• i am trying to install macos on my pc and it is stuck on the logoin OSX

    i am trying to install macos on my pc and it is stuck on the logo on vm any ideas
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  • Heat up problemin OSX

    Macbook Air 2017 heats up very quickly and starts making noise what is the reason? and what is the allowable temperature?
    created by LucasScott1
  • Remove Kexts on Big Surin OSX

    After installing the Text Preview that supports Big Sur, all the Kexts are still asking to load.   How do we get rid of them? I have removed the standard Fusion install but it doesn't clean up after itself. &#...
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  • macos 10.14 run not smoothlyin OSX

    Hello i'm very new to vmware and emulation. i even dont know if it's the right forum:   i've installed macos 10.14 on vmware and it runs not so smoothly. vmware suggested me to install vmware tools inside the...
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  • Odd mouse behavior is guest OS when connected via OS X Screen Shaaringin OSX

    Hello to all.   I am trying to chase down an odd behavior with the mouse in the guest OS when connecting to the host machine via Screen Sharing. The situation: When I connect to a machine hosting a Boot Camp vi...
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  • Safe Download Link for MacOS 10.10 ISO?in OSX

    I am trying to install a MacOS 10.10 virtual machine on my Mac 10.13.6 MacBook Pro using VMWare Fusion 10.1.5. I have a 10.10 installer with the .app extension. When I try to use the .app extension file as the ISO, it...
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  • Windows is black on MacBook Airin OSX

    Version 8.5.10 (7527438) MacOS 10.14.1 When starting Fusin, Windows is black. I have read cases, and think it is VM Ware tools. But I do not know how to upgrade og what to too.
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  • Broken Pipein OSX

    Upon Loading The following dropdown appears. VMWare, inc could not open /DEV/VMMON: BROKEN PIPE.   Please make sure that the KERNAL MODULE 'VMMON' is loaded   Has anyone had this error if so, any help w...
    created by BonsaiSean
  • sharing programs from host computerin OSX

    Hi All - I need to upgrade my operating system on my mac to High Sierra. I currently have OS X Mavricks running and am going to install it as a Virtual Machine so i can continue to use Adobe CS6 software that does not...
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  • OSX 10.13 on ESXiin OSX

    Hello   I was trying to see if anyone found a way to do a clean installation of 10.13 on ESXi yet.   Ive had success with OSX 10.13 On ESXi – Virtual Odyssey then using it as a template, but was cur...
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  • OSX 10.12 (Sierra) Guest on ESXi 6.5 U1 - HiDPI Problemin OSX

    I recently installed ESXi on a Mac and created a MacOS Sierra VM and have a couple problems.  First of all, although ESXi detected that I'm running on a Mac, it didn't have access to the VM Tools. I used the darw...
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  • OpenGL Versionin OSX

    I'm running Fusion 8.5.3 on a MacBook Pro, Intel Core i7, macOS 10.12.2, to use WindowsXP I'm attempting to run an application which throws the error shown below. It is saying it needs OpenGL v3.x and says I have Ope...
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  • Cannot copy and paste between virtual machine and hostin OSX

    I am running a Windows 10 virtual machine with VMWare Fusion 8.5.0 under macOSsierra. I cannot copy and paste from the host to the virtual machine or vice versa in any application. I have checked the isolation setting...
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  • I have a Mac mini OS X Server 10.6. How can virtualize this server?in OSX

    I have a Mac mini OS X Server 10.6. How can virtualize this server?
    created by UlrichCM
  • Apple OSX 10.11 support in ESXi 6.0in OSX

    VMware Guest OS compatibility list saying ESXi 6.0 supports OSX 10.11 but I couldn't find OSX 10.11 OS option in CreateVM wizard in ESXi6.0 and 6.0 Update1. Is it missed?
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  • VMware Client Integration Plugin 5.5 on OS Xin OSX

    I had the client integration plugin working once.  Last time I tried to use it, which is probably many months ago, it worked fine. Now when I try to upload files, I receive  message from the 5.5 web client ...
    created by ewhite7