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Hello,   I would like to try the feature "extend storage" avaliable inside Settings / System administration /system details.   When i tried to extend the storage, I set 5gb for example with my user… (Show more)
We have a vmware vcloud suit standard 2018 license. Can we use automation/orchestration or host-based balancing? According to product sheet, it has below things: vRealize operation manager… (Show more)
Hello all, In case anyone finds this useful, I made a blog post describing how to role out the VMware Identity manager with Lifecycle Manager. It contains a bunch of troubleshooting and 'cotcha'… (Show more)
Hi All,   I had a large set of binaries that had failed mapping. I deleted those elements in the UI, and tried re-mapping in vRSLCM but they never seem to show. I looked in the logs and the… (Show more)
I have a couple of jobs that are stuck "In Progress" indefinitely - "Validate VRA Windows and creation" and "Patch Metadata Refresh". The first one I can ignore, but the second one is stopping me… (Show more)
So I can unmap a binary, but it stays on the drive. I can delete the binary from the drive, but it remains in a "completed" state under My VMware.   How do I really clear these completely so they… (Show more)
Hi all,   Hoping you can help.. first time using vRSLCM and I'm having problems getting started.   I've followed the KB on install, upgraded to the latest 2.1.0 Patch 2 (Build 13273278) and then… (Show more)
Good Afternoon,   I am currently on step 128 of 316 running the VVD Deployment through the Cloud Builder.   When I get to "Deploy vRealize Operations Through vRealize Lifecycle Manager", it hangs… (Show more)
vRSLCM 2.0 vSphere 6.0 No environment created yet How do I remove a vCenter server from the Managed vCenter Servers tab on vRLCM? There is an option to Edit, but not to delete.
I want to use the Lifecycle Manager for content management of my vRA environment. Since vRA already has a IDM component embeded, I do not see a point in deploying another vIDM instance. Is there a… (Show more)
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