• Can I run Solaris Os using VMWare?in Solaris

    I have installed VMWare workstation 14 . Can i run Solaris OS on Vmware ? Is this possible then whick version of Solaris i have to select.. Also what are the pre requirements to install Solaris OS on Vmware?
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  • VMware Tools in installation?in Solaris

    If I boot a VM from the Solaris 10 x86 DVD to install, the mouse pointer does not move.  How can I stream in or add the vmware tools drivers into the install?
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  • Creating Solaris 11 guest VM using ZFS snapshotin Solaris

    Hi,   I am new in this forum and also new to VMWARE. I have some experience in using Oracle Virtual Box. I have a question here, if someone can help me will be of great help.   On a Bare Metal x86 - 64 Bit...
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