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Hi. I just deployed LI 3.3.2 today and all seems good until I leave the appliance for a while and then go back to it. I find that every login attempt gives me the following error - "HTTP Status 403 -…
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Hi, I have created a vRealize dashboard that displays the Log Insight login screen. I am able from there to login to Log Insight but I heard there was a way to set it up to auto login from within…
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I see when you set up a forwarder with Log Insight you can select the ingestion API protocol or the syslog protocol.  Beyond that I don't see any way to customize the syslog protocol for a specific…
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Hi I would like to see if an issue is occurring at certain time in the day. Therefore I would like to view a 30 day period and have all days stacked, so that I only see 24 hours wide and 30 days…
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Good morning,   I've recently deployed Log Insight 3.3 and everything works great with the exception of the vCenter Server - Application dashboard.   I've loaded the LI Agent on the vCenter server…
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I need to add an entry for manual DNS resolution  but the /etc/hosts gets over written at each reboot. Is there a work around?
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