I don't understand if it is a message info for indicate that installed version (6.7 13006603) have active the Patch or it ...
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  • Guest OS corruption diskin VMware vSAN

    Hello, I have a  strange situation: - We have upgraded a vSAN streched cluster infrastructure from vSAN 6.6.1 to vSAN 6.7u1  (ESXi 6.7u2), with this steps      - Upgrade of controller ...
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  • vSAN Stretched Cluster  vsphere licensingin VMware vSAN

    Which vSphere license do I need to  install a vSAN streched cluster? Is DRS necessary or is it possible to install a vSAN streched cluster without DRS using a standard or essential plus vSphere license?
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    Hot Shot
  • VSAN 6.7 U3 performance data in relation to win10 WSL2 build.in VMware vSAN

    I have a question,  how do I see performance data of vsan,  specifically cache data and hit rate     I have put new Windows10 WSL2 build ( which is preview ),  in vsan and performance is amaz...
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  • Some basic question on VSANin VMware vSAN

    Hi everyone, I am new Vm ware, I have some basics questions:   Let say we have three ESXi : ESXi-1, ESXi-2, ESXi-3   1)All three ESXi are using vSAN. Let say VM files associated with VM3 on ESXi-3 are bei...
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  • Custom Ready Node vSAN (Supermicro HY-6: 2UTwin²Pro)in VMware vSAN

    Hi Everyone, I'm a Presales Engineer for Supermicro Partner in my country, I'm nuwbie about vmware (espicially on vSAN Product), I have some basics questions:   I've potential customer who want to deploy vSAN...
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  • DELL R430 & R530 HBA suggestion required for ALL FLASH VSAN 6.7.0 U2in VMware vSAN

    Hi All,   DELL R430 & R530 HBA suggestion required for ALL FLASH VSAN 6.7.0 U2   Here is our hardware specifications.     Currently I'm validating these 2 hardware's for new VSAN 6.7 U2 se...
    last modified by ManivelR
  • Can't remove hddin VMware vSAN

    Hello: Previously, a hard disk was displayed as a permanent error,The host loses connection when remove the failed hard disk,Not in maintenance mode,I can only force a reboot of the ESXi host,When restarted,I can't s...
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  • Delete vSAN Storagein VMware vSAN

    Hello VMware!, I've svMotioned my Data from vSAN to another Datastores, now I want to return my disks to RAW devices again what steps I need to follow to do so ?
    last modified by SrVMwarer