• what version of view agent is support in 7.0.1in VMware View

    we are running horizon 7.0.1 and have a requirement for virtual printing on a physical PC but don't get the option for virtual printer in view agent 7.4 and below.   I have been told that agent version 7.6 and a...
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  • SSL error on connecting to serverin VMware View

    I have a Win10 PC and a Win10 laptop that I use VMware Horizon Client (v4.8) to connect work's VDI server over the past year. Today, on my PC the VMware client is reporting a SSL error when I click to connect to the V...
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  • Windows display scale to vmware display scalingin VMware View

    Since upgrading one of our users client version from v3.5 we have noticed an issue when having the Windows Display Scale set to 125% zoom the VM now has a reduced resolution indicative of the resolution of one with sa...
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  • Browser corruption and firefox xpcom errorin VMware View

    Having a issue with my desktops in Horizon View.  After 2-3 days of running, users will report that both chrome and firefox no longer work.  Chrome will just not launch and firefox will get a "can't load XPC...
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  • Monitor and Alert on problem vms and hostsin VMware View

    Currently the environment we have is 6.0.1 build-2088845, apparently we like to walk into hornet nest. However I'm trying to find a way to alert us when we have problem vms or hosts in this environment and coming up s...
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  • Administrator account used for QuickPrep does not have sufficientin VMware View

    Hi ALL,   I am facing the issue when i am provisoning linked clones i am getting below error, can some one help to resolve this problem.     Administrator account used for QuickPrep does not have suff...
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  • UAG 3.2 install via Powershell not using staticv4 addressin VMware View

    Hello.  I am trying to use the PowerShell script to install UAG 3.2.  This will be a huge time saver over the OVF if I can get past the last remaining issue.  When I configure the ini file with a single...
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  • How to change Vcenter address in Horizon vdi 6.in VMware View

    How to change Vcenter address in Horizon vdi 6. 1, I upgraded my vCenter from VC 6.0 to VCSA 6.5 2, IP address from 6.0 has changed to DNS hostname. Help me please . Vcenter is running
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  • Cursor blink rate always stays on FASTin VMware View

    I am running into this weird issue with blinking cursor rate.  This is Windows 7 VMs. I set the following on the gold image.   We set blinking cursor rate (Control Panel > Keyboard) down to third line ...
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  • VMware Horizon View 7.4 with Windows 10 LTSB 1607 - Black screen after deploymentin VMware View

    We have Horizon View 7.4 on a vSphere 6.5 environment and Windows 10 VDI. Windows 10 is deployed through MDT, works fine, even when composing a VDI, first start / logon works fine, after a reboot no screen anymore, vi...
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  • UAG v3.4 - Cant change SecurID settings "Failed to set adapter configuration" anyone got round this?in VMware View

    Hi all   I am Trying to edit my ( valid )  RSA SecurID settings on UAG and I get this "Please enable the authentication method "  or " Failed to set adapter configuration. A SecurID connectivity or con...
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  • Vmware Profile Migration .v2 to .v6in VMware View

    We have been getting errors when we migrate user profiles for v2 profiles to v6 profiles. Do you have to be a Domain Admin in order for this to work. It says successful but the log file looks like the one on .V2 to .v...
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  • Linux vmware-view disconnects from desktop after launch.in VMware View

    Problem was caused by change on F5 APM. It was rolled back and now connection works:   2019-05-04 07:59:59.608+02:00: vmware-view 30941| rmksContainer(31022): CreateMKSInterface: forcing mount, Remote MKS alread...
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  • Best path to migrate vCenter, View Connection, View Composer, VMs for OS upgradein VMware View

    Hi all,   I'm sure someone has had to do this before and could tell me the caveats when migrating a Horizon VDI environment to new VMs. This will include a SQL Server, View Composer, View Connection, and vCenter...
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  • Unable to change dpi with dpi synchronization enabledin VMware View

    We are using vmware thin clients, horizon client 4.10.0, agent 7.7.0. Some of our users that can't see well and want a higher dpi. The only way we have found to accomplish this is to disable dpi synchronization and se...
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  • viewdbchk on Horizon 7.3.2in VMware View

    We use viewdbchk every now and again to cleanup pools in Horizon, when the View Admin console is having issues doing such. Just like everyone else. However, since the move to 7.3.2, we can't seem to run it.   Ac...
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  • Window borders missing after running VMware OS Optimization Toolin VMware View

    After running the VMware OS Optimization Tool we see that the dark borders around windows are missing. To explain what i mean, here is a picture of 2 Explorer windows on top of each other.   I have tried to di...
    created by SummaCollege
  • Is VMware working to improve agent and tools upgrade process?in VMware View

    Although we have a few separate Horizon environments running anywhere from 7.2 to 7.8, and we have been using this for some time now, there are still portions of Horizon that are unclear.  My main complaint has t...
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  • Zero Client for Blast Extreme and Nvidia vGPUin VMware View

    We currently have HP T310 PCOIP clients and need some more.   We are not too happy with how PCOIP works with AutoCAD so are looking at moving over to Blast Extreme as it seems to be better and as VMware are phas...
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  • Windows 10 v1607 VDI vm3dmp.sys BSODin VMware View

    Yesterday I was suddenly disconnected from my Windows 10 v1607 VDI and when reconnecting was just seeing a black screen. After about 1-2 minutes or so I was able to reconnect & noticed it had rebooted prompting m...
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  • View 7.8 Client Disconnect messagein VMware View

    Any way to configure the full client disconnect message?   Sounds foreboding to users the way it is written:  "Are you sure you want to disconnect from this desktop.  You may lose your work, the de...
    created by harrymsg
  • How to fix error " ssl connection was shut down while reading " ?in VMware View

    Hi everyone ! My company use VMware View 5.2 and I was deloyment it . However, at computer of user. sometimes display " ssl connection was shut down while reading " and if user click on button "OK"  the will be d...
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  • Wyse P25 wants to only connect to the last desktop.in VMware View

    We changed our pools (names and what not). i have users that have multiple pool assignments but they will only connect to the last desktop. i have tried a hard reset of the client same issue. has anyone seen this befo...
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  • Problem logging in with TrueSSO with VMWare verify not passing credentialsin VMware View

    SSO is not working   Connection servers are enrolled to enrollment server   External access through external access using workspace  one is working   Saml is working correctly and both Connectio...
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  • Windows 10 Linked clone pool Desktop stuck in Customizing statusin VMware View

    I am trying to create Linked clone pool using Windows 10. Through VC I can see that sysprep Customizing is succeeded, and Desktop have joined the domain too. But in View Pool, it is showing as Customizing, and after...
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  • black screen and snapshot problemin VMware View

    hi,I have some problems concerning the end-user's desk for example I can not find the same icons of the basic image for the different users (there are always icons, network drives that are missing, or the taskbar is n...
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  • Persona Management standalone and folder redirectionin VMware View

    Does Persona Management standalone work with persona folder redirection? We have it working with our persistant and non-persistant VMs with the view agent. Horizon 7.4 across everything.
    created by fhlbjesse
  • Limit Horizon 7.7 to one domain when 2-way AD trust exists.in VMware View

    We have an existing Horizon deployment (3 years old) in a stand alone domain "ADB.local".  Recently, we created a 2-way foreign trust to another domain "XYZ.com".  Now the XYZ is showing up in my admin conso...
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  • Reverse CAPS LOCK issuein VMware View

    Hi,   Has anyone encountered reverse CAPS LOCK issue? Meaning CAPS LOCK is on but you type in small caps. I have turned off the AutoCorrect feature in MS Office 2003 but it is not helping. Some users, like data...
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  • User Profile Service Issue at Pool Loginin VMware View

    We are in a Dev testing environment with 7.5 and receive this error when attempting to login to a new pool:     We installed UEM but didn't fully configure it. We've pretty much narrowed down the issue t...
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