• what NSX license category is having micro-segmentationin VMware NSX

    what NSX license model is having micro-segmentation ?   NSX datacenter Standard or NSX datacenter Professional
    Dilan Wijesooriya
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  • vtep_mac_addressin VMware NSX

    Hello, Is the vtep_mac_address the  same esxi vmnic _mac_address ?
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  • Can we deploy VMware NSX Data Center Professional in vcenter foundation serverin VMware NSX

    Can we deploy VMware NSX Data Center Professional in vcenter foundation server or do we need to use vcenter Stranded server for nsx deployment
  • NSX-V ESG to LDR ip routing failsin VMware NSX

    I have a very simple deployment of NSX-V   3 clusters Cluster 1=edge esg Cluster 2=ldr and test vm's Cluster 3=nsx manager and controllers (out of band, not prepped for vxlan)     Two virtual mach...
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  • NSX-T; North-South without using Tier appliancein VMware NSX

    Hello,   In NSX-V, documentation only talks about using an ESG for N/S traffic, but it DLR can move traffic in all directions, E/W, and N/S, without the need of an ESG, however, I couldn't do this in NSX-T, so, ...
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  • NSX-T native Gateway firewall, not processing further rulesin VMware NSX

    Hello,   I'm testing NSX-T in my lab, and I faced an obstacle with the Gateway firewall. I have four rules, one for DNS, one for DHCP, one for internet access, and the last one is a catch-all set to deny any oth...
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  • NSX-T 2.4 with vIDMin VMware NSX

    Hi,   I am facing the following error after i linked NSX-T 2.4 with vIDM ( VMware identity manager )   An error occurred during OAuth2 operation. Please contact your administrator to resolve the issue. &#...
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  • NSX-T API - pagination with [start, end] indexin VMware NSX

    Hi,   Is there anyway we can get pagination with start and end index instead of next cursor? For example, I want to get all of the api results from result 10 to result 300? instead of running on all of the resu...
    created by Cloudistan
  • Regarding NSX-T Edgesin VMware NSX

    Hi,   Is it possible to get a policy for the NSX-T edge (that is not a logical router)? can I define a rule on it? Why is the button on: Advanced Networking & Security->Security->Edge Firewall is disa...
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  • VM can not ping a ESGW or outside via DLRin VMware NSX

    Greetings,      I have deployed NSX in lab environment. I have problem that VM can not reach ESGW or outside network. VM can ping DLR. ESGW can ping the DLR on the transit link but VM's traffic do...
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  • Is it possible to configurate a VMware VM inline mode in the vSwitch?in VMware NSX

    Is it possible to configurate a VMware VM inline mode in the vSwitch?
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  • VM export failedin VMware NSX

    I have a PC, connected to a server via ethernet cable, and an HDD in a dock connected to the PC to which i attempted to export a VM, the process failed with some error about connectivity issues, but there is now a 120...
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  • Joing NSX to vCenterin VMware NSX

         Every time I attempt to join NSX manager to vCenter I get the following error:     The vCenter has a CA certificate applied and working.  I can ping between the NSX manager a...
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  • what makes nsx-managed bridge and nsx-switch.0 admin/operational state up on KVM hypervisorin VMware NSX

    I registered Ubuntu KVM hypervisor as transport node with NSX-T. The controller and manager connectivity for the transport node is up, but nsx-managed bridge and nsx-switch.0 show both admin and operation state down. ...
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  • NSX-T 2.4 - Edge VM Nodes configuration issuesin VMware NSX

    I am breaking my head of figuring out on how to configure my Edge VM Nodes.   Currently i have a cluster made of three (3) ESXi with two pnics. As this is a POC i want to use only one pnic for Overlay and Edge U...
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  • HiWhy can't I ping to the NSX Edge Gateway?in VMware NSX

    Hi,   I have a fairly simple setup. I have a Logical Switch setup. A Windows VM is connected to this Logical Switch. A NSX Edge is created with an “Internal” interface connected to the same VNI. This...
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  • How to set static ARP entry on edge service gateway?in VMware NSX

    Is it possibe to set a static (permanent) ARP entry for an IP on an edge service gateway, analogical to Cisco command "arp ip.ip.ip.ip 0123.4567.89ab arpa " ?     If yes - how to? If yes - Will the permane...
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  • NSX Edge heartbeatin VMware NSX

    has anyone run across an issue with rebooting a SAN with the proper timeout of 60 seconds set and all the VMs recover just fine as well as VMs that are part of a MS cluster but the Perimeter Gateway fails to send a he...
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  • NSX manager to lookupservice and vCenter connection issuein VMware NSX

    NSX Management Service operation failed.( I/O error on GET request for "http://localhost:7441/api/2.0/services/ssoconfig": Connection to http://localhost:7441 refused; nested exception is org.apache.http.conn.HttpHost...
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  • vIDM licensein VMware NSX

    Hi, Do I need license for VMware Identity Manager. The aim for using VIDM is RBAC for NSX-T ?
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  • NSX 6.4 Powershell - New-NSXLogicalRouter dy default creates Compact Size. How Large DLR?in VMware NSX

    How do we create LARGE NSX DLR using powershell? Existing commands New-NsxLogicalRouter creates a default compact DLR. Please the commands or options please. Powercli,powernsx.
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  • Failed to get data for 'Host Preparation Status, Host Communication Channel Status'in VMware NSX

    Hi     We have vcenter 6.7 u1 and nsx 6.4 this message shows in the overview in 'Networking and security'  plz help me to solve this error   Failed to get data for 'Host Preparation Status, H...
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  • NSX 6.3.5 Unable to deploy NSX controllersin VMware NSX

    Hi,   I have a new deployment of NSX 6.3.5. I cannot deploy any NSX controllers the OVA deployment shows the following error..   Operation failed on VC. For more details, refer to the rootCauseString or th...
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  • Order NSX Firewallin VMware NSX

    Hello Guys   In a POC of VDI, need create rules of denied all connection from vdi desktop to any server except Domain Controller.   The  rules in firewall of nsx is.   1.- From VDI to Any - - ...
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  • nsx-t why use bare metal edge?in VMware NSX

    the direct answer is for high performance, which is mentioned in official documentation.   the second reason I believe is to simplify the networking between transport nodes and edge transport node. But I wonder...
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  • NSX Edge Load Balancer Virtual Server UDP portRange errorin VMware NSX

    Dear Sirs, we have a VMware 6.5 version and we configured new Virtual Server in Load Balancer of NSX Edge with protocol UDP and we saw the attached error " Virtual Server can not support portRange under UDP protocol....
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  • NSX-V VM and Edge Services Gatewayin VMware NSX

    Good Day,   I set up a simple NSX-V lab to train for my futur exam. However, I got a problem to communicate my VM and the Edge Services Gateway.   Enclosed, the network diagram.   When the VM an...
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  • NSX-T edges on NVDSin VMware NSX

    Hi all,   I wonder if it is possible to deploy edges on N-VDS without migrating kernel and all netwotk to N-VDS. My current configuration for edges is done via VDS which I presume doesn't allow Enhanced data Pat...
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  • Log Insight - Blank NSX Edge Dashboardin VMware NSX

    NSX Version: 6.4.5 Log Insight Version: 4.8 NSX Management Pack: 3.9   When I go to the NSX-vSphere Edge – Firewall dashboards all of them are blank.  If I go to the interactive analysis section that d...
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  • nsx-t and kubernetesin VMware NSX

    Hi,   I have created a small nsx-t and kubernetes setup. Running CentOS 7.6.1810 Docker 18.06.3-ce REPOSITORY                ...
    Chris Mentjox
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