• IOInsight misalligns display, even in Chromein VMware IOInsight

    Hello,   I have installed Chrome with default settings.   When connected to VMware IOInsight page, it still misaligns the display as it does in Internet Explorer.   Anyone have any suggestions?  ...
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  • Looking for customer feedbackin VMware IOInsight

    If you have tried this I/O insight Flings version, we would like to understand how you use it and what's your experience with it. Schedule a session with designer directly and we will talk! (Open now till August 15th)...
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  • Host Name not resolvedin VMware IOInsight

    I just deployed the appliance and successfully connected it to vCenter 6.5 U2.  When I go to browse for a vmdk and select an ESXi server it asks for the root password.  I enter it and it says - Host Name not...
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  • "Request took too long to respond"in VMware IOInsight

    I have installed the appliance, changed the root password, setup a static IP and tried to log in only to be greeted with the digital middle finger, "Request took too long to respond".   I've Googled and reviewed...
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  • 4KB Alignment Ratioin VMware IOInsight

    Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (SP2) 12.0.5000.0 (X64) Enterprise Edition Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard x64 VMware ESXi, 6.5.0, 8935087 Dell EMC VxRail P470F   We've been trying to understand the 4KB ...
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  • ioinsight error "maximum supported numer of selected vodka is 20"in VMware IOInsight

    I use ioinsght to monitor large vsphere env to get the io size distribute, the esxi host and vmks quantity is much more ,ioinsght tools has limit and show error “maximum supported numer of selected vodka is 20&#...
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  • reading Ioinsight chartsin VMware IOInsight

    Good morning, I performed a test with IOInsight to verify the cause of slowness in a virtual infrastructure with Esxi 5.5 and an Eternus dx60s4 fiber datastore. From the graphs I can not understand what is due, can ...
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  • VM seen poweroffin VMware IOInsight

    Hi   I've one vcenter in 5.5 i've  succeeded to connect on web site ioinsight, but when i open a server esx and then a vm , i see it poweroff. All vms are seen poweroff Connection to other vcenter 6.0U3 it...
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  • Data fill rate. is there a good place to look up information about that graph?in VMware IOInsight

    Data fill rate. is there a good place to look up information about that graph?
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  • No valid connection to the hostin VMware IOInsight

    Just deployed the appliance on a vSphere 6.5 environment, when selecting a the hosts I´m getting the error "No valid connection to the host"   Any ideas ?   Thanks
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  • understanding the graphsin VMware IOInsight

    Hello   Firstly, thank you for developing this tool it has been very informative for us so far!   I am trying to understand the 4KB alignment ratio graph. I assume this is something to do with making sure ...
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  • Firewall ports requiredin VMware IOInsight

    What ports are required for IOInsight to communicate with the ESXi hosts?   Thanks.
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  • Latest versionin VMware IOInsight

    Version 1.1.1 is available now! We strongly recommend everyone to use this version, especially if you are still using v1.0, as there has been many changes since version 1.0.   Please refer changelog for more deta...
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