• NSX Edge Gateway does not give internet to vLAN even with SNAT rules and Firewall openin VMware NSX

    Heyo, I'm having troubles with a brand new NSX Edge Gateway configuration The NSX GW is having 2 interfaces: 1 is the uplink with a public IP Address 1 is an internal network with IP :   I en...
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  • EDGE HA and DLRin VMware NSX

    Hey Experts,   Just wanted to know if I have deployed a pair of EDGE appliances (active and standby), will both of them form peer relationship with DLR control VM if running OSPF or its just the active EDGE whic...
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  • VXLAN to VLAN Routing on Single Host using DLRin VMware NSX

    Hey Experts,   Appreciate is you can explain me a packet walk how the logical routing would be handled by the DLR if VM1 intends to communicate with VM2.   Both VMs are running in the same physical host. V...
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  • Is there any kind of impact to the data plane if all 3 NSX-T manager nodes goes down?in VMware NSX

    Is there any kind of impact to the data plane if all 3 NSX-T manager nodes goes down?
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  • NSX-V redundancy in route-based IPSec VPNin VMware NSX

    I've been playing with IPSEC VPN connections between on-prem NSX-V and AWS VPC. As AWS Site-to-Site VPNs are route-based VPS, I've set up NSX part of the VPN tunnel as a route-based VPN. Everything works fine as far a...
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  • Saved firewall configurations triggering a warningin VMware NSX

    Hi. I just realize our save firewall configurations is 90 out of 100. I cannot find a way to delete the save configurations. We certainly do not need them. Does the system just roll them over? ie can we still make cha...
    Jeffery Hawks
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  • NSX for vSphere - vmkernel used for Transport zone created in wrong DVSin VMware NSX

    Hello, Brief description of environment cloud build for a service provider with vcloud director vSphere: 6.7 U2 NSX-SP 6.4.5 VCD 10.0 By mistake we created the vmkernel port used for the NSX for vSphere transpor...
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  • customer has two circuits and sonicwall onsite, will the edge gateway be able to support a vpn failoverin VMware NSX

    customer has two circuits and sonicwall onsite, will the nsx edge gateway be able to support a vpn failover to our datacenter if one of their circuits crashes?  thanks.
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  • SDK (Python) for NSX-V 6.4.6??in VMware NSX

    Quick Question: Is there a specific SDK (python 3) for NSX-V (6.4.x? I know there is one for NSX-T (version 2.5.1)?
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  • NSX-T "Failed to add VTEP"in VMware NSX

    Good morning,   Trying to do a small vSphere cluster prep in NSX-T for a POC and I've been unable so far.   NSX-T: ESXi:6.7.0 build 14320388 vCenter: build 14836122 Alread...
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  • NSX-T preparation failedin VMware NSX

    Hello Guys,   I am working with NSX-T 2.5, with two vSphere clusters under one vCenter 6.7 U3 and Hosts version 6.7 U1.   We prepared the first cluster with NSX-T after Creating/Preparing the Transport Nod...
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  • Another NSX v6.3.5 to v6.4.6 upgrade questionin VMware NSX

    Hi. We are in a cross-vCenter setup. After we do our Primary/Secondary managers and the Controller Cluster we had planned to stop and then start our host cluster upgrades the next day.   Is there any reason aft...
    Jeffery Hawks
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  • lab with 2 hosts : 2 transport nodes and Edge on each ?in VMware NSX

    Hi,   In my lab I have only two hosts. Is it still possible to configure the two hosts as Transport nodes and add an Edge Node on each host ?
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  • vCenter HA across Datacentres (using vDS)in VMware NSX

    Hi,   I'm looking at setting up vCenter HA using NSX to virtually span vlans across datacentres, the architect wants the two vCenters to be in different datacenters and the witness to be in another. This I think...
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  • Sub-interface - L2VPN standalone Edgein VMware NSX

    Hi There,   I am new to NSX. The initial deployment for L2VPN client using OVF for sub interface pairs pre-defined works fine. We have connectivity between sites.   How can I add a new sub interface after ...
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  • How to check packet is blocked by DFWin VMware NSX

    in the above topology is vPOD router is physical network. Is there a way in NSX to check the packet received or not at each hop.     For example Administrator wants to access a app01 on port 4360. How do I ...
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  • What happens when all the NSX Controller failedin VMware NSX

    Hi  Experts,   What happens when all the NSX Controller failed?   If a New VM is created, does it work ok?
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    VMware Employees
  • NSX-T replication modein VMware NSX

    Hi Which replication mode should or must i use Head-End Replication or Two-tier Hierarchical Mode. TEPs are not on the same subnet Many thanks
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  • [NSX-T] 2.4.1: No default route for clients behind tier1 routerin VMware NSX

    Hello,   I have a problem with IPv6 on NSX-T:   Our own subnet ist 2001:1000:2000::/48 "t1_router" (active/passive) is connected to T0 router "t0_router_C (...249::x/64) "t0_router_C" has multiple uplinks...
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  • Interface name does not delivered on routing table APIin VMware NSX

    when using the api call: https://<manager-ip>/api/v1/logical-routers/<LR-ID>/routing/routing-table?transport_node_id=<node_id>&source=realtime&route_source=BGP to get the routing table i do...
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  • NSX Edge Firewall high concurrent connctionsin VMware NSX

    Hi,   We have one NSX Edge running as firewall, and the concurrent connections always keep high (about 200K) even with few network traffics.   Any ideas what is the reason? and what NSX settings I should c...
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  • Unable to configure NSX-T edge.in VMware NSX

    Hi,      NSX edge configuration fails with error :- "Failed to send host config message", Screen-shot attached.    Step to reproduce :-     ================   ...
    created by amolnjadhav
  • NSX-V Communication health status for all ESXi node are going up / downin VMware NSX

    Hi All,   I have NSX-V deployment on top of Cisco HCI (Hyperflex) ESXi 6.7 U3 and the NSX version is 6.4.5, so after I have started the host preparation stage I  found all nodes communication health status ...
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  • How to find the UUID of vnicin VMware NSX

    I would like  to get vnic network statistics by querying  api  GET /api/2.1/app/flow/flowstats But I can not find the vnic uuid.  Is anyone query this api by using vnic UUID?
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  • NSX-T 2.5 Manager Backup and Restore with SRMin VMware NSX

    I'm working on an NSX-T implementation for a Multi-Site customer and we want to be able to restore the NSX-Managers in the remote site.   We don't have a stretched Management cluster available, but we can L2...
    created by tgrayatshi
  • VeloCloud SD-WAN - Connectivity through VeloCloud Service Gateway is downin VMware NSX

    Hello community!   So, i am trying to install a virtual edge velocloud and it seems pretty simple. I deployed the appliance, connected to a VLAN that has access to the internet, configured the Public IP in the W...
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  • NSX Host Preparation Issuein VMware NSX

    Hi dears, By considering the below information, please assist and share a resolution to fix the Not Ready issue on NSX. vCenter version: 6.7.0 Build 8170087 ESXi version: 6.5.0 Build 6765664 NSX version: 6.4.0-75...
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  • On Demand vs  Classroom Trainingin VMware NSX

    Hello All,   I am new to vmware world and their products and once i finish their prerequisites training to attend NSX-T 2.4 ICM, i am planning to take vmware authorized training to learn NSX-T 2.4 ICM course. b...
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  • NSX-T lab scenario guidein VMware NSX

    Hello , is there a guide available related to nsx-t troubleshooting and operations class for the break fix scenarios just like the one we had in NSX-V ?   regards
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  • Does NSX-T Edge must be deployed for East-West Communicationin VMware NSX

    Hi,    Just wanted to understand NSX-T edge dependence with east-west communication.   Today I have configure NSX on ESXi hosts "3 hosts". On top of it i have created logical switches/segments &am...
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