• USB Redirection is not availablein VMware View

    Hello,   I am new to VMWare communities and Vmware as well, I am currently evaluating Vmware. I have setup ESX 5.1 with VSphere Vcenter and View administrator. I am having issues with the USB redirection on the ...
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  • Domain function level - Windows Server 2019in VMware View

    Hello   i would like to build a Horizon 7.10 environment in my lab. I’m not sure if I can install a Windows Server 2019 with AD role. I see in the installation guide 2 “domain function level up to Wi...
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  • Sharing a dedicated virtual machinein VMware View

    We have a Horizon 7.6 view environment. Within this environment I have a Manual Desktop Pool setup with two dedicated virtual machines. I would like to pull out one machine and have two users share it. Currently it is...
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  • Error during provisioning: View Composer Datastore Fault: For Datastore - datastore-9188in VMware View

    Hello   Hope every one is doing well. I need help; hopefully someone can provide some help.   Environment: 2K16 Servers View Composer 7.5.2 View Connection 7.5.2 SQL Server Link Clones VMware Tools 1...
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  • Horizon scaling optionsin VMware View

    Does anyone know if it is possible to select the display sizing scale in the Horizon Client or Windows 10 desktop when having multiple monitors? When selecting "Full Screen" = 1 monitor in the Horizon Client, the sc...
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  • Cannot assign user to desktop - 'User already assigned to a desktop in Pool ...' errorin VMware View

    Hi All,   We have a H6 dedicated machine desktop pool with a weird bug. I've spun up an additional VM for a user, when I try to assign the username to the VM is says:   The user Monitoring Console 37 canno...
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  • View 7 vCenter Server Can't Verify Certificatein VMware View

    We have a vCenter 6 and a vCenter 5.5 instance.  vCenter 6 let's me verify the default self-signed cert. vCenter 5.5 when you click verify does nothing.  When you go to servers, and edit the 5.5 it always gi...
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  • VM Horizon Client - App locks up when pasting into fieldsin VMware View

    Whenever I paste any information into one of the VM Horizon Client's dialog fields, the app hangs.  It'll hang for about a minute.  Sometimes I have to force it to close... other times I can wait it out... i...
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  • View connection lost after establishing VPN connectionin VMware View

    I have a view desktop that is used to connect to other vpn locations.  Once the VPN is established I loose connection to the view desktop.  Is there any way that this can be configured to work as it does whe...
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  • Microsoft Office activation and View refreshin VMware View

    Hi Guys,   For those of you that do office deployments on your view systems can anyone explain to me please how you got the activation working on office with view?   I've tried to create an image with offi...
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  • View Composer Server Upgradein VMware View

    We are updating all of our servers to ver 2016 from 2K8 R2 and it time for the view Servers.  I have all the Connection Brokers done but no I need to do the Composer Server.  Might there be a KB out there to...
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  • Load Balancing across VMware Unified Access Gateway Appliancesin VMware View

    Introduction Horizon Protocols Primary Horizon Protocol Secondary Horizon Protocols Session Affinity Options for Secondary Protocols Method 1 - Source IP Affinity Method 2 - Multiple Port Number ...
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  • How to Connect a Wyse Terminal to a Linux VDIin VMware View

    I am trying to connect a Wyse PxN terminal to a VDI running CentOS 7.  I can connect using the Horizon Client (v 4.6.0) from a Linux Desktop but the Wyse keep reporting   "This desktop does not support the r...
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  • VMware View 7.10 Updatein VMware View

    Does any of you already have experience with version 7.10?   Can you recommend the update? Thanks :-)
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  • Automatically log on to VDI desktop as different user?in VMware View

    Hello-   I am trying to set up a small group of VM's that are presented to users as desktop pools, but they are isolated from the primary network where AD runs and they are not joined to a domain.  As such,...
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  • Connecting to a Physical Desktop via the Horizon View Client without the Desktop needing to be UNLOCKED!in VMware View

    So this worked perfectly in horizon 6 and win 7.  Apparently something has changed in Horizon 7 or Win10 1803.   Really easy to do and here are the basic steps:   Create a manual pool, add the physical...
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  • VMware (Vcloud) resource pools with Horizon View workloadin VMware View

    Hello all,       If I'm not mistaken, it is best practice to not include VMWare Horizon View workload in any VMWare resource pool, this to make sure that VMware Horizon View workload are not restricted...
    created by kumbruck1979
  • VMware Horizon Client for Linux 5.2 after upgrade can't connect PcoIPin VMware View

    Hi,   I have upgrade form Client version 5.1 to 5.2, Now I always have a discinnect like to set up a session with PCoIP, with Blast I have no problems. With version 5.1 everything goes well, if I remove 5.2 and ...
    created by FreedomVM
  • Google Chrome in RHEL8in VMware View

    Hi All, has someone installed Google Chrome in RHEL8 desktop ? I get agent unreachable as soon as it gets installed. Uninstalling it makes the desktop available again and it works fine.   Thank you.
    created by dmuligan
  • How to programmatically detect a session is running on Horizon View session ?in VMware View

    We need to detect if our program is running on a Horizon View session (there is some behaviors that are need to be turned off).   Is there any reliable way (API) to do that ?
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  • VMware OS Optimization Tool Updatesin VMware View

    Hallo, The, VMware OS Optimization Tool has not been updated since July 30,2018. The operating systems supported by Horizon are not yet supported by the tool such as for example Windows Server 2019 The documentatio...
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  • Add existing virtual desktops to “Automated Pool” in VMware View manuallyin VMware View

    VMware View offers two basic pools for create and manage virtual desktops, “Automated Pool” and “Manual Pool”. Each of them has own benefits. “Automated Pool” has better management ...
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  • Cannot collect agent logsin VMware View

    Hi all,   I am running on VMware Horizon version 7.3.1 When I want to collect the Agent logs on the Desktop directly with the Support.bat file, the collecting is stucking at   Gathering SVI information......
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  • Office " Something went wrong"in VMware View

    We have office on out parent image and when I add my account it is successful. When I try and add my account with app stacks ( not office) and a writeable volume I get "Something went wrong and outlook couldn't setup ...
    created by tully214
  • Instant Clones Windows 10 1803 Enterprise does not execute gposin VMware View

    Hey guys,   Ive a problem with a new environment. We are using Horizon DaaS and creating a gold image with Windows 10 1803 Enterprise. The installation of the image is a workgroup installation. If we are creatin...
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  • Horizon 7.8 vs Horizon 7.10 Agentin VMware View

    Hello, we have got a VMWare Horizon 7.8 environment installed by an external service provider. Question: Can I also operate guest machines with the new Horizon 7.10 Agent in this environment (Instant Clone) or ar...
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  • 2 factor authenticationin VMware View

    Hello   I know 2 factor authentication configuration. When I configurate it, all view user need to 2 factor authentication.   I want to user 2 factor authentication for some users.   Example: For e...
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  • cannot install vmware horizon clientin VMware View

    cannot install vmware horizon client for windows 10
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  • Your chance to give us feedback on the End User Computing product forums!in VMware View

    Hello everyone   I wanted to introduce myself as a Community Manager for the EUC Product Forums on the VMware Technology Network. We value the work the community here has done to participate in the forums, ask qu...
    created by vmwaresway
  • Windows 10 VMs show as "Available" in Admin Console, even while users are logged onin VMware View

    Hello,   I have the situation where a bunch of persistent Windows 10 VDI VM's (multiple pools, all 1 VM per manual pool) are ALWAYS shown as "Available" in View Admin, even when there is a user logged on. Using ...
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