• NSX-V Communication health status for all ESXi node are going up / downin VMware NSX

    Hi All,   I have NSX-V deployment on top of Cisco HCI (Hyperflex) ESXi 6.7 U3 and the NSX version is 6.4.5, so after I have started the host preparation stage I  found all nodes communication health status ...
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  • lab with 2 hosts : 2 transport nodes and Edge on each ?in VMware NSX

    Hi,   In my lab I have only two hosts. Is it still possible to configure the two hosts as Transport nodes and add an Edge Node on each host ?
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  • [NSX-T] 2.4.1: No default route for clients behind tier1 routerin VMware NSX

    Hello,   I have a problem with IPv6 on NSX-T:   Our own subnet ist 2001:1000:2000::/48 "t1_router" (active/passive) is connected to T0 router "t0_router_C (...249::x/64) "t0_router_C" has multiple uplinks...
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  • NSX-T LB Encyclopediain VMware NSX

    This is one document to learn everything about NSX-T LB Configuration and Management. NSX-T LB Encyclopedia This document goes over all the Configuration and Management questions you may have on NSX-T LB and much mor...
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  • VMWare NSX – DMZin VMware NSX

    VMWare NSX – DMZ Anywhere Detailed Design Guide  DMZ Anywhere takes DMZ security principles and decouples them from a traditional physical network and compute infrastructure to maximize security and visibil...
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  • How to find the UUID of vnicin VMware NSX

    I would like  to get vnic network statistics by querying  api  GET /api/2.1/app/flow/flowstats But I can not find the vnic uuid.  Is anyone query this api by using vnic UUID?
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  • NSX-T 2.5 Manager Backup and Restore with SRMin VMware NSX

    I'm working on an NSX-T implementation for a Multi-Site customer and we want to be able to restore the NSX-Managers in the remote site.   We don't have a stretched Management cluster available, but we can L2...
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  • NSX Edge Firewall high concurrent connctionsin VMware NSX

    Hi,   We have one NSX Edge running as firewall, and the concurrent connections always keep high (about 200K) even with few network traffics.   Any ideas what is the reason? and what NSX settings I should c...
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  • VeloCloud SD-WAN - Connectivity through VeloCloud Service Gateway is downin VMware NSX

    Hello community!   So, i am trying to install a virtual edge velocloud and it seems pretty simple. I deployed the appliance, connected to a VLAN that has access to the internet, configured the Public IP in the W...
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  • NSX Host Preparation Issuein VMware NSX

    Hi dears, By considering the below information, please assist and share a resolution to fix the Not Ready issue on NSX. vCenter version: 6.7.0 Build 8170087 ESXi version: 6.5.0 Build 6765664 NSX version: 6.4.0-75...
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  • On Demand vs  Classroom Trainingin VMware NSX

    Hello All,   I am new to vmware world and their products and once i finish their prerequisites training to attend NSX-T 2.4 ICM, i am planning to take vmware authorized training to learn NSX-T 2.4 ICM course. b...
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  • NSX-T lab scenario guidein VMware NSX

    Hello , is there a guide available related to nsx-t troubleshooting and operations class for the break fix scenarios just like the one we had in NSX-V ?   regards
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  • Does NSX-T Edge must be deployed for East-West Communicationin VMware NSX

    Hi,    Just wanted to understand NSX-T edge dependence with east-west communication.   Today I have configure NSX on ESXi hosts "3 hosts". On top of it i have created logical switches/segments &am...
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  • Edge Nodes with only VLAN Transport Zonein VMware NSX

    Hi,   We are only going to use Load Balancer with VLAN Segments. Is it supported to deploy Edge Nodes with only a single VLAN Transport Zone and no Overlay?
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  • enable ssh on NSX-T managersin VMware NSX

    Is there a way to enable SSH on NSX-T 2.4.x Managers after the initial installation?
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  • dfwpktlogs.log update too slow.in VMware NSX

    Hi, im new on nsxt and i have question regarding nsxt firewall logs.     Currently weusing nsxt 2.4 on ourtest enviornment with esxi 6.7.   We set the log features enable on nsxt manager but it seem t...
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  • Interface name does not delivered on routing table APIin VMware NSX

    when using the api call: https://<manager-ip>/api/v1/logical-routers/<LR-ID>/routing/routing-table?transport_node_id=<node_id>&source=realtime&route_source=BGP to get the routing table i do...
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  • Any video training material for NSX-T 2.4 or newer?in VMware NSX

    I know vmware sells a on-demond NSX-T 2.4 training recording, but is there any other options from other training providers?
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  • Q1/2020 NSX License Key not working....in VMware NSX

    So, I started a NSX 6.4 ICM class yesterday and attempted to use the following License Key from the current issue: NX-DC-EPL-C VMware NSX Data Center Enterprise Plus - 16 Processor – 7M6CP-JNL4K-D8VD9-0K926-AXJ...
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  • NCP nsx_node_agent crashing on startupin VMware NSX

    pod/nsx-node-agent-2p8g4       1/2     CrashLoopBackOff   160        16h   k8sn2.crhc.c...
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  • NSX-T 2.5 Manager node 100% CPU usagein VMware NSX

    HI I am just getting started with NSX-T. I have a greenfield deployment of NSX-T Manager node 2.5.   I booted this, and connected to vcenter to deploy 2 extra nodes for a total of 3 manager nodes.   All th...
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  • NSX-T TEP Communicationin VMware NSX

    Hello all,   I am building NSX-T 2.5 nested setup in lab environment. i have question on TEP communication,   I have prepared 3 esx hosts for NSX-T.. NVDS, Transport Node has configured properly even TEP "...
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  • L2VPN Setup/ VMs on site B cannot access local resourcesin VMware NSX

    Hello everyone,   I am having issue with my VMs on a stretched network to access local resources. Site-A is the main server provider. Site-B is in a different geographic location(Canada). The Tunnel link works g...
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  • Gateway firewall uninitialized problem ?in VMware NSX

    Hi, My lab setup includes two logical switches and 1 tier0 router, as summarized in the attached pdf. interface to segment 1 = interface to segment 2 =   From the outside world, I...
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  • Advanced Networking & Security menu vs Networking menu...in VMware NSX

    Hi, Some services like routers can be created from the "Advanced Networking & Security" menu or from the "Networking" menu. Any reasons why these two exist ? Any recommandation for using of them ?   Thanks
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  • Port Mirroring configuration in Switching profilein VMware NSX

    Hi, Does anyone has experience with the Port Mirroring switching profile setup ? I have a lab environment with 2 hosts, 2 logical switches and 1 tier-1 router to route traffic between both logical switches. I've b...
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  • Setting up a VM Edge Transport Nodein VMware NSX

    Hi,   Can anyone provide me with more clear details about how to setup a VM Edge Transport Node ? I've read that this node should be linked to one overlay TZ as well as one VLAN-based TZ. Please find my small...
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  • Nsx-t intelligence installationin VMware NSX

    Hi all,   I am trying to deploy NSX-t intelligence in Nsx-t 2.5 environment, however it does require to upload all extracted files to local or remote web server. As my knowledge quite limited in this environment...
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  • SSL VPN Full Access (PHAT) client not working on macOS Catalinain VMware NSX

    HI All,   I recently upgraded to macOS Catalina and the PHAT client is now disable as it is a 32Bit Application which is no longer supported by macOS. Is a new version for the PHAT client available that can wor...
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  • how to check NSX T manager admin password expiry datein VMware NSX

    Hi,   As per password policy it gets expires in 90 days once we modify. But i can't see how many days left before it get expire, Please suggest me how to find when password modified (time stamp) or how many days...
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