• how to prepare esxi host cluster for Nsx manager using the APIin VMware NSX

    Hi Guys,   Does anyone know how to prepare esxi cluster host for for Nsx manager using the API ?       Thanks Bharat
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  • What is my right pathin VMware NSX

    Dear guys,   I am an network engineer and I have worked with vendor Cisco. I am CCNA and CCNP certificated. The future is virtualisation and I would like to dive in NSX. But wich one is for me the right way of N...
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  • VCDX NV and VCDX DC for startersin VMware NSX

    hallo All,     I am very much new to this portal. I want to learn VMWare tools and enhance my skills with targeting of VCDX DC/NV . As I have less experience in VMware tools  , but with Cisco products ...
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  • NSX-T and DHCPin VMware NSX

    Hello everyone,   I've worked with NSX-V for some years and now we're looking to migrate to NSX-T. After playing around a little with it I faced some weird behaviours when working with Edge services.   Fo...
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  • genevein VMware NSX

    What is nsx-t geneve minimum MTU size
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  • Error on PUT API (after upgrading NSX-V from 6.4.0 to 6.4.6)in VMware NSX

    Hello all, I did upgrade to NSX-Manager from 6.4.0 to 6.4.6 and after the upgrade i get error when i use this PUT API : /api/4.0/firewall/globalroot-0/config/layer3sections/1009   Error:   {   ...
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  • HCX destination "unable to create Network Profile"in VMware NSX

    hi, guys, I install HCX in source and destination site. There is no NSX in source site. In destination, there is NSX-T 2.5. After I create site pairs, I plan to create Network Profile in destination site, but I can'...
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  • NSX for vShield Endpoint (free)in VMware NSX

    Hi, checking for appropriate NSX license for enabling agentless A/V protection (VMware 6.7 in place). On the screenshot (TrendMicro table) in the first column - NSX for vShield Endpoint is mentioned.   Questio...
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  • [NSX-T 2.5.1] PathMTU black hole on Tier-0-Gateway?in VMware NSX

    So I started mtupath and mturoute from an VM on NSX-T to an external IP address:   - mturoute.exe -t mturoute to, 30 hops max, variable sized packets * ICMP Fragmentation is not permitt...
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  • [NSX-T 2.5.1]: Internal error(1401) occurred on transport nodein VMware NSX

    Hello,   so we updated to NSX-T 2.5.1 and everything looks ok according to our dashboard. Unfortunately all policies on gateway firewall show inactive state. The windows of policies show:     edge02...
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  • iconsin VMware NSX

    Hello,   Is there any place I can find a library NSX-T icons and vSphere icons in order to draw Visio or PowerPoint  architectecure drawing for instance.   Thanks.
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  • PKS Kubernetes Network Policy and NSX-T Firewall rules sequence problemin VMware NSX

    PKS version 1.6.1, NSX-T version 2.5.0   Problem: Policy API Categories and Section gerated by NCP by Manager API don't fit the right, recommended, needed rulebase strategy and the order is wrong.   NSX-T ...
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  • nsx for third party A/Vin VMware NSX

    Hi, we are planning to introduce TrendMicro Deep Security in 6.7 environment. NSX is not deployed. From the info that I have, we can use NSX for enabling TM Virtual Appliance for agentless protection free of charge. I...
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  • NSX environment performance issuein VMware NSX

    Hello Experts,   Customer is facing performance issues in VMware SDDC environment and blaming NSX for it. I can see ESXi hosts are healthy, rules are pushed in hypervisors, no error on NSX dashboard but yet they...
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  • NSX-T and vIDMin VMware NSX

    Is vIDM required to deploy NSX-T or operation NSX-T?   
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  • NSX-V / Live Flowin VMware NSX

    Hello Guys,   Is there any way to filter what's seen in Flow Monitoring/Live Flow in NSX-V 6.4.5 ?
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  • how many load balancing is supported on NSX-v x-large size?in VMware NSX

    Hello everyone, I have to a question.   Does anyone know how many load balancing is supported on the NSX-v x-large size?   I find to configuration maximum link : https://configmax.vmware.com/guest?vmwarep...
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  • NSX-T Agentless Security for VDIin VMware NSX

    Hello,   There is a question, does somebody knows, if Kaspersky Security for Agentless protection is supported on NSX-T as it is supported on NSX-V free license ?   Best Regards   Marcin
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  • Building ruleset in NSX-T DFWin VMware NSX

    Hello everyone   Is there any blogs or whitepaper on how to start building your NSX-T DFW policiy sections?  How to start net new, using vRNI for example?  I just need something to get me started. ...
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  • PKS with NSX-T Policy API (Simplified UI)in VMware NSX

    From NSX-T 2.5 actually from NCP 2.5+, NSX Container Plugin for Kubenetes and Cloud Foundry supports Policy API (Simplified UI). It means NCP calls the new intent-based API and all objects are visible in the Simplifie...
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  • NSX-T Simplified UI (Policy API) Distributed Firewall Category - purpose?in VMware NSX

    NSX-T 2.5.0 DFW = NSX-T Distributed Firewall in Simplified UI   The DFW rulebase (rules) are partitioned into Categories (Ethernet, Emergency, Infrastructure, Environment, Application). Why is it? What is pur...
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  • Increase X-large NSX ESG CPU . reaching 100 percentin VMware NSX

    Hi team ,   NSX Version : 6.3.2 Vcenter : 6.0 Esxi 6,0      We are hosting about 60+ customers in our data-center . All of their NSX ESG are setup as X-large. I am running into issues where fo...
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  • Thin provisioning NSX components on vSANin VMware NSX

    We have numerous NSX components deployed on vSAN datastores. This creates warnings about thick provisioned VMs on vSAN datastores. y to   Is there a way to default NSX components to be thin provisioned?
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  • Is there any kind of impact to the data plane if all 3 NSX-T manager nodes goes down?in VMware NSX

    Is there any kind of impact to the data plane if all 3 NSX-T manager nodes goes down?
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  • NSX-T 2.5 - Lab Design/Possibilitiesin VMware NSX

    I will preference this with I have very basic networking skills and i am trying to learn NSX. I have a lab where i have installed NSX-T 2.5 on two hosts. I have successfully deployed two segments and a Tier-1 gateway ...
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  • Group-based Access Control not working in NSX-Vin VMware NSX

    I rebuilt my lab environment and configured SSO for vCenter: - Joined VCSA to AD - Added AD as an Identity Provider - Added AD group "NSX_Enterprise_Admins" with Read-Only permissions at the datacenter level  ...
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  • Failed to get data for 'Host Preparation Status, Host Communication Channel Status'in VMware NSX

    Hi     We have vcenter 6.7 u1 and nsx 6.4 this message shows in the overview in 'Networking and security'  plz help me to solve this error   Failed to get data for 'Host Preparation Status, H...
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  • NSX Licensing - I have one license by CPU and a second license by CCU.  How do I assign both to NSX?in VMware NSX

    One license is to cover my Compute cluster and the second license is to cover my VDI cluster. How do I assign both to NSX so when I deploy to both clusters, I am covered from a licensing standpoint?
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  • Migrate from NSX-V to NSX-T for vCloud Directorin VMware NSX

    Is anyone aware of a process for migrating from NSX-V to NSX-T in a vCloud Director environment? The NSX-T migration assistant is failing due to an unsupported NSX-V topology. The NSX dev team is stating that the reas...
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  • NSX-T 2.5 Manager Backup and Restore with SRMin VMware NSX

    I'm working on an NSX-T implementation for a Multi-Site customer and we want to be able to restore the NSX-Managers in the remote site.   We don't have a stretched Management cluster available, but we can L2...
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