OpenStack Juno Design Summit completed successfully a few weeks ago in Atlanta. VMware’s OpenStack team put on a great show at the summit. We had our strongest presence at the Atlanta summit with fully packed demos, presentations and Hands-on-Lab sessions. In case you missed, below are the links to our presentations and demos. And yes we announced the availability of Icehouse-VOVA as well.

VMware + OpenStack: Accelerating OpenStack in the Enterprise

By Dan Wendlandt


Deep-dive Demo for OpenStack on VMware

By Dan Wendlandt


OpenStack Distribution Support for vSphere + NSX

By Dan Florea and VMware OpenStack Distro Partners


VMware Virtual SAN and OpenStack: Made for Each Other

By Alex Jauch


Congress: a System for Declaring, Auditing, and Enforcing Policy in Heterogeneous Cloud Environments

By Peter Balland

OpenStack Networking Hands-on Lab

By Aaron Rosen & Eric Lopez

Recap: Nova-network or Neutron for OpenStack Networking?

By Somik Behera


Open vSwitch and the Intelligent Edge

By Justin Pettit


Enterprise-Grade Scheduling: Enterprise-Grade OpenStack from a Scheduler Perspective

By Gary Kotton


Bridging The Gap: OpenStack For VMware Administrators

By Scott Lowe and Kenneth Hui


Leveraging VMware Technology To Build an Enterprise Grade Openstack Cloud - It's Not Always About KVM!

By iLand Internet Solutions (VMware partner)