• Port Mirroring configuration in Switching profilein VMware NSX

    Hi, Does anyone has experience with the Port Mirroring switching profile setup ? I have a lab environment with 2 hosts, 2 logical switches and 1 tier-1 router to route traffic between both logical switches. I've b...
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  • Setting up a VM Edge Transport Nodein VMware NSX

    Hi,   Can anyone provide me with more clear details about how to setup a VM Edge Transport Node ? I've read that this node should be linked to one overlay TZ as well as one VLAN-based TZ. Please find my small...
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  • Nsx-t intelligence installationin VMware NSX

    Hi all,   I am trying to deploy NSX-t intelligence in Nsx-t 2.5 environment, however it does require to upload all extracted files to local or remote web server. As my knowledge quite limited in this environment...
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  • SSL VPN Full Access (PHAT) client not working on macOS Catalinain VMware NSX

    HI All,   I recently upgraded to macOS Catalina and the PHAT client is now disable as it is a 32Bit Application which is no longer supported by macOS. Is a new version for the PHAT client available that can wor...
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  • how to check NSX T manager admin password expiry datein VMware NSX

    Hi,   As per password policy it gets expires in 90 days once we modify. But i can't see how many days left before it get expire, Please suggest me how to find when password modified (time stamp) or how many days...
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  • NSX-T 2.4 Error Code 99 on Loginin VMware NSX

    {   "module_name" : "common-services",   "error_message" : "Internal server error has occurred.",   "details" : "Filter execution threw an exception",   "error_code" : "99" }   Getting t...
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  • NSX controller deploy error vcoperationfailedexception: core-services:1500:operation failed on vc for morein VMware NSX

    Hi Team,   i am trying to deploy NSX controller but i am getting error 70% , its says as vcoperationfailedexception: core-services:1500:operation failed on vc for more.   my NSX version is:6.4.5 deployed...
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  • port forwardingin VMware NSX

    Hello,   I have an issue on my external router with forwarding the same port for different web servers and wonder if this can be done via Load Balancing on NSX-T and then point all ports to LB VIP on external ro...
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  • Remove DCHP Relay Server and Services from T1in VMware NSX

    Hello Community   I have successfully configured DCHP Relay on my T1, I now need to remove it.  What would be correct order of steps to remove DHCP Relay from my T1 Gateway?   I  tried to modify ...
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  • NSX Intelligence Installation succeeded but admin user cannot see anythingin VMware NSX

    Hello Everyone!   I am trying to install and get some hands on experience with the brand new NSX-Intelligence, but i've ran into an issue. After the successful appliance deployment, when i've open the Plan &...
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  • Segment MAC learingin VMware NSX

    HI,   What the reason behind MAC learning is disabled by default on MAC Discovery profile on NSX-T segments ?
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  • NSX Load balancer Service Certificatein VMware NSX

    hi All   I am facing a issue with importing a self-signed certificate to NSX loadbalancer. Scenario is some thing like this, I received a self-signed certificate generated from Radware Alteon load balancer. Whe...
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  • Not able to ping VM in different host. NSX-Vin VMware NSX

    Hi, I am not able to ping VM which are in two different hosts.   I have checked below things:-   VTEP IPs of both hosts are successfully communicating. VMs in different vxlan segment and in same host ...
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  • NSX Host Preparation Not readyin VMware NSX

    Dear All. I am going to configure NSX 6.4.6 on ESXI 6.7.0. Clusters and NSX Controller have been configured and running succesfully. But i click on the host preparation and try to install following error come: vci-2....
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  • NSX vxlan-VTEP and controller communicationin VMware NSX

    HI,   I have network background and have experience with cisco vxlan+evpn solution. Now as business required, I began to touch NSX. I have to admit NSX makes things easier comparing with the complex Evpn soluti...
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  • About NSX LoadBalancer Application Rules - not workingin VMware NSX

    Hey Guys!   I'm trying to configure application rules, using VMware examples, but I'm it's not working properly. My scecario is: - NSX Version: 6.4.4 - I have two pools: lb_active and lb_standby - I've creat...
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  • Layer-2 domain on the NSX Virtual Switchin VMware NSX

    Hey Experts,   I was going through NSX Data plane components section of the NSX-V ICM Student Guide. Below three statements are a bit confusing for me, can anyone provide expert opinion and explanation.   ...
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  • NSX not functioning after ESXi update (6.7 to 6.7u3)in VMware NSX

    After performing a successful update of all hosts to 6.7.3, following VMWare procedures, NSX is not working anymore. Searching for possible cause, I then found a VMWare article saying that the update process on an en...
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  • Disable Distributed firewallin VMware NSX

    Hello community ,   need your support as i want to know how can we disable firewall ? Thanks & BR, shamy
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  • Vcenter join into vcloud 9.7 with nsx-tin VMware NSX

    Hi Guys, i have install a new enviroment with this software version: Esxi --> 6.7u3 Vcenter --> 6.7u3 Vcloud director --> NSX-T --> 2.5   I have complete setup of NSX-T and Vcenter but i...
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  • vRB Connection with NSX-Tin VMware NSX

    Hey Folks,   Does anyone know if vRealize Business supports connection with NSX-T yet? Has any done it? When I am trying to connect vRB with NSX-T it does not connect and throws error "Could not connect to the s...
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  • how to nsx-t REST API authentication against VIDM?in VMware NSX

    Hello,   I have a NSX-T 2.3.1 integrated with vIDM for the "remote authentication"   I'm trying to find documentation about running REST API call with an authentication done through the vIDM.   is th...
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  • Horizon Instant Clones and NSX-T VLAN backed segment....in VMware NSX

    I'm not sure if this is a Horizon question or an NSX-T question, but the person with the answer is probably here rather than in the Horizon forum. I have an existing Horizon pod that works fine. NSX-T is installed and...
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  • NSX-T 2.5: Which haproxy version?in VMware NSX

    Hello,   we want to migrate older haproxy configurations (<= 1.8.x) to NSX-T 2.5. Which haproxy version is currently being used on NSX-T 2.5?   Regards
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  • NSX-T Multisite - Collapsed Single Clusterin VMware NSX

    We have two sites we want to implement NSX-T 2.5 for a Primary and Secondary Site..   We need the Multisite support to be able to automatically recovery the NSX Managers in the DR site, but one of the requir...
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  • NSX-Edgs montor toolin VMware NSX

    Hi Is there any monitor tool for NSX-Edgs to monitor bandwidth,cpu,memory ,also VPN-tunnels  ,does solarwinds virtualization manager can do so .
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  • Question on a pre-upgrade check item for NSX upgradein VMware NSX

    We are upgrading from NSX v6.35 to v6.46. We are going through the runbook and the upgrade guide.   In the upgrade guide on page 22 there is a. Validate netcpad and vsfwd user-world agent   We know how to...
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  • NSX Certificationin VMware NSX

    Dear All   Hope all are good my question is I have attended offical training of Vmware 5.5 & 6 but never appeared in exam . Now my requirement is to certify for VMware VCP DCV or NSX certification do i nee...
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  • NSX-T 2.5 - L2VPNin VMware NSX

    Hello folks! I been struggling with the L2VPN functionality in NSX-T for about 4 without accomplish the connectivty between different L2 Segments.     Here is a diagram of my lab info:   Also i adde...
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  • NSX 6.4 - Create Security Group and Member with REST API - Error Mapping Element vsmUuidin VMware NSX

    Hi   I am trying to execute the following in Postman to create a new universal security group called TestSecurityGroup and add an existing member security tag UST:DB but get an error with the vsmUuid,   A...
    created by RichardJC