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vRealize Log Insight

Real-time log management for VMware environments

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hi,   we are in the process of testing out log insights as our global log repository and are running into some issues which are likely syntax but I'm just not sure.   one of the servers we are… (Show more)
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in vRealize Log Insight
Author : Sally Hehir URL : http://// Topic Name : vRealize Log… (Show more)
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Hey all - have LogInsight deployed in a client and hoping to use it to track HA events.  They just had an ESXi host fail and HA events occur.  Log into LogInsight, have the content pack installed, I… (Show more)
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Hello   Does anybody use vRealize Log Insight in combination with pagerduty? My idea is to create alarms and forward it to pagerduty.   I know this can be done via webhooks. But it would be… (Show more)
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As part of a larger project I am upgrading our deployment of Log Insight V4.3.  My question is since there is no direct upgrade path from 4.3 to 4.7 what is the best upgrade path to follow that still… (Show more)
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We've integrated ESXi hosts to send syslog to Log Insight but it's generating 25 milliions logs per hour.   Without reducing the verbose on the hosts, any why i can limit what Log Insight takes in? … (Show more)
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Who have exchange 2010 content pack? I cannot find it. Who can upload to me?
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Hi, i wand to create on log insight a user that can only view some of the plugins? like SQL and/f5 only without the other plugins installed as a guest.   icreated a "user" and gave him a user… (Show more)
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Hallo   I have installed a LogInsight Version 4.7.1-10752772 I get an error message when a try to save my own SSL certificate.   Apache-Tomcat error is: Failed to update certificate: ["Importing… (Show more)
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