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I am onsite with a customer that intercepts all SSL traffic. The Certificate chain is an AD ROOT-CA signed certificate. Is there a procedure to inject enterprise certificate chains into the… (Show more)
The upgrade from 8.0.1 PATCH1:  The upgrade Errors out no matter if I try it from ONLINE, URL  or CD-ROM:   I get the following errors:   [INFO] Update status:  Running installation tests [INFO]… (Show more)
I am creating a new environment on a freshly deployed vRLCM 8.0.1, importing an existing vROPs 8.0.1 deployment.  I entered all the information, but after starting the request I get the following… (Show more)
Hi, i'm having  trouble deploying vROps from vRSLCM   vROps      8.0.1 vRSLCM (PATCH1)   at stage 7 called AddVidm i get this error   java.lang.NullPointerException at… (Show more)
Hello,   Do you have an idea how to remove or change password registered in LCM Locker, I did not find anything even from the APIs ?   Thank you   Dominic
Hi All,   I had a large set of binaries that had failed mapping. I deleted those elements in the UI, and tried re-mapping in vRSLCM but they never seem to show. I looked in the logs and the… (Show more)
Hello, I've tried to add a vrealize orchestrator as an endpoint in vRSLM but the user I'musing doesn't seem to have the correct rights in orchestrator. The documentation only says, you need a… (Show more)
Hi all,   Hoping you can help.. first time using vRSLCM and I'm having problems getting started.   I've followed the KB on install, upgraded to the latest 2.1.0 Patch 2 (Build 13273278) and then… (Show more)
Hi, I have just started installing Lifecycle Manager 2.0 for the first time. I have enabled SSH and set a password for ''root'' (on the Settings page under ''Common Settings of vRealize Suite… (Show more)