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vRealize Log Insight

Real-time log management for VMware environments

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Hello Experts,   In our environment, vRLI nodes is at 97% disk utilization.I was going through VMWare documentation… (Show more)
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hello i have log insight 8 connet to vcenter 6.0 and 6.7 and correct capture vcenter events. but but not all vcenter events are captured   example: if I create a folder inside the vcenter, this… (Show more)
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I generate then pem file with the command   cat ServerCertificate.crt Root.crt Intermediate.crt > multi_part.pem   from this guide  … (Show more)
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Hello Community,   i'm pretty new to the vRealize Log Insight. But one of my first tasks is to upgrade our instances. So i informed myself about upgrade paths and so on , everything is fine… (Show more)
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We've just updated VRLI in our lab environment from v4.8 to v8.0 but encountered a couple of issues along the way. Am documenting them here for the benefit of others and any input from VMware.  … (Show more)
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Hello   How i can convert(create aliases) datastore ID(naa.) to human name of my Datastores in dashboards, alarms or interactive analytics?   In release notes to LogInsight 4 have a record:… (Show more)
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I have a VRLI 4.8.1 cluster that I need to decommission. I would like to export all logs to an NFS share (blob format is perfect). Is there any way to force the export of all logs to the NFS share?  … (Show more)
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I noticed several hosts for whatever reason the vmkernel and vmkwarning logs stop logging. How would I setup an alert in VRLI keying on these specific logs.     thanks
in vRealize Log Insight
Has anyone been successful in getting the liagent installed and working on a 6.7U2 VCSA?  I got the RPM installed, verified the LI VIP IP in the hostname field of the liagent.ini file; and, set the… (Show more)
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Recently I was having a conversation with a colleague about the scratch location an ESXi host.  The question that we were unclear on though, was whether or not - when an ESXi host is registered with… (Show more)
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