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vRealize Log Insight

Real-time log management for VMware environments

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We have a six node Log Insight 8 cluster. with 6 nodes. All the nodes are configured as large and the ingestion rate is below 15,000 which is what is ok for these nodes I have also ran some checks… (Show more)
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Author : URL : http://// Topic Name : The vRealize Log Insight REST… (Show more)
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Hi!   I have a vmware vcenter essentials plus license, I want to deploy vmware Insight. I've read that I dont need to purchase a license for the Insight if I need below 25-OSI, but I've tried to add… (Show more)
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Hi,   I need to create a multi tenancy vRA environment and I am requested to set up RBAC in Log Insight to give access to tenant admins to relevant logs. I installed and configured vRA 7.5+ Content… (Show more)
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Hello, we use vRealize Automation with business group as a multi-tenancy environment, we want bg's users to only access their logs on the LogInsight appliance. Can anyone point me to the correct… (Show more)
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We are trying to configure SSO authentication with VMWare Identity Mgr. We are getting incorrect username and password error but we are sure that username and password is correct as we tried it… (Show more)
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Hi,   From mars 2020 MS will change their default settings in AD when it comes to AD authentication with simple binding and ldap signing. As of today our log insight system uses either simple… (Show more)
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Hello,   I'm sending logs to logInsight and want the event time to use the provided timestamp. Example : timestamp=22-01-2020 15:12:53;template=;dataid=StoreHeader:storeId:11708… (Show more)
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Hi,   I just took a look on the Content Pack Marketplace of our Log Insight environment. It mentioned 4 updates available, so I upgraded the VMware NSX vsphere, VMware -vSAN and VMware vRops 6.7+… (Show more)
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