• Horizon Client for Linux 4.9.0 fails to run due to undefined symbolin VMware View

    The VMware Horizon Client for Linux version 4.9.0 fails to start with the following error on my machine: $ vmware-view /usr/lib/vmware/view/bin/vmware-view-crtbora: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/vmware/libcrtbora.so: ...
    Dominik Mierzejewski
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  • Executing VMware Horizon Client on Raspbian Linux don't work!in VMware View

    Hello at all,   I have install the current Version of the VMware Horizon Client (5.2) on the current Raspbian Buster Distro. The installation went smoothly. The subsequent scan was also error-free and the scan ...
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  • moving linked clones to another vcenter and off existing storage to a new storagein VMware View

    good afternoon.  i wanted to somewhat think out loud  with this question but  we have a storage array that is attached to our vdi environment that needs to be retired. to that end, there are multiple da...
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  • Parents showing tools not runningin VMware View

    ESXi hosts - 6.7 Update 3, build 16316930 VMware Tools - 11.0.6 Connection server and agents - 7.11 Center appliance - v6.7.0.44100 nVidia vibs and drivers - 10.1   I am using three hosts and have three Hori...
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  • Keyboard Indicators out of sync with RDSH App Sessionsin VMware View

    Hello All, We have recently ran into an issue where the Keyboard Indicators (num lock, caps lock, etc) are out of sync with RDSH App Sessions. In our environment we are running Windows 10 endpoints (1809 and 1909), a...
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  • USB Smartcard Reader & VMware Horizonin VMware View

    Hi,   I am using a Smartcard and Smartcard reader with 3rd party bespoke software which allows authentication into a web-based service. This is NOT for windows authentication.   I read that smartcard read...
    created by imyashy
  • VDI VM Background Blur in Teams Meetingsin VMware View

    Blurring Hardware for Modern PCsAnnounced in July 2018 along with the free version of Teams, users can blur the background of video calls. The feature is now generally available. However, the technology to perform fac...
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  • VRAM settings for linked clone floating poolsin VMware View

    Hi,   We have a ticket open for this issue and awaiting a reply from vmware support.  In the meamtime, maybe someone in the forums can help us with this issue.   Problem: Configured Pool Video Ram set...
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  • Moving from Persona Management to FSLogix Profile Containersin VMware View

    Does anyone have any experience attempting this? Currently using personas with Windows 7 VMs, and working on moving everything to Windows 10. Have issues we can't get around with personas and win10, so we've been test...
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  • How to Identify which Replica a VM belongs to?in VMware View

    Hi All,   I have a few rogue replica's in View 5 and would like to clean them up.   I have 5 replica's, of which im pretty sure only 1 is in use. Is there a record somewhere of which pool is using which re...
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  • Multiple Monitors with a vAppin VMware View

    Hello,   I have a client with that is having trouble getting multiple monitors to function when using a vApp. Dual monitors work fine for virtual desktops but not for a vApp. They are using the Blast protocol if...
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  • Chrome OS Horizon Client - Smart Cardin VMware View

    The Chrome OS Horizon client has become more and more powerful over the last few months and I'm one step away from being able to use it with my smart card-enabled Horizon provider. I'm able to log into the server and ...
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  • View client and dump files - how to disable them?in VMware View

    I'm a desktop engineer and looking into the situation that Horizon view client 4.4 can generate a lot of dump files. I noticed these files are stored in C:\ProgramData\VMware\VDM\Dumps as well in C:\Users\<user>...
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  • Optimise Desktop Reconnection Speedin VMware View

    Dear community,   Please see attached for the rest of the document (the forum system thinks I'm spamming if I put all here.....)   Thank you in advance.
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  • Users are forcibly logged off on recompose taskin VMware View

    Hi, We have a weird problem on recompose tasks. When i schedule a recompose task and choosing "Wait for the user log off" option, after a few hours the users are forcibly logged off somehow even though i chose W...
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  • Horizon View freezes and closes after 2 minutesin VMware View

    Hi,   I am testing my VDI environment and I found a little issue. So for my problem, when I am connected to desktop from the desktop pool with VMware Horizon Client and I shutdown my ESXI host, the Horizon View ...
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  • "null desktop launch timing profile for" in View Eventsin VMware View

    Is anyone familiar with what "null desktop launch timing profile for user xyz" means in the View events log? I can't say for sure this is even linked to an ongoing issue, but, we come across it in the logs while worki...
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  • Assigned appstack not attaching.in VMware View

    I am not able to attach and appstack to the user.   1. I tried refresh of the machine. 2. Sign out and sign in of the user. 3. The appstack vmdk not attaching to the VM in Vcenter. 4. In the AppVolume console...
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  • Horizon HTML  Landing Page - All Whitein VMware View

    We recently upgraded to Horizon 7.8 and are trying to implement HTML access for the first time. We're an F5 shop for load balancing, and seem to be running into a problem when going through the load balanced address. ...
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  • CDR not reliablein VMware View

    Hello,   I am wondering if this a common issue and who can help.   Every second or third time a user connects to his VDI desktop, client drive redirection to his local computer's user profile is not mapped...
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  • VMware View client drive redirection disconnects auntomaticallyin VMware View

    Hi   We have users using PST and since they are huge we have enabled client drive redirection and map the pst using this option. We found that the client drives are auto-disconnected in certain cases and couldn...
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  • Horizon View Client Drive Redirection (CDR) not workingin VMware View

    Hi, We are having issues with Client Drive Redirection on Windows 10 1709. When users log in using the Horizon Client (Blast protocol), they are able to see a mapped drive which maps to the host's c:\users\<userna...
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  • VMWare Redundant VDIin VMware View

    Hi,   I have some questions about redundant VDI.   Currently, VDI takes about 20 seconds to failover. Is there a way to speed up the process ?   Instant clones assigned based on load balance. On Hos...
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  • No mouse on MacOS 10.15.4 Horizon Client 5.4.2in VMware View

    When I try to use remote computer from my MacOS 10.15.4 machine with Horizon 5.4.2 I have no working mouse on the Horizon window. Saw another posting where somebody suggested going to Privacy/Accessability  and ...
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  • SSL Error on Macin VMware View

    I am getting "SSL Error has occurred" on my Mac all of a sudden.  I was getting it early this week on one of the servers now both of my servers are getting this error.  Please help!
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  • Machine Targeted Group Policies not consistently loading in Horizon View Environmentin VMware View

    I've seen a couple posts on this but I haven't seen an answer that seems to fit my issue. We have had random issues in the past with Group Policies not running on login but it seems like recently we have been getting ...
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  • Horizon 7.2 version:Horizon agent service not starting automaticallyin VMware View

    There are 2 OU's. In the OU with issue the virtual machines have Windows event log service(Disabled state) and the Horizon agent state(stopped state) are stopped. They can only be started by logging into the machines ...
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  • Teams backgrounds with View and PCoIP Zero Clientin VMware View

    Hi,   i have a Windows 10 VM with 16 GB, 4 vCPU of a Xeon Silver 4110 CPU and via vDGA a Nvidia Tesla P4 GPU.   I'm using a Fujitsu Futro L620 PCoIP Zero Client, which has a Tera 2140 with 2 monitors at 25...
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  • Vsphere Flash Read Cache and Viewin VMware View

    Hello,   I just added two flash cards to my view servers. VFRC is working OK with servers, but I wanted to accelerate user's view guests.   I want to accelerate the system disk (the one inherited from gold...
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  • Default printer is not remembered in VDIin VMware View

    Hi,   we have vmware vSphere6 and VDI desktop infrastructure. Every time user loggs in into VDI his default printer is not the printer which it made default in previous login. Vm pool is Automated Desktop Pool w...
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