Patch 1.0.2 has been released for VMware Integrated OpenStack.

What's included:

This patch syncs VMware Integrated OpenStack with the latest stable/icehouse code base, fixes several bugs around stats reporting and scale issues, and includes a few enhancements - notably around handling issues noticed around initial plugin registration in earlier version.

Fixing Initial Plugin Registration

Symptom: The VMware Integrated OpenStack plugin icon is not seen after deploying the OVF and logging out and logging in to the vCenter Web Client.


1. Navigate to https://<OMS-IP>:8443/register-plugin/login.jsp (OMS: OpenStack Management Server)

2. Log in with the vCenter credentials.

3. Under Status notice the red status indicating that the management server is not connected to the vCenter correctly.

4. Click on the Fix button.

5. In the Certificate popup, verify the certificate and if it is valid click on OK.

6. Log out from this screen and log in to the vCenter Web Client.

7. The VMware Integrated OpenStack plugin should now be available in the vCenter Web Client.

The release is available in two formats,

  1. A full OVA as we made some improvements in the ova install
  2. A patch that can be installed on v1.0.0 or on v1.0.1

Patch version v1.0.1 has been removed from the download page as the v1.0.2 patch is cumulative and includes the fixes from v1.0.1.

Release notes: