• Virtual Printing Issues with Horizon View 7.9in VMware View

    Hello, we are trying to configure virtual printing (Thin Print technology) with Horizon View 7.9. UNfortunely there is a lack of troubleshooting so that why i am here. We have vcenter 6,7 vcsa, esxi 6.7 u1, horizon v...
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  • 2fa for external view users onlyin VMware View

    Hi, From the Horizon documents it states you can have separate connection servers using different authentication methods, then doesn't explain any further . so i know if you have a second Replica Connection server t...
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  • View Composer uninstall / installin VMware View

      Hello all,     We are running Vsphere4 Update 1 and yesterday tried to upgrade to View 4.01 from View 4.     The connection server updates look to have gone well but we have problems with...
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  • Is there a way to change the fields on the View login popup when using Radius?in VMware View

    We are using view with Radius, and Multi-Factor Authentication.   The login sequence is pretty normal, when the user connects, they get a popup window, enter their credentials, then get the challenge for the...
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  • VM Lagging via connecting with VMware Horizon Clientin VMware View

    We have 20 members those are using VMware Horizon Client to connect to our Virtual Machine on the same Network. From past few days, we are facing VM lagging issue frequently for a Specific user approximately twice/thr...
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  • Client Drive Redirection (CDR) showed duplicatein VMware View

      Recently we upgrade Horizon View 7.2 to 7.5.2.   We got curios status which CDR status showed duplicated (default drive and network drive.)   anyone knows about this?
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  • View 5.3 having issues with Certificatein VMware View

    Few weeks ago my certificate expired on Connection server. I was able to request one from digicert and imported into my connection server. All setting were set properly with friendly name and such. Once I did that got...
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  • VMware Horizon Andriod Client 5.1.1 Not working with ChromeOS 76.0.3809.136in VMware View

    Both version 5.1.0 and 5.1.1 were working before the latest ChromeOS update (ChromeOS 76.0.3809.136). Once a Chromebook upgrades it can no longer connect to Horizon Server.   ERROR: Couldn't resolve host name ...
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  • 7.9 Instant Clone Frozen Statein VMware View

    Were testing instant clones and have a master image that we've placed in a frozen state. How can we examine the instantclonefrozen flag to verify that the image is actually frozen? Any assistance would be appreciated....
    created by Weshale1879
  • Copy and Paste issues between VDI and client systemsin VMware View

    We're having intermittent problems with copy/paste redirection either not working at all or failing mid stream.  We have the group policy in place to allow it bi-directional for a specific use case.  We're c...
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  • mouse slow / lag / latency in horizon vm with vgpu after moving vm from vcsa to another onein VMware View

    i have a windows 10x64 vm (esxi 6.7u2 local storage SSD) in a vmware 6.7u2 cluster with horizon 7.9 (direct connection betwen the vm and the client) and nvidia vgpu (rtx6000 - 12q - last driver), horizon client 5.1, a...
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  • Does Persona management support RDS apps or desktops.in VMware View

    Hi, I am to setting up RDS apps and each time when I try to save a file, I can see my profile folders (Download,document, pictures) that is on the RDS server, instead of my own Personal profile folders. How can can ...
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  • How to fix the Horizon view connection server is not displaying dash board?in VMware View

    i am practicing the lab with our physical servers, i logged it through the connection server IP address in web browser. it shows (above image) and not responding!
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  • Horizon Client for MacOS doesn't correctly scale Windows desktopsin VMware View

    Hi,   I experiment a strange issue regarding the screen resolution when I connect to a Windows 10 desktop through the Horizon MacOS client.   I open the app and log in to the Connection Server. I click to ...
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  • Desktop Pool Stuck on Customizingin VMware View

    I have an automated floating desktop pool of linked clones setup.  The VMs all provision correctly.  Horizon 7.9.   When I domain join the master image and spin off the desktops, none of the desktops c...
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  • Installed windows 10 IOT enterprise 2016 without windows update, VMware horizon view 7 ,blue screen error DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL caused by vmusb.sysin VMware View

    Hi All,   I have VMware Horizon view 7.3 environment and we deployed some windows desktop and server OS collections. From my thin client i have installed windows 10 IOT entperise 2016 edition on top of that ins...
    created by Vignesh84
  • VMWare TrueSSO unable to connect to certifcate serverin VMware View

    Hi Al   I have a very strange issue in that the VMware Truesso enrolment service is unable to connect to the issuing CA service even though they are on the same server instance. I am trying to setup the enrolmen...
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  • Alternative to using Persona Managementin VMware View

    We recently upgraded to Horizon View 7.6. We are having hit an miss issues with Persona, is there an alternative other than using Persona Management?
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  • Horizon Client Kioskin VMware View

    I am attempting to deploy a group of Chromebooks that will automatically launch a Horizon desktop without needing the user to authenticate for a classroom scenario. I am managing the Chromebooks centrally via Google a...
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  • UAG 3.6 installation issuesin VMware View

    Hi all,   I currently trying to deploy uag 3.6 in dmz zone but have no success. Appliance deployed with single eth nic which I can ping but I can't access admin screen it shows as unreachable.   All ports ...
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  • VMware OS Optimization Tool Updatesin VMware View

    Hallo, The, VMware OS Optimization Tool has not been updated since July 30,2018. The operating systems supported by Horizon are not yet supported by the tool such as for example Windows Server 2019 The documentatio...
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  • VMware Horizon Client Giving Black display after the upgrade on Ubuntu 18.04in VMware View

    Dear All,   Horizon Client on ubuntu 18.04 is not working after the version upgrade. Same was working in windows. Please help on this. """""""""""""""""""""""""""" arun@arun-Predator-G9-792:/tmp/vmware-arun$...
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  • Horizon Help Desk Plugin for Horizon Agentin VMware View

    So apparently in 7.8 maybe 7.7 they added the Help Desk Plugin for Horizon Agent as part of the Horizon View Agent install.  If you install the agent by hand you can go ahead and install this but if you use the c...
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  • WSDL link for Horizon View APIin VMware View

    Does anybody know if such a thing exists and if so what it is please as I am needing to write PowerShell code to use its SOAP interface as I can't guarantee that PowerCLI (or the HV.Helper module) will be available fo...
    created by guyrleech
  • After Software Updates Via SCCM Some Persistent Desktops Go Agent Unreachablein VMware View

    We have a few hundred persistent full VMs in our Horizon View environment.  These are updated via SCCM as they are full persistent VMs.  Occasionally a few of them will get their updates, restart and then go...
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  • connection server 7.7 session timed out so quick?in VMware View

    the messages is shown in figure below I had deployed the view 7.7 connection server for several times, however, this issue can't be solved. everytime when i login to the connection server webpage using administrat...
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  • Application Pools not accessible through HTMLin VMware View

    We have a number of apps published and now We cannot access any of the apps from the HTML access.  we can get to them from the View client but nothing from the HTML Access.  I don't believe anything has chan...
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  • Recomposing Win10 1709 with Horizon 7.4, stuck at customizingin VMware View

    Hello:   We recently started looking at Windows 10 1709 since Horizon 7.4 has support for it (and other versions as well).   However, when recomposing any pool, it gets stuck on the "customizing" step ...
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  • Disable lock on disconnectin VMware View

    Hello: Currently, we have a case where we are trying to create VDI VMs that do not lock in order to keep a software program running at all times.  I have disabled the lock screen with a Windows policy, so that i...
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  • View Admin console issue after upgrade to 6.2in VMware View

    Dear All,   Today I upgraded my View environment from View 6.02 to View 6.2. The upgrade went fine without any problem. I had to upgrade View Composer, a connection server and a security server.   However ...
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