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Apr 20, 2015 Elite Database Workshop Program – SQL Server Event #2
The 3rd VMware Elite Database Workshop is set to start at 7AM on Tuesday April 21.  The program is an invitation only event for the some of the world’s top SQL Server experts in which VMware selects groups of database specialists within various...
Apr 20, 2015 Run Containers on vSphere with Project Photon and Project Lightwave
When you think of VMware, virtualization clearly jumps to mind.  But if you take a step back, virtualization is really a means to an end.  IT pros don’t earn their salary because they run virtual machines — but VMs support application services that...
Apr 16, 2015 vSphere Hardening Guide 6.0 Public Beta 1 available
I’m happy to announce that the vSphere 6 Hardening Guide Public Beta 1 is now available. The guide is being provided as Excel spreadsheet. I’m also making a PDF doc available for easier viewing. In addition,  I’ve also included an Excel...
Apr 13, 2015 Virtual Volumes and the SDDC
I saw a question the other day that asked “Can someone explain what the big deal is about Virtual Volumes?”   A fair question. The shortest, easiest answer is that VVols offer per-VM management of storage that helps deliver a software defined datacenter....
Apr 6, 2015 Oracle Licensing Discussion – The Definitive Collateral Collection
The Oracle licensing webinar was broadcast on Mar19, 2015 and the replay is available at the link below. The webinar and the link, hosted by Database Trends and Analysis (DBTA) was delivered as a collaborative effort between VMware and a number of VMware...